Top 10 Call Center Outsourcing Trends for 2017

Call Center Outsourcing Trends

Businesses are aware that poor customer service can prove to be detrimental to their business; keeping this in mind, companies are leaving no stone unturned to deliver top notch customer service. They are spending heavily on hiring the best customer support executives in call centers, with whom their customers interact regularly.

Often, you need an all-round view of your call center operations to identify the areas that need improvement. The following trends will give you an idea as to what you could do differently in 2017 to make your call center effective and successful.

Call Center Outsourcing Trends That Will Be Popular In 2017

In 2017, many companies will bring about a drastic change in their call center operations to ensure they deliver the best customer experience. Some latest call center outsourcing trends / contact center trends to look forward to in 2017 are -

  1. Communicating with your customers will take place across diverse channels

    It is important that you keep communicating with your customers on a regular basis. However, the medium that you use to communicate is also important. In 2017, the number of media or platforms through which you communicate with your customers will increase. Be it through social media channels or face-to-face conversations, you should be ready to interact with your customers in innovative ways. Omnichannel is the new mantra. You must make sure your communication strategy is consistent across all channels.

    Media like Internet, telephone, chat, email, text, messenger, etc. will need a positive customer support experience, for which you must hire the best talent. Succeeding in a multi-channel environment will be key for customer delight and customer retention. In case you do not have talented call center resources in-house, you should outsource your call center operations to a reliable partner.

  2. Catch the Cloud

    Companies may look at the option of having their call centers or contact centers on the cloud. It is estimated that more than half of all G2K companies will host their call center operations on the cloud, where they would also store sensitive client information in a secure manner. Hence, this will mean an increase in the number of virtual call centers. Organizations which adopt the cloud for call center / contact center operations will benefit from the flexibility of operations, cost-efficiencies, speedy service delivery, and ease of scalability.

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  3. Self Help

    There are chances that customers will no longer be interested in talking to call center / contact center executives to resolve issues in the coming years. They will prefer to visit a company's website and follow necessary instructions to address a problem. Customers are looking for automated self-service / self-help solutions where there is minimal or no human intervention. Besides, waiting for a solution is a thing of the past. If customers do not receive a solution to their problem instantly, they hop on to another service provider. They browse for solutions on their mobile devices all the time. Companies need to become mobile and on the top of their game to make sure their customers are happy and satisfied, at any given point of time.

  4. Adding a Personal Touch with Video Chat

    The demand for support through a video chat is slowly increasing and it might just become the next big thing in 2017. Major e-commerce companies have already adopted video chat as part of their contact center / call center operations. It is a nice, easy, quick and an affordable way to assist your customers. With video chat, you can personalize the whole experience for your customers. Clearly, one of the latest trends in call center industry.

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  5. Customer Support via Social Media platforms

    Customers have become social media savvy and usually express their feelings or feedback about a product or service on various social media forums. Hence, it will be imperative in 2017 that companies have a presence on social media platforms where they can take care of reputation management and address customer concerns in real-time. The social contact center wing of companies must make sure that they have a robust customer support strategy, which could educate customers if they are looking for some information, create personalized experiences to engage them online and address their concerns if they voice any.

  6. Performance Management

    There will be a high demand for tools like Quality Management (QM) or performance management systems as companies will be interested in getting a 360-degree view of their call center performance. This will be important because companies will be able to maximize the efficiency of their call center staff.

  7. Quality-centric Approach

    Companies will be interested in enhancing the quality of their call center services in 2017 by focusing on quality of service delivery and by following a digital strategy to stay ahead of competitors. However, going digital would not mean focusing more on process automation and less on human efforts. Emphasis would remain on call center professionals who can bring about an innovation in their jobs.

  8. Focus on Virtual Agents

    In 2017, to deliver customer satisfaction of the highest quality, companies will invest in dedicated virtual agents so that their customers do not have to wait for their queries to get resolved.

  9. Predictive Patterns

    Based on constant interaction with customers, the call center wing of companies will invest in software that can identify a pattern in their customers' behavior. This will be used to predict the next query or problem that a customer may face in the future and help the company be ready with a solution proactively.

  10. Consolidating vendors and aligning culturally

    In 2017, companies will look forward to having a lesser number of vendors. They focus will be on consolidating their list of vendors and aim at working with outsourcing companies that can provide more services under one roof. Also, companies will invest in sensitizing their call center staff to most of the cultures in the world so that they provide the best customer service, irrespective of the culture the customer is accustomed to. The focus will be on relationship building.

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