Architecture of Call Center Outbound Services

Flatworld has been rendering call center outbound services for over 16 years and offers efficient and timely support to your business. Our call center infrastructure supports several dependable and up-to-date call center outbound services.

Outbound Call Center Services – Built in CRM

  • Built in CRM to manage customer contact for all outbound call center services.
  • GUI development tool for campaign generation
  • Capability to integrate with external data source (for data pop-up or data capture)
  • Rule based work flow possible

Outbound Voice – GUI based Management

  • GUI based management tool
  • Real time status of agent, trunks and calling lists
  • Capability to make immediate changes (DNC addition, list management, Q management, parameters)
  • Real time and historical reporting tool


Flatworld's call center infrastructure has a distributed dialer architecture and is tightly integrated with Cisco voice solution. Our predictive dialer has 2:1 pacing and real time calling list management. This architecture also has DNC management and maintains low nuisance (individual agent pacing, extent function and cancel dial).

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