Infrastructure Management Services

The need for infrastructure management has grown significantly, especially in the last decade, with the constant need for businesses to stay relevant, efficient, and competitive with the current times. The fast evolving IT software, frequent innovation in the overall business infrastructure, and other such factors makes it important for businesses to manage and upgrade their IT and business infrastructure frequently.

Flatworld Solutions has over a decade of experience at facilitating remote infrastructure management services to a huge clientele across various industry verticals. We are adept at offering responsive and agile infrastructure management services that help our clients enhance their business value and streamline their operations.

Our Service Portfolio

Flatworld Solutions offers reliable and top notch IT Infrastructure Management Services, which includes -

  • Server Monitoring Services

    At Flatworld Solutions, we provide top-quality, consistent server monitoring services to global clients. We also promptly update our clients when the discs are about to get filled up, allowing them to take necessary actions in time and prevent possible downtime.

  • Data Center Management

    Data centers are nodal points for businesses, and act as the key supply hub for all actionable information for business consumption. Our data center services include Cloud Services, Cloud Migration, Security Services, Handling Problems associated with data centers, Backup and Restoring Services.

  • Digital Forensic Services

    With data security leaks becoming major threat in the information-based businesses, the need for expert forensic services has increased substantially. We help businesses secure and retrieve key information from their data centers, and other IT assets, and sail through any kind of IT investigations.

  • IT Risk and Security Management

    Risk and security issues are primary concerns of any huge IT infrastructure. We provide necessary installations in the data centers while taking care that any issues or concerns regarding IT risks, security threats or loopholes are adequately addressed.

  • Enterprise Security Solutions

    We have vast experience at dealing with enterprise level security, and can help you mitigate the risks of data loss with our services.

  • Remote Monitoring

    We not only ensure that the latest and most relevant IT infrastructure is up and running but also make sure that your existing and new setup gets updated remotely and without any fuss. All the issues are tackled and troubleshooting is done remotely with minimal downtime. The entire infrastructure is monitored remotely and issues are tackled proactively before they create any disruption.

  • IT Helpdesk Services

    Our IT helpdesk services help you mitigate network downtime as well as frequent maintenance issues, and provide a whole suit of subservices, ranging from telecom support to on-site technical support.

  • Active Directory Setup and Migration Services

    Successfully migrate your enterprise data to active directory and manage your business effectively by partnering with Flatworld Solutions. We provide quick and reliable services that precisely cater to your unique requirements.

  • Office 365 Setup and Migration Services

    With Microsoft's Office 365 making new waves in enterprise IT environment, we are here to help businesses successfully migrate to Office 365. Besides, our quick and efficient services ensure zero downtime.

  • IMS Application Support Services

    Streamline operations and maximize value by opting for IMS application support services. This ensures seamless integration and smooth functioning of all your IT applications, which will ultimately help you to stay competitive in this ever-changing IT market.

  • Dynamics 365 Setup and Customization Services

    Handle customer management and customer data on a single platform by partnering with Flatworld for Microsoft Dynamics 365 setup and customization services. We assure quick and efficient deployment of Dynamics 365 modules and also assist you with Dynamics 365 migration and upgrades.

  • Network Infrastructure Management

    Network infrastructure management services enable businesses to stay updated with the ever-changing network architecture. Besides, constant network monitoring can prevent major complications that arise from network failure. At Flatworld, we provide prompt and consistent network infrastructure management services.

  • Managed IT Services

    Hire a professional company to manage your IT resources, network security & infrastructure, regulatory compliance, cloud hosting, etc. at pocket-friendly rates.

  • Cloud Migration Services

    Whether you are planning to migrate data, applications, or the entire data center to the cloud, or monitor performance post-migration, we can do it all.

Advantages of Remote Infrastructure Management Services at Flatworld

Apart from a strong IT infrastructure implementation and management experience, we have the presence of best IT support and networking professionals, who make best use of your existing IT infrastructure to maximize your IT ROI. Additionally, we leverage and combine various service benefits that can transform your business to success. Our services usher the following benefits for our clients -

  • Identify weak areas of your business infrastructure and address them on priority basis to quickly spruce your operational efficiency
  • Along with tangible changes we ensure that proven processes and work methodologies are embedded into your IT managed services for increased efficiency and quick turnaround
  • Our anti-disruption services ensure that your data center and IT processes are not disrupted during the transition period
  • We work and customize our services based on the client's budget and specific objectives
  • We ensure that your current installations are put to maximum use and properly integrated with other systems
  • Our services reduce your operational and infrastructure management costs by engaging more productive and transformational solutions remotely
  • Our network infrastructure management ensures that all connected platforms and solutions are upgraded and synchronized for maximum efficiency and compatibility
  • We use the best infrastructure management software to ensure maximum relevance and alignment with your IT restructuring efforts
  • Our periodic remote IT update services ensure that you are always using the best that is available and also preventing one time heavy infrastructural changes
  • Our team proactively monitors all the aspects of your IT infrastructure remotely and resolve all the issues before they pose any threat

Contact Us to Ensure a Robust IT Infrastructure for Your Business

Our infrastructure project management teams can reignite your operational efficiency by not only transforming your IT landscape but also by improving the productivity of your human resources by synchronizing them with the new and up-to-date systems. We make sure that your IT infrastructure is always performing perfectly to meet your business requirements without any disruption in service.

All this comes as a part of an outcome-bound service delivery mechanism which is extremely cost-effective. Our remote service delivery locations bring down the cost even further. Contact us now and let us work immediately on the areas which need restructuring, monitoring, and optimization.



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