Inbound Call Center Technology

Flatworld's inbound call center technology has an inbound voice solution based on Cisco IPCC that has ACD with skill based routing, IP IVR, web based reporting, IP OBX with voice mail. Our inbound call center technology has open standards based on IP infrastructure.

IP: Scalable, Flexible

  • End to end IP - Solution
  • Converged Network
  • Quality of Service
  • Redundancy
  • Multi site support
  • Location Independence
  • Consolidated and open data store
  • Multi channel support
  • Open architecture and IP enable fats integration and development of new functionality and application
  • Web based historical and real time reports
  • Monitored threshold events

Our IP has some additional features like a GUI (Graphic User Interface) based scripting tool, call flow monitor and the capability to make immediate changes.

Inbound Call Center Technology – IPCC Benefits

  • Real time & Historical Reporting (Web Based)
    • Consolidated reporting can be used to monitor outsourcing performance and adjust service levels and staffing
  • Enhanced customer service
    • Accurate call-by-call skill based routing, dynamic announcement to queued callers, screen pop up of caller data
  • Flexible Integration
    • Can be cost effectively integrated with TDM & IP environments at customer locations
  • Faster Response Times
    • Capability of easy CTI integration to deliver screen pops for faster agent response times and improvement in agent productivity

inbound call center technology

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