Outsource Parametric and Computational Modeling Services

Parametric and Computational Modeling Services

Leverage the power of parametric and computational modeling to explore a world that transcends traditional architectural design

Technological advances in the architectural industry are often well-kept secrets and take a long time from inception to reality. In recent years, engineers and architects are being further enabled by tools which harness the power of computers and allow them to explore a world which lies beyond traditional architectural design. Parametric modeling and computational modeling leverage computer algorithms to enable the production of complex architectural design options which process both information and interaction between elements to come up with a perfect solution.

FWS is one of the few parametric and computational modeling service providers who have the ability to deliver high-quality 3D parametric and computational modeling services that leverage technologies such as generative and algorithm-based modeling. We help to create sustainable architectural models keeping your needs in our mind, while working directly with architects, manufacturers, and construction businesses to provide a comprehensive suite of services for our clients.

Our Parametric and Computational Modeling Services

Over the years, we have collaborated with leading design and construction firms to work on multidisciplinary integrated projects, while ensuring we maintain the highest quality of integration and precision when it comes to implementing a parametric model while sticking to the costs involved.

We believe complex, but natural design needs time and skills to develop. But our seamless processes ensure designs can be adapted as soon as decisions are made leverage state-of-art computational software. We optimize structural efficiency while working with complex geometry and building components and can help produce multiple design iterations for your team to review, thereby keeping the budget under check.

Our services include -

Constructive Solid Geometry

1. Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG)
We work with architects to design structures with basic 3D geometry which can then be manipulated to generate multiple shapes using pre-formatted algorithmic extrusion processes. We can create complex surfaces by combining simpler objects based upon your requirements.

Boundary Representation

2. Boundary Representation (BR)
We can help to create models which are generated by joining points and edges to create spatial boundaries for required shapes. We leverage FEM (Finite Element Methods) to first form the solid surfaces for our model, which then allows for intricate meshing and precise control over volume and other related geometric properties.

Our offerings help design professionals to create complex designs while focusing on ease of fabrication. By letting go of traditional methods which require significantly longer processing and design time, we can help you reach a final conclusion faster, while avoiding the pitfalls caused due to calculation errors.

Our Clientele

Our clients include -

 Façade Engineering Consultancies
 Lighting Design Consultancies
 Architectural Design Companies
 Urban Designers
 Town Planners
 Structural Design Companies
 Furniture Design Consultancies
 Landscape Architecture Companies
 Urban Planners
 Transport Planners
 Facade Engineering Companies
 ENR Top List - Top 500 International Design Firms

Our Parametric Modeling & Computational Design Process

As a premier parametric and computational modeling service providing company, we have managed to create an optimized process which takes your requirements into consideration at every step of the way. Our process for parametric and computational modeling consists of the following steps -


01. Consultation

We sit down with the clients to understand the scope of the project and their expectations from us. During this stage, we give them a demo of our accomplishments, and discuss the final deliverables and budget

Import and Verification of Design Data  

02. Import and Verification of Design Data

We provide our clients access to secure FTP servers through which they can share existing design data, survey data, concept models and drawings, etc. which are then verified and remodelled or reformatted for import into our modeling software

Settings Design Parameters  

03. Settings Design Parameters

As per the design briefs shared by the client, we set the overall design parameters and constraints and begin the modeling phase

3D Rendering  

04. 3D Rendering

We begin the process of 3D rendering the design and keep adjusting the model until it fits all required parameters as necessitated by the client

Quality Check  

05. Quality Check

A senior engineer assigned to the project goes through the entire model and the requested parameters to check for compliance and gives a go ahead only when fully satisfied with the final output

Model Submission and Review  

06. Model Submission and Review

We send the parametric model to the clients for the first round of review. During this stage, we take client feedback and make any changes as required

Support for Drawing Fabrications  

07. Support for Drawing Fabrications

Following the design and development stage, we support the clients with multiple fabrication drawings as required for both simple and complex generative designs

Pricing Design
Starts @
$7 /hour
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Our Team of Parametric Modelers

The team of architectural professionals working for us have an in-depth understanding of emergent architectural technologies, AI-based applications in AEC and have the necessary skillset to code and develop complex algorithms for high-quality and architecturally accurate models. We hire some of the best talent in industry, who can -

  • Develop and write algorithms for production of complex models in architecture while also working on incomplete works
  • Understand complex design concepts and translate them into working models which fit your requirements and are structurally as accurate as possible
  • Produce fabrication and shop drawings for the complex designs with multiple iterations for different requirements

Some of languages we use to work on computational modeling include -

  • VB
  • VB. Net
  • C#
  • Python
  • Rhino Python
  • Rhino script
  • Grasshopper
  • SAP2000 API

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Parametric and Computational Modeling to FWS

When you partner with Flatworld to work on parametric models for your architectural requirements, we offer a host of benefits to our clients in the form of the following -

  • Better Translation of Design Ideas and Concepts

    Our parametric and computational modeling services will help your design professionals to accurately translate complex design ideas and concepts into working models, while making relevant changes based upon thousands of external factors and see them play out in real-time.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

    We leverage technology and computational algorithms to help in the production of designs so that changes both minor or major in nature can be taken into account and the overall design can be easily managed and controlled. All of this takes a fraction of the time as compared to traditional modelling and other older drafting methods.

  • Better BIM Optimization

    The complex models and designs we create have an added advantage of being able to be imported into BIM management systems for easier collaboration and documentation

  • Better Building Performance Studies

    As per your requirements, we can also optimise building designs to make the building perform better in response to atmospheric, macro and micro-climatic conditions. We can model for any geography and land condition, while ensuring the building model sticks to the regulations of the region as well as all valid building codes.

  • Enhanced Design Process Automation

    We can easily automate most of the repetitive jobs in a standard design process using our proprietary algorithms and AI. This can directly result in increased efficiency while allowing you to undertake production for large projects.

  • Flexible Costing Models

    We specialize in delivering exceptional customer service at prices which suit your requirements and fit the needs of the project. Our transparent pricing plans ensure you can plan your budget accordingly without receiving any nasty surprises down the line.

Client Success Story

FWS Converted Building Scans into BIM Models for Renovation

Flatworld Solutions Converted Building Scans into BIM Models for Renovation

FWS used scans of old buildings to create top-notch 3D models and 2D floor plans, sections, and elevation for a leading European architectural company.

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FWS Provided As-built Drawings to a US-based Architectural Client

Flatworld Provided As-built Drawings to a US-based Architectural Client

FWS built comprehensive CAD models with switch positions, electrical layouts, RCP, etc. for 230 sites in 2 months for a US architectural company.

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Outsource Parametric and Computational Modeling Services to FWS


Our assigned account representative was extremely versed in engineering drawings and architectural services, making the communication effortless.

Construction company in US
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At Flatworld, we pride ourselves on our customer-friendly services and our ability to offer a whole gamut of architectural services under one umbrella for our international clients. Our parametric models can help speed up your entire modeling process, while ensuring accuracy and compliance to building codes and regulations is maintained at each and every step.

If you want to know more about our offerings and how we can provide you with accurate, high-quality parametric and computational architectural models then contact us now!



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