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Digital Forensics Services

We collect, protect, preserve, and analyze any available digital evidence or cyber footprint to understand the cause of cyber security incident

With the exponential increase in the use of digital devices like computers and Smartphones, digital forensics is being used more than ever in legal investigations - including white collar crimes and corporate espionage. Any device that stores data falls in the ambit of digital forensics - including pen drives, memory cards, and external hard disks.

Digital forensics is a highly specialized branch of forensic science which involves detection and inferring of electronic data. It strives to retain all the evidence in the original form while conducting a detailed examination of digital information to reconstruct past events. Detecting and investigating cyber crimes is a complex task requiring in-depth expertise in digital forensics which business is unlikely to have. Law enforcement agencies also do not always have expert digital forensics professionals; ergo, it makes sense to outsource this work to IT companies who have the expertise.

At Flatworld Solutions we offer reliable and high-quality computer forensic investigation services to companies across the world, helping them investigate cyber frauds, data thefts, and other digital crimes. We have in our team expert cyber forensics professionals who have immense experience in providing forensic analysis services. They leverage the latest technology to identify areas susceptible to cyber crimes as well as detecting cybercrimes.

Digital Forensics Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions offers end to end solutions, right from detecting fraudulent activity, evaluating its effect, and taking the steps to get things up and running as usual once more. We use the latest technology and techniques to identify threats, mitigate losses, and recover data. We are familiar with the standards to be followed while handling delicate, vulnerable digital data and information that is stored electronically. We ensure that our approach conforms to the mandatory regulations that govern the maintenance and usage of digital data in your country or region.

The three aspects that we emphasize mainly on are -

  • Evidence collection
  • Evidence examination
  • Evidence report creation
  1. Dealing with Security Breaches

    Dealing with Security Breaches

    Whenever there is a security breach or an attempt to breach, we help companies to take action to limit the damage done. We also help identify the reasons for the breach and deduce the next thing that could happen that could result in significant data loss. We help companies recover data along with providing incident response services.

  2. Training your Employees

    Training your Employees

    At Flatworld, we inform and educate the users, employees and all the members of your organization regarding the need to install and maintain security measures to protect their IT infrastructure and other assets. We organize awareness and training sessions where we help employees to know about the different problems that may arise from digital frauds and cybercrimes and the importance of cyber forensics and prevention of cybercrime, and also make them aware about the correct investigation procedures, and the appropriate measures to take if a data theft or a computer crime occurs. We train them to recover critical data efficiently.

  3. Data Protection and Recovery

    Data Protection and Recovery

    For any business, data is a critical asset, and you need to do whatever you can to protect it from theft. Data recovery becomes extremely important in the event of an outage or security breach. We can recover data through our recovery services regardless of whether it has been lost due to deletion, encryption, decryption, archiving or because of lost passwords.

  4. Our Digital Forensics Team

    Digital Forensics Team

    Investigating a case of data breach or cybercrime can be a very hectic process if you do not have access to the services of a professional organization like Flatworld Solutions. Our team consists of data forensic professionals who have been trained in cyber forensics and prevention of cybercrime. We conduct training sessions for our customers to educate them about the significance of computer forensics, network forensics, as well as cyber-crime.

  5. Impact Assessment

    Impact Assessment

    If a security breach has occurred, our digital forensics team will conduct a thorough investigation and analyze how much damage has occurred and what the possible fallouts from this event will be. We can also provide suggestions on how you can mitigate this loss and take steps to prevent such loss in the future.

    We are well-versed with the standards to be followed while dealing with fragile, susceptible digital data and information that is stored in an electronic format. We make sure our approach complies with the mandatory regulations that govern the maintenance of digital data.

    The three areas that we focus mainly on are accumulating the evidence, analyzing it, and finally reporting the evidence to you. This would help you understand what caused the data breach in the first place and offer insights into aspects that could help prevent such mishaps in the future.

Our Services in a Nutshell

 Conducting digital forensic investigations and reviewing the findings
 Performing analysis of host network
 Providing incident reporting services
 Investigating employees' cyber behavior
 Imparting training on digital forensics
 Assessing security posture and forensic readiness
 Incident response

Other Services You Can Benefit From

8 Key Benefits of FWS' Computer Forensics Services

The main benefits of our digital forensics services are -

  • Helps ensure the overall integrity and resilience of your network infrastructure
  • It will help capture vital information in the event of a network breach and give you proof to fight court battles
  • It can save you money as you'll be able to detect and deal with breaches quickly
  • You can limit the loss of critical data, and subsequently, the damage done to your customers and your reputation
  • Mitigate the risks of sampling
  • Identify increased threats and cyber vulnerabilities
  • Compare relevant data collected from different sources to get a clear picture of what has transpired
  • Easily trend relevant data over time periods and analyze fluctuations for potential risk factors

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions to Outsource Digital Forensics Services?

  • We provide assistance to law enforcement agencies and government organizations in solving criminal cases involving computers and other networking and mobile devices. We strive to resolve cases in the shortest possible time.
  • We perform very detailed and advanced forensic analysis of mobile devices and software applications, computes, network communications and other key elements of your IT infrastructure.
  • Our forensic experts proactively identify the occurrences of malicious activities that may take place in your IT environment by analyzing your network traffic and the host network.
  • We help minimize the extent of damage caused to your organization's operations due to a security incidence or a breach of any sensitive information. This helps you deal with cyber-attacks in a more proactive and effective manner, safeguarding your company's IT assets with advanced security measures.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Detection & Containment of Data Security Breach

Detection and Containment of Data Security Breach

A leading industrial automation company wanted us to provide them with a solution which would help them detect and contain data security breach. Our team provided the solution within a quick time.

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Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time, and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.

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Have you lost sensitive data to hackers? Do you suspect an employee has copied your customer details and started a competitive business? Whatever the reason, if you need a reliable and affordable digital forensics service provider, Flatworld Solutions is your answer.

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