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Are you conscious about the first impression that you give your prospective client? A prompt, smart and effective answer to your prospect's call is the first step towards clinching a deal. On the other hand, a poor answering system can be a huge upset. A few calls that went unanswered might not seem huge, but they are definitely a leakage on your efforts of brand building.

This is where the services of a virtual receptionist can add value. A live virtual receptionist becomes the first point of contact for all your inbound calls who works towards creating a positive impact on every caller.

Why should you opt for live receptionist services?

  • Every unanswered call is an opportunity lost
  • You do not want to miss calls that come in after your business hours
  • Recorded messages and voice mails put off most callers
  • You do not want a prospective customer to be kept waiting
  • You do not want anyone to take a bad impression about your company

Live virtual receptionist services from Flatworld Solutions

Bring professionalism to the first point of contact with Flatworld Solutions' live virtual/remote receptionist services. At Flatworld Solutions, we have a dedicated team who will work for you round-the-clock serving your customers with expert answering services. With us as your partner, you can get access to the following:

  • You get 24/7 live receptionist services
  • The remote receptionist will perform her/his duties like a trained customer support personnel
  • He/ She understands that they are the first point of contact of the company and will be responsible enough to handle it effectively
  • He/ She will screen all inbound calls, prioritize calls and transfer them effectively without any time delays
  • He/ She will make note of important messages and manage your communications when you are on a holiday
  • He/ She schedules appointments and manages your calendar
  • For those callers who wish to leave voice mails, the receptionist will offer voice mail services
  • He/ She also undertakes order taking, qualifying and processing leads
  • During times of emergencies and issues, your office will not be left with nobody to take charge
  • Details of every call and activity is recorded for future references

Call Center Software we use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

Our Call Center Portfolio

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Our Call Center Portfolio

Leverage the Flatworld advantage!

  • You save almost 60% on your operating costs by choosing to outsource to Flatworld Solutions
  • Cut down on the overheads in maintaining a receptionist's office
  • Since the arrangement works on a remote basis, you can get rid of the infrastructure costs for an in-house call answering and phone system
  • Our call center professionals are proficient in English and can handle your inbound calls from across the globe

Entrust your receptionist answering services to Flatworld Solutions and gain the confidence of your prospective customers.

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