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Flatworld Solutions has a highly experienced team of data scientists and data science experts with vast expertise in solving business problems pertaining to Cognitive computing, Big data, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive analytics, etc. Our customized, timely, and advanced data science solutions have helped our clients curtail costs while maximizing revenue.

Read our success stories or case studies to find out how our data science services helped our clients meet their business goals with ease.

FWS Designed a Plugin to Convert NoSQL to SQL built Predictive Algorithm

FWS Designed Plugin to Convert NoSQL to SQL and Built Predictive Algorithm for a US Restaurant Chain

Read the case study to learn how Flatworld Solutions helped a US restaurant chain business by optimizing the management of unstructured data from SQL to NoSQL data system. We also designed a generic predictive analysis model to efficiently store, retrieve, and modify unstructured data held in the database.

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Provided Data Integration Analytics to Indian Bank

FWS Provided Data Integration and Advanced Analytics to a Top Indian Bank

Read a case study on how Flatworld Solutions provided data integration and advanced analytics to a leading Indian Bank. The client had 70TB of structured data that had slowed down the system and upped the operating expense. Our team established analytics workbench and integrated streaming and unstructured data.

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Big Data Lake Solutions to Indian Bank

FWS Provided Big Data Lake Solution to a Large Indian Banking Group

Read a case study on how Flatworld Solutions provided a Big Data Lake Solutions to a large Indian Banking group within a short turnaround time. The client faced unique challenges with data management which required professional approach and application of Big Data technology to streamline their customer touchpoint and Big Data lake.

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Information Augmentation and Graphic Analytics for Indian Bank

FWS Provided Information Augmentation and Graph Analytics for a Top Indian Bank

Read a case study on how Flatworld Solutions undertook a project to augment third-party data from the web using Hadoop technology, extracted annotators, and used neo4j for graph analytics. The challenge involved in this project was the limited availability of third-party data. But our experts could seamlessly provide the desired results within a short TAT.

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Automated Data Extraction for Indian Bank

FWS Provided Automated Data Extraction to a leading Indian Bank

Read a case study on how Flatworld Solutions automated the data extraction for a top Indian bank. Our team used Big Data strategies to extract text-based data from bank statements. The 14 pager data stored in pdf format took 8-9 hours for processing. However, our solutions helped shorten the time significantly.

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Automated LQI Process for US Mortgage Company

FWS Automated Loan Quality Investment (LQI) Process for a Mortgage Company in US

Flatworld was approached by a US mortgage company to automate loan quality investment (LQI) process. We provided the service by assigning a team of big data scientists and engineers to model a solution based on Cognitive Process Automation. The results were successful with the company saving big on manual FTE, processing time per document, and increased volume of transaction along with high accuracy.

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Optimizing Route for Logistics Security Firm

FWS Helped a Logistics and Security Services Company Optimize Routes Resulting in Fewer Operational Trucks

Flatworld Solutions captured real-time data and applied Machine Learning techniques to streamline resource management for a logistics business based in North and Latin America. Our solution enhanced the transparency of delivery system in real time and optimized the delivery routes.

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Route Optimization and Dynamic Routing

FWS Helped a Leading Dairy Brand in the Middle East with Route Optimization and Dynamic Routing

Flatworld Solutions leveraged machine learning algorithms to optimize routes for a leading dairy supplier based in the Middle East. Using real-time route map, we optimized delivery itinerary while saving the operational expenses reducing the distance traveled by 27%.

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