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Outsource Desktop Publishing Services

Partnering with the Flatworld Solutions (FWS) desktop publishing services team allows individuals and organizations to overcome challenges like these five common scenarios -

  • DTP (desktop publishing) requirements for websites and online publishers often vary widely.
  • Completing publishing tasks can be costly and time-consuming.
  • The desktop publishing process is especially challenging when clients operate in multiple time zones and countries with different languages.
  • Finding ISO-certified publishing professionals is always a challenge.
  • Obtaining customized desktop publishing services is usually complicated.

To meet these challenges, our team of multilingual desktop publishing experts can help you streamline the DTP process by shifting tasks to FWS. During the last two decades, our ISO-certified specialists have helped more than 19,000 international clients with 1.2 million designs.

Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services

Our DTP services include multilingual desktop publishing, copy editing, layout design and text formatting. We work on publishing projects of all sizes for multiple platforms, formats and languages. The FWS layout and formatting specialists design publication covers and produce editorial designs for all publishing needs. Our desktop publishing team provides services involving book layout design, magazine layouts and customized prepress services for all publications.

Additional examples of DTP project services available from Flatworld Solutions include document conversions from one format to another, print and online catalogs, brochures, editing illustrations and graphics, flyers, optimizing typography, pamphlets, revising pagination, newsletters and eBooks.

Flatworld Solutions' diverse range of desktop publishing services include -

  • Creating the layout for books and newspapers
  • Creating cover designs
  • Developing graphics
  • Creating brochures, point of sale displays and catalogs
  • DTP photo editing services
  • DTP typesetting services and more

FWS' Desktop Publishing Process Flow

Our DTP process is customized to meet the requirements of each client and typically involves steps such as these -

Briefing from Client about Publishing Needs A briefing from the client about publishing needs
Defining Project Requirements Defining project requirements, executing DTP formatting within the agreed turnaround time
Reviewing Everything with Zero Tolerance for Errors Reviewing everything with zero-tolerance for errors
Providing Preliminary Result to the Client Providing preliminary results to the client for review/approval
Delivering Final DTP Outputs to the Client Making edits and delivering final DTP outputs to the client in their chosen format

Benefits of Partnering with Flatworld Solutions for Desktop Publishing Services

Flatworld Solutions offers multilingual invoice processing, video editing and brand design services in addition to DTP services. Our professionals are proficient in electronic publishing technologies and DTP software that includes InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, Photoshop and more. Here are additional benefits of working with FWS -

  • Multilingual team able to offer DTP services in any language
  • ISO-certified and offering 99 percent compliance with SLA (service level agreement) standards
  • Team of 30+ DTP experts, designers, illustrators and graphic artists and Account Managers fluent in English and other languages
  • 24/6 schedule with fast turnarounds and ability to work in any preferred time zone
  • Customer-centric approach and able to meet customized/specific needs and budgets of each client
  • Customer support team available 24/7 by either email or phone
  • Adherence to EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant
  • Experience in working with startups, SMEs, Fortune 500s and Fortune 1000 companies etc
  • 100 percent safety assurance with secure web servers and FTP uploads, virtual private networks (VPN) and confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements
  • Cost-effective pricing models and cost savings of 60 percent upwards

Get Cost-effective Desktop Publishing Services from FWS

Our DTP services team can help authors, publishers and organizations of all sizes to reduce desktop publishing costs, save time and obtain high-quality results. Whether you need layout designs for magazines and books, text formatting for annual reports and newsletters, multilingual DTP translations for international publications or copy editing that is compatible with a specific publisher, we can help.

Contact the Flatworld Solutions team today to discuss about our customized services and outsource desktop publishing services.

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