Outsource ServiceNow IT Operations Management Services

ServiceNow IT Operations Management Services

Streamline, simplify and automate your organization's IT operations to enhance service visibility, availability and agility at prices starting at $15/hour

Want to ditch your monotonous, time-consuming IT tasks? Leverage Flatworld Solutions ServiceNow IT Operations Management Services and gain unprecedented clarity and visibility into your business processes.

Experts at Flatworld Solutions can help you automate your IT operations to eliminate errors, reduce IT costs, and improve IT service availability. By implementing ServiceNow ITOM services into your IT processes, we let your IT teams gain end-to-end visibility into your IT infrastructure, improve the health of your services, prevent sudden outages, and bring cost-effective cloud management to minimize operational risks and maximize profits.

ServiceNow IT Operations Management Services We Offer

As a leading ServiceNow IT Operations Management services providing company, we offer an extensive ITOM portfolio to help enterprises make the most of their IT infrastructure.

Our services include -

  1. Discovery


    By automating your Configuration Management Database (CMDB), we free your IT agents from all kinds of manual data entry tasks and provide them with a holistic view of their on-premises, in-clouds, server-less IT infrastructure, devices, and applications, for seamless mapping and instant accessibility.

  2. Event Management

    Event Management

    We help you use predictive intelligence like machine learning and custom-integrated tools to understand incidences, consolidate events, eliminate service outages, and transform infrastructure events into actionable alerts for uninterrupted service availability.

  3. Orchestration


    Using ServiceNow Orchestration, our experts can help you automate your daily IT operations for seamless work and productivity. By adding custom scripts to manual workflows, we automate unstructured work processes to create self-service interfaces and allow you to consolidate your disparate legacy applications onto a single system of record.

  4. Service Mapping

    Service Mapping

    We help businesses intelligently configure their service dashboards to help them understand their underlying infrastructure, accurately map services and applications, and increase the availability of IT business services.

  5. IOTM Health

    IOTM Health

    We help you optimize the health of your IT infrastructure too. By utilizing ServiceNow IOTM Health, we utilize the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to monitor your tools, diagnose issues, and automate remedial actions to improve the performance of your processes and enhance service quality.

  6. Cloud Management

    Cloud Management

    We help you successfully migrate your existing IT services on ServiceNow hybrid cloud platform to optimize your operations, minimize business risk, and maximize profits. ServiceNow cloud management also allows you to boost business agility, reduce manual, resource-heavy work, and break down the silos.

Our ServiceNow IT Operations Management Process

Flatworld Solutions is a leading ServiceNow IT Operations Management Service provider in India. We follow a systematic, step-by-step approach to help you effectively manage your IT operations. Our solutions are simple, interactive, and transparent, and help you streamline your IT operations in the most efficient manner allowing you to take your business to the next level. Our holistic ServiceNow IT Operations Management process includes -


01. Assessing your IT Operation's Architecture

We meet you to understand your business, different dimensions of your IT operations, and your future business goals and objectives. We also team up with you to analyze your ServiceNow requirements and how different applications can be integrated onto the novel platform


02. Suggesting Various Architecture Developments

We then get down to create efficient workflows for integrating all your legacy IT applications and disparate processes to ensure their efficient migration on the ServiceNow platform


03. Implementation

We then use our expert tools and technologies to migrate your current platform to the ServiceNow platform so that you can scale your business as quickly and efficiently as possible


04. Testing

We test the functioning and performance of your IT processes on the ServiceNow platform to eliminate all bottlenecks and operational flaws for hassle-free operation


04. Post-Implementation Support

Our expert ServiceNow engineers continuously monitor the functioning of your ServiceNow platform to ensure its error-free performance and exceptional service delivery. Our experts also regularly update and upgrade your platform to help it efficiently meet your organization's growing needs and demands

Benefits of ServiceNow IT Operations Management Services

By integrating ServiceNow ITOM into your existing IT and automating time-consuming manual IT tasks, we help you enjoy -

 Enhanced visibility of IT resources
 Improved service deliveries
 Reduced IT costs and resource consumption
 Automated infrastructures and IT workflows
 Intelligent cloud monitoring
 Reduced errors and service outages

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource ServiceNow IT Operations Management Services to Flatworld?

At Flatworld Solutions, we are one of the most prominent ServiceNow IT Operations Management Services providers in India. We have 18 years of rich industrial experience and have provided our expert digital services to a large number of clients across the world. Over the years, we have helped thousands of companies scale their business operations towards digital excellence. Our proven ServiceNow ITOM services help organizations consolidate their disparate and legacy applications, proactively identify service issues, system disruptions, and service outages for quick remedial actions. Our experts leverage the ServiceNow platform to streamline, simplify, and systematize staggered business applications for enhanced user experience and business profitability.

Some of the key reasons to choose Flatworld Solutions ServiceNow IT Operations Management Services include -

  • Instant access to Certified ServiceNow Experts

    We have one of the best ServiceNow teams in the industry. Highly experienced and rigorously trained, they are well versed with all the intricacies of the ServiceNow platform and can help you successfully transit your manual IT applications and processes on the digital platform for sure-shot success.

  • Use of Latest Tools and Technologies

    ServiceNow and beyond, we use the latest tools and techniques to scale your business, automate your unstructured processes, and optimize your service deliveries.

  • Customized Services

    We tailor our services as per your needs and operations to help you efficiently use them to streamline your processes and ensure business profitability.

  • Flexible Pricing Plans

    Our services are highly approachable and extremely affordable. Available at pocket-friendly prices, our ServiceNow deliveries help you enjoy maximum returns at minimum investment.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    Thanks to our global delivery centers, we deliver all our expert services and solutions in the minimum possible time.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Our dedicated project managers act as a single point of contact between you and our teams. With complete knowledge about your project and its current status, they can efficiently take care of all your needs and requirements and can efficiently resolve any issues or queries that you may have.

  • Round-the-Clock Support

    With us, you are fully backed up. Our customer service executives are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help you make the most of technology.

  • Complete Peace of Mind

    Advanced solutions, use of high-end tools and technologies, customized services, and round-the-clock support ensures access to world-class services and complete peace of mind. We elevate you from your IT operation management so that you can focus on the success of your business.

  • Client Success Stories

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    FWS Delivered Customized ITSM ServiceNow Solution To Improve Catalog Workflows For a US-Based Client

    An award-winning construction conglomerate in US contacted Flatworld to have their ServiceNow functionalities improved to newer standards. Our team delivered a custom ITSM solution enhancing the system efficiency.

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    FWS Created a Task Management App for an Australian Client

    FWS Designed and Developed an iOS Task Management App for an Australian Client

    An Australian client was looking to create an app that could let its users send and receive texts, audio, and video files. We designed and delivered a robust app quickly.

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    Outsource ServiceNow IT Operations Management Services to Flatworld Solutions


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    Don't let business outages hamper your work and productivity. Leverage Flatworld Solutions ServiceNow IT Operations Management Services to empower your IT operations and streamline your services. We can help you simplify, consolidate, and automate your mundane IT tasks on a single platform to improve your infrastructure, pinpoint disruptions, and proactively address issues for their timely resolution. With exceptional ServiceNow technical expertise, our highly trained ServiceNow experts can help you integrate, digitize, and manage your IT operations for improved customer service, faster response time, and flexible service level agreements.

    Simply let us know your ServiceNow requirements and we'll get in touch with you with the best service plan that has been tailored to meet your business' unique needs and requirements.

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