Top 6 Reasons to Migrate Your Call Center to the Cloud

Reasons to Migrate Call Center to Cloud

The market for cloud-based contact center is expected to take a giant leap and grow over $10 billion by the end of 2019.

With cloud-based service models making new waves, call centers are now moving to the cloud. Considering the enormous benefits offered by cloud-based contact centers, this trend is certainly not surprising. Right from huge savings on upfront investments on technology and infrastructure to eliminating ongoing maintenance expenses, cloud-based contact centers offer numerous business benefits.

Some of the major paybacks of cloud migration are integration of newer communication channels, intelligent call routing, responsive customer service, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Traditional on-site contact center will only add up to operational costs, without adding any value to the business. Switching to cloud-based solutions saves huge upfront investments and ongoing maintenance costs.

How Can Businesses Benefit by Migrating to Cloud Contact Centers?

As the cloud market continues to grow, cloud-based contact centers serve as a robust tool to deliver superior customer experience. However, if you are still not clear about leveraging the benefits of cloud-based models to improve your call center services, then here are some of the key reasons to choose cloud migration.

  1. Enhanced Payment Security

    Securing payments made by customers can be challenging if the contact center captures payment card details of the customers over the phone. It is essential for the businesses to protect such sensitive data from fraud threats. This can be achieved by storing the card details in the cloud, rather than using the call center infrastructure for this. Cloud-based solutions provide multi-layer protection systems by encrypting the stored details. Furthermore, the conversation between the caller and the agent will also be completely encrypted through cloud-based systems once businesses partner with a cloud contact center.

  2. Better Scalability and Versatility

    Hosted platforms offer universal solutions, which unties numerous work-from-home agents and multiple centers. Being connectivity-agnostic, these platforms enable agents to easily connect through PSTN or VoIP and provide services using any device of their choice such as analog phone, IP phone, cell phone, or soft phone. Similarly, managers can also login from the browsers of their choice to check the activity of their agents in real time and also monitor calls. Therefore, migrating contact center to the cloud will ensure easy scalability.

  3. Better Business Connectivity

    One of the major reasons to migrate call center to cloud is to maintain business continuity in case of extreme weather conditions and natural calamities. The impact of outbound campaigns and inbound calls coming to a complete halt can be detrimental on a business. However, this can be easily overcome by opting for hosted systems, as businesses can have their cloud call center agents login from home or any other location in case of emergencies.

  4. Cloud Migration Offers Unpaid Upgrades

    One of the major business benefits of cloud migration is free upgrades. As soon as a hosted platform provider improves or upgrades the platform, the entire multi-tenant environment can reap the benefits of this without any additional cost. Besides, cloud-based call center providers take customer feedbacks seriously and constantly update their platforms by adding new features. To make it better, no extra charges have to be borne by the subscribers to leverage the upgraded functionalities or the newly added features.

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  5. Highly Efficient Cloud Routing

    Cloud routing enables businesses to conveniently route inbound calls from one call center to another. With this, all that businesses need are a browser and an Internet connection to create virtual queues in the cloud. Whether it is managing all the inbound call traffic or upgrading the current call center capacity, cloud routing offers businesses with the flexibility to scale-up or scale-down their services as the call volume fluctuate. Besides, as it is destination-agnostic, the type of equipment used by the remote contact centers also does not matter.

  6. Higher ROI

    Return on investment is a significant factor that businesses rely on. Cloud-based call centers help businesses in reaping huge returns on their investments. While setting up call centers right breed of equipment, best of the agents, training the agents, etc. have to be taken care of by the company, which requires huge investment. Upfront investment on even average equipment might also shoot up to a huge capital of around half a million dollars, which is a staggering amount. Besides, the burden of ongoing expenditure will also prevail. However, call center migration to cloud will eliminate all these costs, leaving the companies to pay exactly for what they availed or are planning to avail.

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What Makes Cloud-based Call Centers Popular?

When businesses migrate their contact center to cloud, they can reap numerous benefits with the major ones being increased data security and reduced operational costs. However, the following are some of the factors that make cloud migration a magic bullet -

  • Phenomenal decrease in the waiting time of the calls, making it easy for the customers by decreasing their waiting time
  • Uninterrupted business continuity to ensure that none of the clients are left unattended or are kept waiting in the queue, in case of natural calamities, bad weather, or any such extreme circumstances
  • Cloud migration helps businesses save huge on early capital investment and huge operational costs, while providing uncompromised connectivity
  • By saving agents from spending their time on menial tasks when they are handling the calls, this platform ensures that businesses get one step closer to resolving the customer queries

Choose Flatworld for Innovative and Scalable Call Center Services

At Flatworld Solutions, we believe in providing call center services that precisely cater to the business needs of global customers. Being in the industry for over a decade, we understand that call center requirements vary from one customer to another and hence provide flexible and cost-effective pricing options. We have world-class call center infrastructure in place and also ensure complete operational transparency. With cloud technology making waves, we understand the importance of transitioning on-site services call centers to the cloud. We strongly believe in staying updated with all the latest developments in this industry and can also provide you with consultations that help you to migrate your call center to the cloud.

If you have made up your mind to migrate your voice-based services to cloud, then just get in touch with us.



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