Animation Services

Animation Services

Today, animation is not only restricted to a specific skill set or industry, it is being used as a medium for creative expression, communication, and consumer interaction in diverse fields. As a result, the art of animation is now being used to propagate ideas and channelize interaction across different sectors such as Medical, Mechanical, Film and TV, Forensics, Marketing, etc.

Outsourcing your animation services to Flatworld Solutions can be beneficial to your organization as it will empower you with the best professionals to execute your job without having to worry about any administrative or recruitment hassles.

Our Service Offerings

Our Animation services allow us to generate state-of-the-art visual imagery for feature-length animation movies, short-form media, brand and image marketing, corporate presentations, educational videos, etc. Besides, we also understand that businesses work on tight deadlines, for this reason, we offer quick and cost-effective animation services. We usually complete 90 seconds of 2D animation outputs within 15 to 20 working days, design an infographic within 7 working days, and take just 8 to 10 working days for whiteboard animations. However, all these timelines are subject to project complexities and specific animation requirements. Our services include -

  1. Visual Effects Services

    Our VFX artists can add stunning visual effects to your animation, short videos, or motion picture. Our VFX specialists have decades of experience in delivering visual effects design and have served various filmmakers, film studios, advertising companies. Over 1.2 million designs were delivered to over 19000 clients.

  2. Rotoscoping Services

    Get masterfully done realistic actions produced by tracing over motion films at affordable rates. Our rotoscoping experts have the caliber to transfer objects from one scene to another using the latest rotoscoping techniques. In this way, you can avail high-quality action sequence without burning a hole in the wallet.

  3. 2D Animation Services

    2D animation is basically a series of images that are viewed one after the other at a very fast pace. This creates an illusion of moving pictures. Our animators have the capability to create animations for movies, serials, e-Learning sites, games and others. The animators at Flatworld use various techniques like morphing, onion skinning as well as interpolated rotoscoping to create 2D images.

  4. 3D Animation Services

    The 3D animation industry has undergone a huge change in the past few years. It has moved beyond the movie sector and come into games and education. At Flatworld, we provide 3D services such as 3D prototype, special effects, 3D modeling, engineering simulations, character animations and others.

  5. 3D Animation Rendering Services

    Having a clear edge in the animation market, at Flatworld Solutions, we offer 3D animation rendering services that are highly efficient and accurate. We help individuals and studios in bringing their animations and models to life.

  6. Flash Animation Services

    Flash animation, created using Adobe Flash or other such animation software is a powerful visual medium to incorporate animations and interactive content into the websites. Flatworld Solutions is a leading creative design company offering expert flash animation to its global clients.

  7. Animatics Services

    Our animation professionals create high-quality animatics which serve as a blueprint for your animation or feature film, allowing you to plan ahead, and decide the overall flow and pacing of your story. Our animatics are processed and finished in as short a time as possible, and based on your request; we add separate audio tracks, lighting plans, etc. during the animatics capture as well.

  8. Storyboards

    Storyboarding is an important technique in which a series of illustrations or images are arranged in order to pre-visualize your video or motion graphics project. Our Storyboards can not only save you a lot of money by avoiding mistakes while shooting the project, but also help you and your filming unit visualize the lighting, camera angles, etc. We perform storyboarding for interactive videos, motion pictures, games, etc.

  9. Scribe or Whiteboard Animations

    Our Scribe or Whiteboard animation services are meant to engage your viewers, drive traffic to your social media channels, and allow you to expand your business in a cost-effective manner without sacrificing effectiveness. Our handcrafted whiteboard explainer videos are captured by professionals who film themselves drawing the artwork and serve as an intensely personal and engaging video to draw in viewers. We can create custom scribe animations to promote your business, products, and services.

  10. Animated Logo Design

    Our master animators can create customized and original 3D, 2D,Flash, and animated logos for your business or marketing needs. The animated logos we designs are perfect for inbound marketing, web advertising, video presentations and social media awareness campaigns.

  11. Stock Animation Services

    We’ll help you harness the power of stock animations to speak directly to your target audiences to educate or introduce your products in a way that makes a strong impact and instant connection.

  12. TV Commercial Animation Services

    Animations for TV commercials help you pique the interest of your audience. But a poor quality animation can hold you back from your branding objectives. So leave your TV commercial animation requirement to FWS because our experts will work with you to create a mascot or interesting animation that represents your brand or message.

  13. Character Animation Services

    At Flatworld Solutions, our expert animators carry out the process of character animation in a systematic manner to offer an uncompromised quality of services with quick turnaround times. We believe in complete transparency and keep updating our clients from time to time about the progress of the project and the various stages involved.

  14. Explainer Video Animation Services

    If you want professionals who are masters of video animation your search ends with us because we have the right people and the high-end animation tools to make your explainer videos look brilliant in corporate presentation events. Our animators don't just create simple characters with movement but we create mascots that will help people relate to your brand.

  15. Animated Feature Films

    We have significant experience and expertise in creating compelling and engaging animation feature films for a wide variety of clients. We have worked with both small and mid-sized film studios spread across the world to create 3D and 2D animation films, robust characters, animated storyboards, and animated characters.

  16. Architectural Animation Services

    We are experienced in creating advanced and interactive 2D and 3D animations for our architects, realtors, property developers, etc. to help them portray their architecture in the best possible light.

  17. Product Animation Services

    If you are looking for product animation services that help create a great impression while advertising your product, Flatworld Solutions can eliminate your worries and help you achieve that with professional-grade product animation services.

  18. Titling Animation Services

    If you are looking for a reliable titling animation service providing company that can meet your titling, subtitling, credit, or market message requirements at the most reasonable prices, we can help with all your titling animation requirements.

  19. Kinetic Typography Services

    We provide high-quality kinetic typography services that help you create custom animation videos with awesome kinetic typography, which is a form of displaying text in your videos. Our services include motion typography and fluid typography.

  20. Stop Motion Animation Services

    Our experienced animators create interactive stop motion animations for diverse media requirements of our clients belonging to different industries, helping them present their ideas in a better way.

  21. Cutout Animation Services

    We’ll help you take your marketing message to the audience as a classic cutout animation. Not only is it having a cult following, but it is also much cost-effective than a full-fledged animation. Whatever your needs are, we’ll help you with top-notch cutout animation.

  22. Feature Film Animation Services

    We provide comprehensive animation services that help you create awesome animated feature films. Our services include creating animated storyboards, creating 2D animations, creating 3D animations, character creation, and character animation creation, among others.

  23. Forensic Animation Services

    Companies from across the world know us well for our high-quality forensic animation services. We provide accurate, authentic, and clearly defined forensic illustrations that help you better present your case in the courtroom. We use advanced 3D technologies to add a realistic dimension to all your forensic animations.

  24. Motion Graphics Design Services

    Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of motion graphics design services. We provide a full suite of motion graphics design services for films and commercials, right from concept design to sophisticated 3D animation. Whatever be your motion graphics need, you will not find a better or more cost-effective service provider than Flatworld Solutions.

  25. Engineering Animation Services

    We have the required skills and expertise to handle all your engineering animation requirements within a quick time. We leverage the latest tools and technologies while delivering top-notch services to clients around the world.

  26. Music Video Animation Services

    Flatworld Solutions has been providing music video animation services for over 17 years to clients from across the world. We have worked with ad making agencies, music production companies, and independent artists to help them create highly engaging and appealing animated music videos, thereby allowing them to focus on the music and the core idea of the video.

  27. 2D Infographics Video Production Services

    We are a leading provider of 2D infographics video production services and can help you represent complex information graphically and in video format to make it easier for your audience to grasp complex or even technical concepts easily.

Apart from the services mentioned above, we can also create custom animations for e-Learning, animated banners and homepages for websites, animated fly-overs for the architectural and real estate industry, business presentations, medical training, walkthroughs, etc. Read this case study to find out how we worked with a Dubai based client in order to create a visually interesting animation video depicting their service offerings in a short time, while saving 50% in costs.

Read the article by Flatworld Solutions which lists the top ways to bring life into your character animation.

The Animation Process Followed at Flatworld Solutions



We prepare a script based upon initial concepts


A Storyboard is then created based upon the script


A Voiceover track is recorded and synced with the storyboard


A layout design is created once the storyboard is finalized


An animatic is developed using the storyboard to finalize the look and feel of the animation


Keyframes, using CSS are then created to simulate movement in the animation


The animation is the cleaned up and colored digitally


We then perform flash rigging to animate the objects, create expressions, simulate dialog, etc.


We composite the animation by assembling flash rigged and rendered elements


We then edit the animation so as to iron out the flaws


Once approved, the final rendered animation is then created



A storyboard is created to chart out the exact sequence for the animation video


Our previsualization techniques ensure that the design, conceptualization, and art direction of the video is set in place


A voice-over track is recorded for the animated sequence


Our animation designers then get to work by creating assets and character models


We then set the layout, perform motion capture cleanups, and add key frame animations


This is followed by setting up the lighting, compositing and adding FX


A creative editor then tees up sequences from the master edit file with a focus on pacing and story


A final render of the 3D animation is then sent to the client

Our Software Portfolio

Our infrastructural capability is one of our key differentiators. Our high-end workstations are installed with the latest version of the animation software for our professionals to use. This, combined with regular training of our employees ensures that you receive a final, superior quality animation as per your requirement. We use a combination of the following software:

3DS Max Adobe After Effects Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Anim8or Anime Studio Autodesk Maya Draw Plus Flash MX LightWave 3D Swish MAX

Why Outsource Animation Services to Flatworld Solutions?

At Flatworld Solutions, we create animations that are easy to understand as well as have the ability to communicate difficult concepts with ease. Here are some of the reasons that set us apart from our competitors:

  • At Flatworld, we have a rich repository of expert professionals and advanced technologies that make our animation services stand apart
  • We offer superior quality services at reasonable prices. We have a multiple pricing structure that is specially designed to suit your budget. Know more about our pricing
  • At Flatworld Solutions, we take pride in delivering a project within the scheduled delivery time. We usually deliver a project within 24 hours. However, the turnaround time is subject to change depending on the size, scope, and complexity of your project
  • We believe in complete customer satisfaction and put a premium on regular communication. Our experts will keep reviewing a project, until the customer is completely satisfied

Our Related Services

Choose Flatworld Solutions for High-Quality Animation Services

India has a vast pool of talented animation professionals who always strive to deliver results that are of superior quality. By partnering with Flatworld Solutions, you get access to advanced animation technology and high-quality animation services at reasonable rates. You can also contact our customer support team for any query that you might have and we will find a solution for your query within 24 hours.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have over 14 years of experience providing exceptional services to global clients. We understand your requirements and understand how to project your company's image in the best way possible. High production quality, attention to details, and a story that draws in viewers are just a few of the things that set our animation services apart.

Whether you have a requirement for storyboarding or animatics, voice recording, flash and 3D animation, mixed-media animation, creative editorials, etc. you can be assured of only the best services with us. Read the case study to know how animators at Flatworld Solutions created a 2D infographic animation video on-time with 100% accuracy.

Contact Flatworld Solutions today and we will meet your animation requirements, however, varied they may be.

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