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Flatworld Solutions, a pioneer in providing cutting-edge outsourcing solutions specializes in a wide range of film services which include storyboarding and music composition among others. Outsourcing film services is normally a very expensive exercise. But at Flatworld we take pride in providing global customers with high quality film services at very economical prices and within a minimal turnaround time.

Outsourcing film services and outsourcing music composition services to Flatworld can give you access to professional work while helping you to save on time and cost.

Flatworld's Film Services

  1. Storyboarding services

    Storyboarding is the arrangement of a video project in a sequential format. Firstly, our artists create a simple sketch of the desired shot. Simultaneously the audio to accompany the shot is decided upon and the probable duration of each shot is calculated. When all this is done, the shot is ready for filming.

    In short, you only need send the final version of your script to us and we will make it ready for shooting in the shortest time possible. This would help your organization to save on time and expenses, otherwise wasted in designing a shot.

    At Flatworld, we try to foresee and provide you with all the requirements of a shot to eliminate any future problems that might arise. Our storyboarding experts can even suggest more appropriate camera angles. Our storyboarding experts use Adobe Illustrator to convert hand-drawn illustrations and pencil sketches into digital formats.

    Since storyboarding is a skill intensive process, it is best outsourced. At Flatworld we have some of the best creative artists in this line. We offer cost-competitive storyboarding as well as animatics services without compromising on the quality. Outsource storyboarding services now and bring your storyboards to life.

    Outsource your storyboard services to Flatworld Solutions and get access to a well-written storyboard.

  2. Music Composition Services

    At Flatworld we can meet your requirements of audio editing, soundtracks, voice over or dubbing. Our in-house music composers and directors are the best in the business. The talented music composers at Flatworld are experts in writing instrumentations, musical notations and handling musical ensembles.

We can create jingles, audio logos or mnemonics for you. We also have the skills to compose music of any style or genre be it modern, classical or fusion. At Flatworld, you can be sure that your music compositions services will be met.

Outsource to Flatworld Solutions for creative music compositions.

Why choose Flatworld as your storyboarding and music composition partner?

Outsourcing storyboarding or music composition services can give you access to the following advantages.

  • Minimized operating costs
  • Save on time, effort and resources
  • Professional and expert film services
  • Competent, talented and creative professionals
  • Time bound project executions
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