Storyboard Services

Storyboard Services

Well-designed storyboards help cinematographers, directors, etc., clearly visualize the scenes before filming, spot potential problems, and resolve those before the shooting commences. However, finding skilled storyboarding experts to do it in-house can be daunting, apart from the fact that it would take up a lot of time and effort.

Partnering with a firm like Flatworld Solutions can provide you access to quality storyboard services and illustration services at affordable prices. Whether you have a detailed storyboard, a simple script, or no concept at all, our professionals can bring your storyboards to life and help in planning your video project sequentially.

Animated and Creative Storyboarding Services We Offer

Our artists provide sequential planning of a video project by sketching the shot being filmed. The duration of each shot and the audio that accompanies the shot are also incorporated with our services. In addition, our well-designed storyboards help you visualize your project better. We offer different types of storyboard services, which can be customized as per your requirements, such as -

  1. Movie Storyboarding Services

    As a part of our film services, we provide Storyboarding, scripting, Editing Audio, and Video, Animation, Music Composition, etc. at affordable rates.

  2. Storyboard Illustrations

    We have a team of master illustrators to provide some of the best storyboard illustrations that effortlessly tell the magical story you always wanted at affordable prices starting at $10/hour.

  3. Video Game Storyboard

    We provide artistic video game storyboard services that accurately capture the main elements and themes of your ideas and then perfectly project them on the storyboard. Our services include the creation of 2D storyboards, 3D storyboards, character illustrations, and illustrations of plot points, among others.

  4. Cartoon Storyboards

    Our team of scriptwriters, artists, and art directors has 18 years of experience in providing top-quality cartoon storyboards for clients from all over the world and from a variety of industries. Our cartoon storyboard services help you properly sequence events, create compelling characters, and bring ideas and scripts to life.

  5. Character Creation Services

    We provide high-quality character illustration services, including character creation for video games, books, and cartoons; mascot creation; 2D and 3D character creation; and character creation for branding purposes. When you partner with us, you will receive the highest design quality at affordable prices.

  6. Storyboard Animatic

    We provide artistically fluent and technically accurate storyboard services to clients from across the world. Our highly cost-effective storyboard animatic services include the creation of movie animatic, 2D/3D animatic, and animatic for commercials.

  7. eLearning Storyboard Services

    We have everything from infrastructure to bandwidth to execute eLearning storyboard solutions for multiple clients without affecting the delivery TAT. Our traditional eLearning Storyboard services are offered by veteran artists and storyboarding professionals who are adept at the best techniques.

  8. Illustration Storyboard Services

    Get illustration storyboard services to get your visions and ideas turned into storyboard illustrations. We promise to make your illustration storyboard an effective tool for communicating with clients. Plus, we do it all without exceeding your budget.

  9. Thumbnail Sketches

    Thumbnail is often the rough version of a storyboard, which is produced quickly with minimum details. This makes a great option for clients who do not need a "finished" look, as they can use thumbnail rough storyboards for the pitch and save money.

  10. Black and White Storyboards

    A Black and white storyboard is a panel, which is cleaner and has a more finished look when compared to a thumbnail storyboard. Here, simple grey tones are imparted to enhance the details. These storyboards are perfect for creating a pitch or animatic.

  11. Color Storyboards

    These storyboards are just like the regular storyboards with the only difference being the color tones, which are added to enhance their details. Colored panels are often used for a commercial spot or a treatment pitch.

  12. Story Reel Animatics

    An animatic is the next production phase of a video pitch. Here, multiple storyboards are edited simultaneously to create continuity boards with appropriate timing, sound, and temporary dialogue. This results in a clear animatic movie, which can be easily followed and successfully pitched to the producers or clients.

  13. Character designing

    Our expert team will carry out extensive research and help you in designing all the characters considering the background. The character design will help clients in standardizing the appearances, gestures, and poses of the animated characters.

  14. Concept Panels

    Concept panels are more finished and tighter illustrations, which can be in color or black and white. These panels make a perfect option for a commercial spot or a client pitch that requires highly rendered images for selling the idea. Our artists will create impressive concept panels that amaze your clients.

  15. Continuity Boards

    Continuity boards are designed for documenting all essential poses for a specific dialogue and animation. They are also created to provide a detailed account of the camera position. Here, a single script page may have more than 100 storyboard panels to describe an action.

  16. Motion Comics

    A motion comic also referred to as an animated comic, is a form of animation that combines the print comic books' elements and animation. In this, animation, sound effects, and voice acting are imparted to the original artwork while the individual panels are expanded into a complete shot.

  17. 3D Previz

    Previz is a technical service carried out in 3D, which enables a production team, including the director and producer of a commercial, a TV show, or a film, to realistically visualize or lay out the scenes in a systematic way that technically makes sense. This is a detailed plan, which serves as a blueprint, for the director and producer to make use of it on the set.

  18. Storyboards for Creative Direction

    Certain projects require higher creative involvement. For such projects, our team of copywriters, designers, and art directors will develop even an unclear idea into a completely blown, well-executed script and storyboard, which can be used for production.

  19. Digimatics

    Just like animatics, this technique involves replacing sketches and toys with digital images, which are strung together to provide a sense of motion and timing. Digimatics is mostly used in advertising to visualize various ad campaigns and commercials. This technique serves as a way for the filmmakers to leverage technology for preplanning expensive film shoots. As digimatics enables filmmakers to experiment in the early process or on the fly and quickly make the necessary changes, filmmakers can use digimatics to create "test films".

Tools We Leverage for Storyboard Services

Animated storyboards require good tools, to present the best possible visuals. For this reason, at Flatworld Solutions, our experts are trained to leverage some the best tools, which include the following -

  • articulate STORYLINE
  • Celtx
  • Cinemek Storyboard Composer
  • FrameForge
  • Mind Maps and PowerPoint
  • ShotPro
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Storyboard Fountain
  • Storyboard Pro
  • StoryBoard Quick
  • Studio Binder
  • Twine

How Can You Benefit by Partnering with Flatworld?

Although well-designed storyboards are a definite advantage of partnering with us, there are numerous benefits that you can avail by outsourcing storyboard creation services to us. These include -

  • Flexible and Affordable Pricing

    By choosing us, you can save huge on operating costs. Our highly affordable storyboard services will drastically reduce your operating costs. We provide a flexible pricing structure that enables you to avail customized services and pay exactly for what you use

  • Save Enormous Time and Efforts

    Storyboarding is a tedious task that requires skilled resources and the latest tools. Outsourcing it to us you can help get access to both at affordable rates, leaving you with valuable time to focus on promotional campaigns, revenue generation, etc.

  • Expert and Professional Storyboarding Services

    Creative artists at Flatworld are trained to leverage the latest and advanced tools to develop high-quality storyboards that help in clearly visualizing the complete shot. This provides the client with a clear idea to make perfect shots

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    With us, you can get storyboards created as quickly as you want. Besides, the time zone difference will serve as an advantage, as we can work on your project and complete it when you are asleep.

  • Access to Competent and Talented Resources

    Once you partner with us, you can gain access to our creative professionals who are highly competent and talented. No matter how complex your requirements are our professionals will provide you with the best services possible.

Hire Flatworld for Impressive Storyboards

Flatworld Solutions is a global outsourcing company offering services to clients across the world for over a decade now. We offer top-quality creative design services, which include movie storyboarding services, such as storyboarding services, music composition services, etc. Besides, we also have skilled scriptwriters who can also help you with script writing services, which help you in correctly sequencing the events and characters that come to life in a plot. Once you partner with us you can also get access to our industry-best infrastructure and avail quick and efficient services at highly affordable prices.

Please feel free to reach us now to discuss your storyboarding requirements with our skilled creative visualizers and story artists.

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