Corporate Social Responsibility

The greatest use of a human was to be useful. Not to consume, not to watch, but to do something for someone else that improved their life, even for a few minutes.

Dave Eggers

At Flatworld Solutions, we have always given utmost importance to the social and economic development of the communities, and help develop a healthier, empowered way of life for the weaker sections of the society. Our corporate responsibility also extends to addressing key environmental issues for a more sustainable planet, and encouraging employee involvement by volunteering their time and skills for social causes.

Our Social Initiatives

As a responsible business, we take pride in being both socially inclined and environmentally conscious in not only our social initiatives, but our day-to-day activities as well. Some of the socially responsible campaigns we have undertaken till date are -

Educate, Enable, Empower (E-Cube)

At Flatworld Solutions, we have always believed that corporate organizations like ours can lend a helping hand to our ailing society. When we started off with our CSR initiatives, we were unsure where we could fit in, but that was when the idea for E-Cube started taking shape and we decided to put in our efforts to help the society and bring about a change and growth. E-Cube stands for Educate, Enable, and Empower - and represents the three means with which we try and lend a positive impact on the society.

Finding the Right Partners

To bring our nascent vision to fruition, we began to hunt for ideal partners who could help us in achieving our dream. Some of the qualities we looked for in our future partners were -

  • A long term, inclusive and participatory initiative
  • An organization with whom we could partner for a longer period
  • An organization, which can validate our investments with their efforts
  • Readiness to streamline systems and processes to facilitate our efforts
  • Desire to bring about permanent change to the people we were helping

We then found two charitable organizations where we could lend a helping hand, namely, Prison Fellowship of India and Home of Hope.

Flatworld is Now a Corporate Sponsor of U&I

Flatworld Partners With U&I

Flatworld Solutions partnered with U&I as their corporate sponsor for the year 2019, pledging support in terms of money and volunteers.

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Flatworld Solutions partnered with Peacemakers

CSR Partnership - Flatworld & Peacemakers

Flatworld Solutions partnered with Peacemakers as their corporate sponsor for the year 2019, pledging support in terms of money and volunteers for the Psycho-social rehabilitation of inmates and children.

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Flatworld Solutions Partnership with PFI

Flatworld Solutions and Prison Fellowship of India (PFI)

PFI is an organization involved in the improvement, welfare and rehabilitation of prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families. Flatworld decided to partner with PFI, by starting a computer literacy program.

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Flatworld Solutions Partnership with Home of Hope

Flatworld Solutions and the Home of Hope

Home of Hope was instituted by a former auto rickshaw driver who was concerned about the plight of the poor and homeless living on the streets of Bangalore. Flatworld Solutions decided to partner with the Home of Hope by supporting their financial needs.

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Flatworld Solutions Tree Planting Drive

Tree Plantation Drive

Tree plantation initiative undertaken in the Philippines by Flatworld Solutions, along the Davao River on Jan 30, 2015. This program was devised to make people aware of the serious deforestation scenario in Philippines.

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Flatworld PH Beyond Business - Christmas Dream Kit 2018

Flatworld PH Beyond Business - Christmas Dream Kit 2018

Flatworld Solutions' Account Managers, Support Team, Service Delivery Managers, as well as Agents Volunteered and distributed over 1,146 dream kits during Christmas 2018 to help underprivileged students across Davao City (Philippines) receive basic school supplies.

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Extending our Social Initiatives

At Flatworld Solutions, we believe every individual has the capacity to leave a positive impression on the society. Our company is nothing but the sum total of such individuals, and ethical conduct along with social responsibility is something we try to instill in all our employees.
We are continuously striving to make valuable contributions towards society - locally, nationally and even globally.