6 Call Center Trends that Will Make an Impact in 2020

6 Call Center Trends that Will Make an Impact in 2020

Call center trends that are making waves. Read ahead to find out if you are ahead or behind the new trend

The call center performance is all about responsiveness, understanding client concerns, and using competitive rates to lure leads away from your competitors. Staying alert and looking for indicators to close sales in a short turnaround time can be an arduous challenge for your agents without a sound strategy. With technology aversion and unversed call center agents, your sales conversations are likely to reach a dead end. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 6 call center trends that will make an impact in 2020 and beyond.

Our compilation of 2020 call center trends includes the best strategy to aggressively corner the market for a lasting growth without draining your marketing spend. As we walk you through the contact center trends of 2020, we will cover areas of Artificial Intelligence, omnichannel contact strategy, self-assist tools, message recall, and much more. Our trend report will leave no stone unturned to help you close deals faster and efficiently.

6 Call Center Trends for 2020

Are you ready to adopt clever ways to improve the productivity of your contact center? Are you leveraging the latest technology to streamline lead movement through prospecting funnel? Our report on call center trends for 2020 will help you stay more productive and spend less to win the best leads for your business. Our top contact center trends to watch in 2020 are as follows -

  1. Cloud-based Call Center Service to Reduce the Overhead

    Cloud-based Call Center Service to Reduce the Overhead

    Owning a contact center office to run businesses can be expensive when compared to other cost-saving options such as the Cloud platform with advanced project management suites. When your business is built on a remote platform, you will have the agility and flexibility to serve a larger audience pool without allocating a chunk of your marketing spend on IT and infrastructure.

    With sophisticated CRM and real-time communication tools, you can focus on the lead nurturing with limited staff and overhead expense. This leaves an opening for you to hire skilled agents without concerns about their geographical location. Therefore, the Cloud allows businesses like yours to build a remote workforce to support clients anytime, anywhere. This is certainly one of the top call center trends to watch out for in 2020.

  2. Omnichannel Approach for Higher Client Retention

    Omnichannel Approach for Higher Client Retention

    The omnichannel communication is ideal for clients who don't prefer brands that work with a silo mentality. It keeps the communication consistent and unified across touchpoints and channels for efficient follow-up. Therefore, your agents can pull up the client's information from their previous interactions instead of forcing them to repeat their concerns over and over again. According to research, businesses that leveraged omnichannel engagement retained 89% of their customers while businesses stuck to traditional methods kept just 33% of their customers.

    According to research, businesses that leveraged omnichannel engagement retained 89% of their customers while businesses stuck to traditional methods kept just 33% of their customers.

  3. AI Powered Interactive Voice Response

    AI Powered Interactive Voice Response

    Over the years, interactive voice response (IVR) has been the bread and butter of call centers and it will continue to make strides in 2020, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Intelligent IVR is one of the key contact center technology trends for 2020. It can interpret accents and tones with more accuracy than traditional speech recognition software. Clients who are reluctant to wait in the queue are showing an inclination towards AI-powered IVR systems that assigns the caller to concerned agents or departments on a case-by-case basis.

  4. Advanced Self Assist Tools to Free Agents

    Advanced Self Assist Tools to Free Agents

    Self-assist tools have proven its efficiency in handling most preliminary concerns where live agent support is not compulsive. Consumer surveys have shown customer's strong proclivity towards self-service solutions over agent support. The self-service support tools include FAQ's and tutorials that educate customers to troubleshoot generic issues on their own. Self-assist options have garnered support from consumers because it speedily resolves most concerns before a live agent gets involved.

    In 2020, self-assist tools will see a rise in its adoption because most companies believe it will free up their agents to focus on more resource-intensive tasks. Smart businesses of tomorrow are already building a user-friendly resource library that includes a virtual agent and now is your chance to do the same.

  5. Analytics-driven Business to Improve Services

    Analytics-driven Business to Improve Services

    Analytics is the most empowering part of any data-driven business and it will continue to remain a core part of business strategy in 2020. Analytics can enable businesses to take bold decisions and grow in the right direction. To understand the epicenter of a problem, it is imperative to scrutinize the agent performance.

    In doing so, it can reveal what your customers prefer and how you can deliver better service levels, but then why should you guess when your clients can be asked what they need and how you can do better? Follow-up with your customers by email or phone call to gauge their satisfaction with service levels. A quality assurance software will measure multiple criteria such as resolution time, number of calls, etc. Use these insights to understand whether your client prefers self-service or live agent support.

  6. Implement Call Recall to Improve Annual Savings

    Implement Call Recall to Improve Annual Savings

    With the exponential growth in technology, it's possible to filter unwanted or erroneous communications without compromising the service levels. In 2020, more call centers will exploit high-end message filtering technology that will put a check on error messages without impacting the customer service experience or conversational flow. Message errors and misinformation (if any) can be resolved without enduring losses, time and cost wise.

    Utilizing message recall technology is a major milestone for call center business. Although the message transmission can be delayed by a few seconds, it can result in millions of dollars' worth of savings annually.

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Conclusion - Stay Ahead of the Change with these 6 Call Center Trends in 2020

With the competition getting stiffer, the hardest blow will come to businesses that are reluctant to follow market indications. Our compilation of the important call center technology trends is a result of in-depth analysis of the market. Technology adoption and change in strategy will not only unburden your agents to focus on other challenges but also realigns your business to become more productive. Our call center technology trends 2020 will offer a great way to turn your clients into your brand advocates in no time.


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