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Outsource Server Monitoring Services

Fixing network crashes can be time-consuming and very expensive. The best way to prevent such instances is to continuously scan servers across your designated networks to quickly detect irregularities or failures. Hiring an in-house team to do this will only add up to your operational costs. One good option is to outsource server monitoring services to a reliable service provider.

As you rely heavily on the stability of your IT network and infrastructure, it is important for you to choose the right partner who offers consistent and reliable server monitoring. Flatworld Solutions is a global outsourcing firm offering a wide range of infrastructure management services including server process monitoring services to clients across the globe. Our comprehensive server monitoring solutions include monitoring of your network, server processes, memory consumption, CPU usage, etc.

Server Monitoring Services We Offer

Once you outsource server monitoring services to us, we will regularly monitor your servers for robustness and performance. By outsourcing server infrastructure monitoring services to us, you can successfully manage your IT infrastructure and effectively monitor all your servers. Our professionals understand that different operating systems require different methods for monitoring and management. So, we provide services which are specific to your operating systems and servers.

Following are some of the major server monitoring services we offer -

  1. Centralized Server Monitoring

    We can provide you with centralized monitoring services, which allow clients to monitor multiple data centers across different geographical locations from a single dashboard. Our on-going monitoring will help you keep a close watch on the bandwidth usage of all your locally distributed networks. Such a setup provides you with important updates and prompt alerts when the devices in your network are reaching critical levels.

  2. Track Vital Server Performance Metrics

    If you want to track all the essential server performance metrics, then we can help you with just that. We can help you track four important types of server metrics, which include -

    • Applications Monitoring - Apache server, OD processes, custom scripts, MySQL database, Windows services, log files, active directory, swap usage etc.
    • Network Monitoring - packet loss, latency, network interfaces, SNMP devices, jitter, Ping, printer, etc.
    • Server Performance Monitoring - disk space, CPU usage, RAM, SMART attributes, disk usage, and CPU load
    • Internal and External Monitoring - using protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS, SSH, ICMP, POP3/POP3s, IMAP/IMAPs, FTP, SMTP/SMTPs, etc.
  3. Hard Disk Usage Monitoring

    We monitor your server's disk usage on a 24x7 basis. This helps us to quickly update you even before your disk gets completely filled up and the downtime begins. Such prompt and consistent server monitoring ensures zero to minimal downtime and ensures uninterrupted business continuity.

  4. Monitoring Custom Applications

    We understand that most businesses have custom applications, which require timely monitoring. Our professionals will provide prompt and continuous monitoring of all your custom applications from your servers as per your requirements.

  5. Phone Support and email Alerts

    Our dedicated team monitors your servers and will keep you updated through phone or email. We will send the alerts just on time and only when there are chances of real downtimes, without any scope for false alarms, 24x7.

Why Should You Choose Flatworld for Server Monitoring Services?

We provide accurate, reliable, and efficient server monitoring services to all our clients. Our resources can manage large number of servers and quickly identify any irregularities and issues. We will ensure that your server is capable of hosting all your applications. Following are some of the major benefits of partnering with us for server monitoring -

  • Affordable Server Monitoring

    All our clients are billed based on the complexity of their projects, skills of the resources involved, time required for project completion, etc. This helps us to provide top-quality services at extremely affordable rates

  • Prompt and Timely Updates

    We understand that our clients work on tight schedules and require constant server monitoring. So, we regularly monitor their servers and provide prompt and timely updates, to prevent possible business downtimes

  • World-class Infrastructure

    We have world-class infrastructure, which enables us to provide consistent server monitoring without any interruptions

  • Multiple Delivery Centers

    We have multiple delivery centers, which are strategically placed across various time zones. This difference in the time-zone enables us to provide consistent support 24X7, through multiple shifts

  • Project Security

    We follow strict security standards and have project confidentiality policies in place. Therefore, once you partner with us, you can be certain that your confidential business data remains safe

Partner with Flatworld for Prompt & Timely Server Monitoring Services

Flatworld Solutions has been offering top-quality software development services including infrastructure management services to global clients. Being in the industry for over a decade now, we have rich multi-domain experience and can understand the requirements of clients across the world. Our server monitoring processes are compliant with the global standards. Apart from server monitoring, we also provide other services, which include data center management, IT risk and security management, remote monitoring, enterprise security solutions, etc.

If you are looking out for prompt and timely server monitoring services, then you are at the right place. Just reach us now to discuss your requirements.

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