Call Center Outsourcing Benefits

Benefits of Call Center OutsourcingA recent development among top global companies in Europe and America is to outsource call center services or business process outsourcing to developing countries in Asia, especially to India. When outsourced, the call center operations are handled by an offshore company with its own staff and physical infrastructure. The explosion of internet and communication technologies has propelled the phenomenon of outsourcing to a global scale.

Why Call Center Outsourcing?

The answer is simple, The Bottomline! An estimate says that companies save anything from 30% to 60% by outsourcing their call center services. Hiving off the call center operations helps the companies not only to substantially improve the profit margins but also to concentrate on core businesses and to become more productive.

The quality of service is generally topnotch and smooth flowing if the outsourced BPO services destination is a country such as India, where the call center service industry is well established with years of experience and global standards of technical sophistication.

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Why India?

Many developing countries such as Malaysia, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, Russia etc. are eager for a share in the very attractive business process outsourcing pie. But India has emerged on top of the heap as a major BPO destination for the biggest multinational companies of the world. Thousands of top western companies have set up their offshore call center services in India and thousands more are moving in that direction

Even government departments of more than 18 states in USA have outsourced some of their services such as welfare benefit calls to India. When you outsource to India, you will be doing so to a company whose core competency is call center business and hence you are assured of a more professional service. A McKinsey analyst has predicted that India is set to earn $17 billion this year alone in the call center business.

The India Advantage

India is the roaring tiger of the new global economy. It has the largest English speaking population outside of US. It has a superb education system producing more than a million high-quality English speaking graduates every year.

The Indian government has actively supported the call center services industry by allowing duty free imports of capital goods, tax exemptions and the like. It has invested billions of dollars for infrastructure development in transport, communication systems and broadband computing. The Indian call center companies are highly adaptive to global trends.

With their years of experience, constant upgrading to cutting edge technologies, latest software and innovative management practices, they are always setting the benchmark for high quality services in the call center outsourcing sector. Geographically, India is about 12 hours ahead of US and 5 hours ahead of Europe and that enables offshore call center services in India to provide round-the- clock, round-the-year services to their customers.

Indian call center employees earn just a fraction of their American counterparts- about $3000 to $5000 a year (in a nation where the per capita income is below $500 a year). All this means top quality service at a whopping discount for businesses opting to outsource their call center services to India.

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The Indian Expertise

The new age call centers in India provide a slew of services to meet every demand of their customers:

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