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Business Process as a Service

Businesses globally are engaging business process as a service (BPaaS) which brings in effective process automation and reduction in long term total cost of ownership to their BP automation.

At Flatworld Solutions, we leverage our 16 years of experience in delivering exceptional SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS to provide our clients with a single point, end-to-end BPaaS solutions across various industry verticals. With our help, you can leverage cutting-edge technology and standardized processes without any major capital expenditure.

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Call Center FTE Calculator from Flatworld Solutions is One-of-its-kind, FREE online tool that helps you calculate the number of agents and cost requirement for your call center operations, with least possible inputs. This calculator is easy-to-use and is made to provide you the best user experience while getting an accurate answer to your call center expansion requirements. In case you need some assistance with our Call Center Staffing and Cost Calculator, please refer to our

Our BPaaS Offerings

Our services are geared towards global organizations which are currently facing the following challenges -

  • Organizations which feel that implementing BPaaS may be a capital and technology intensive activity, especially when they are yet to move their operations to the cloud
  • Organizations who are failing to converge and identify the exact resourcefulness of SaaS, IaaS and, PaaS leading to inefficient BpaaS cloud implementation
  • Organizations who are unable to find BPaaS vendors offering a one-stop solution for all their needs

Our service offerings include -

  • BPaaS Consultation

    Our BPaaS experts understand your exact requirements by walking through your processes and automation needs. Then they draw an implementation chart leveraging all BPaaS based cloud technologies which we can offer, and more importantly, the ones that suit your business. This helps you estimate post implementation process and cost effectiveness

  • BPaaS Cloud Infrastructure

    Whether you are looking to drive BPaaS through native cloud hosting or our specialized cloud centers, we ensure the best cloud infrastructure for your initiatives. We score on operational efficiency, security, disaster management ability, agility and cost effectiveness before engaging the best cloud infrastructure for your needs

  • Finance and Accounting BPaaS

    Businesses today are focusing on agile and quickly available accounting systems to give an edge to their decision-making capability. This is extremely important as competition forces businesses to take quick decisions based on various business aspects including cost. With our help you can see a sizable TCO reduction within the first year itself, as well as a consistent and reliable user experience

  • Customer Care Service BPaaS

    Our BPaaS brings in best-in-class solutions, global delivery models, and optimized business processes for clients looking for BPaaS solutions in the customer care field. This gives businesses a greater degree of operational flexibility by touching various aspects which greatly impact customer service excellence

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  • Automation Excellence

    All our BPaaS installations come with comprehensive and well defined APIs, enabling easy access to services by all related processes. This also helps in standardization of BPaaS access points. Automating your key business processes can lead to significant cost and time savings as well

  • Other Key BPaaS Solutions

    We drive business benefits using BPaaS in various applied sectors such as -

    • Clinical process automation
    • Sales process automation
    • Business reporting
    • Digital asset management

Call Center Software we use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

Our Call Center Portfolio

Have a look at the call center services portfolio provided by the experienced team at Flatworld Solutions.

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Our Call Center Portfolio

Benefits of Outsourcing BPaaS to Flatworld Solutions

Our services are based on proven process efficiency protocols, and with the help of our unparalleled cloud expertise, we can offer our services to global organizations looking for flexible and reliable BPaaS solutions. Some of the benefits of our business process outsourcing services include -

  • Highly scalable and robust solutions for business process as a service. Scalability is a key benchmark for Flatworld's BPaaS offerings, as it is a transformational and technology sensitive service
  • Businesses can choose from cost models which serve their requirements and organizational goals, such as pay-as-you-go or other subscription based models
  • Small enterprises can also engage BPaaS solutions as we can automate even small business processes like material shipping, managing emails, or package tracking, etc.
  • We offer preconfigured and highly customizable processes, helping you to engage BPaaS instantly in your organization without any significant downtimes
  • Our BPaaS solutions support multiple language options, and with our global delivery centers, we ensure we are ready to deploy as soon as possible
  • Our robust and secure business process solutions are backed with high-quality data recovery and data disaster management processes ensuring your peace-of-mind at every stage of the outsourcing process

Avail Highly Scalable and Robust BPaaS Solutions

With the help of our rapid technology adoption capabilities in business process services, we have helped clients from different industry verticals adjust and streamline their resources, and meet the evolving demands of modern day business practices. Our service guarantee includes unmatched service excellence and extremely flexible and cost-effective solutions.

Call us now to discuss your BPaaS requirements which can instantly transform your business processes, thus giving you a technology driven competitive edge.


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