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Outsource Call Quality Monitoring Support

In today's age, call centers are more than a normal helpline number and are responsible for how your brand is perceived across social media channels and general word-of-mouth. Great customer experience starts with your first line of contact, i.e. the call center. Organizations around the world are turning their attention towards call centers and investing in new technologies that can help increase their overall effectiveness.

Call quality monitoring is one such method which can prove to be extremely beneficial who want to actively keep track of their agents' call quality, the efficiency of their customer service, and use the data to constantly improve their services.

What is Call Quality Monitoring?

Quality monitoring support services are relatively new but are extremely efficient in helping you improve your customer support experience and tracking the performance of the entire floor in real time. Your floor managers are also better equipped to maintain pre-set call quality standards, deal with abnormal behavior, and customer backlash issues. The proprietary software used by us also prioritizes incoming calls based upon their importance, ensuring the calls are diverted to experienced executives when required.

When you outsource quality monitoring support services to FWS, you can gain from the following -

  • Pre-set definitions for how an ideal call should sound like and regularly train your employees to raise their own standards
  • Leverage proprietary software capabilities to record call, highlight instances, etc.
  • Train your call center agents on the job, ensuring the training slowly sinks in through practice
  • Successfully find the most important metrics based on your customers, and tweak services to provide the same
  • Holistically evaluate an agent's performance comparing key metrics across diverse channels

Our Call Quality Monitoring Support Services

Our call monitoring support services are ideal for monitoring sales, business, and support calls while helping you carefully audit them. Real-time data obtained from our proprietary systems can then be used to improve the interactions that your agents have with your customers. Our out-of-the-box interactions play well with a variety of different systems, ensuring very less downtime between deployment and execution. Our services include -

  • Agent Call Monitoring Services

    We assign a team of call quality analysts who go through your existing call recordings to derive important insights in the form of an electronic evaluation form. Thereafter, a program is formed to train your agents in how to undertake high-quality calls. In this program, we make it possible to view all variances in the agent evaluations and playback examples of interactions for better understanding.

    The information is distributed through detailed dashboards which break down the process into the smallest important details. Since we believe that the quality monitoring program regularly improves over time, we also keep improving our program to introduce new changes for better results year after year.

  • Speech Analytics Services

    Speech analytics technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years and is extremely important for efficient call quality management. Our services can help you easily sample 100% of the call made instead of manually sampling lesser amounts, allowing you to achieve a better overlook of where your call center currently stand. You can also automatically categorize calls as the speech recognition software understands what the call is about and labels it with the necessary information, ensuring ad hoc search using just keywords and phrases.

  • Call Quality Evaluation Services

    When it comes to outsourcing quality monitoring support, most clients believe our call quality evaluation is one of the best in the industry. Our expert call quality evaluation team measures all the metrics carefully to ensure better calls from your call center agents. Throughout the process of evaluation, we keep sight of your organizational goals so as to tweak the process to suit your requirements. Our program consists of -

    • Call data mining (based on both structured and unstructured data)
    • Developing the call quality roadmap
    • Collecting data from a variety of different channels such as voice, chat, non-voice, etc.
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Regular corrective improvements
    • Team and agent scorecard and leaderboards for better competitiveness
  • Industry Analysis Services

    With more than 10 years of industry experience under our belts, we can draw from our immense wealth of resources and guide your project by giving inputs on the latest technologies and processes that can help you gain a competitive edge. We can -

    • Capture and present customer call quality information and compare it to that of your competitors
    • Research specific technologies, product, and pricing trends
    • Help your marketing department understand what products your customers actually want
  • Agent Call Quality Training

    We provide call center agent training services which can help them understand the quality processes and determine ways in which the experience for the customers can be improved. We closely monitor your agents during and after the training process and help evaluate their quality from multiple perspectives for a better overall picture of the agent's attributes. Our training sessions consist of -

    • Call quality score calibration for more consistency
    • Real-time monitoring of all audio and screen interactions
    • Creating balanced scorecards and coaching agents on the new workflow

Call Center Software we use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

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What is Quality Assurance in BPO and How Do We Ensure It?

We believe that once the quality assurance process is implemented, there must be regular changes so as to make sure quality keeps improving over time. Our step-up approach towards quality monitoring support in India ensures our global clients can start benefiting immediately from our resources and our experience. Some of the major highlights of services include -

  • Deploying proprietary software for call quality monitoring which can track and record all calls originating or coming to your call center
  • Scorecard development for meaningful employee evaluation which keeps many different parameters in full view for a holistic approach towards improving the call quality
  • Regular training sessions for floor managers so they can score their agents more effectively
  • Live call monitoring which keeps many aspects of the call for real-time tracking such as friendliness, honesty, empathy, professionalism, adaptability, interest, etc.
  • Daily and weekly feedback reports with relevant data dashboards
  • Improvements to call quality results on a daily basis and including the same in dynamic incentive plans for the agents

Advantages of Outsourcing Quality Monitoring Support to FWS

When you partner with FWS for call quality monitoring support services, we can help you easily spot and discover where your call quality is currently lagging, while helping you establish the necessary improvements to be made. Some of the benefits of working with us include -

  • A holistic outlook towards improving agent call quality by integrating performance management tools which can help create individual scorecards for each agent
  • Call quality calibration is an ongoing process with us, and we ensure it steadily improves over time. This further ensures your floor results keep getting better, and incorporates the latest processes which can help you pull ahead of your competitors
  • Proprietary call quality monitoring software which is delivered through SAAS and features a web-GUI to help incorporate the latest features in a timely manner. We also ensure there is zero downtime between updates and can work with multiple hardware easily without any tweaks
  • Singular consistency in evaluations across national and international teams as we deploy the same mechanics everywhere while scaling up the evaluation criteria as we go along. All this is done in a streamlined manner
  • Feedback transparency is maintained throughout in order to ensure complete client satisfaction. We provide full access to the call records which are stored on third-party servers in a secure location with multiple redundancies
  • We deliver the latest technology and processes in a cost-effective manner while leveraging our multiple delivery centers around the world for better client satisfaction
  • We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified organization which ensures that all the client, employee, legal, and project information is completely safe
  • We assign a dedicated project manager who will be a single point of contact for all your needs and will keep you updated about the project status at all times
  • We have the required skills and expertise to provide call quality monitoring services in multiple languages and train your agents to handle clients coming from different parts of the world and cultures

Partner With Flatworld Solutions for the Best Quality Call Monitoring Support Services

With FWS, you can engage in a systemic and standardized call support monitoring process, ensuring your call center team is always working at peak performance. Soon you will see the effectiveness of your agents increase as well as the customer satisfaction ratios thereby deliver better company performance and a huge ROI on your small investment.

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