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Manually finding the perfect route for your agents is possible at the beginning. But as your business grows, frequently altering the routes & pit stops, or adding/deleting new customers at the penultimate moment can be quite a challenge. Route Optimization services from Flatworld Solutions can help you save the day!

Moreover, with the rising costs of fuel & transportation, vehicular congestion on routes, and excess driving time, logistics and distribution companies around the world are forced to opt for advanced route optimization methods. Customized route optimization services from Flatworld Solutions, a reputed data science firm can provide the shortest and fastest route for your agents while rescuing you from hours of manual planning and unnecessary fuel consumption. Our solutions allow you to plan the most optimized routes with multiple stops, efficiently manage pickup and drop time, and improve your resource utilization capacity, thereby increasing your overall business efficiency and reducing costs by 20%.

Route Optimization Services We Offer

Route Optimization Services We Offer

At Flatworld Solutions, we know for the fact that last mile delivery accounts for the maximum logistics costs. Therefore, we leverage dynamic route re-sequencing, cloud-based planning, and the latest predictive analytics to identify bottlenecks in your last mile delivery and deliver accurate real-time updates and predictive delay alerts. Our delivery route automation solutions quickly analyze real-time mapping data, helping you efficiently plan and schedule hundreds of stops within seconds.

Our dynamic route optimization services include -

  • Automated Route Optimization using Advanced Machine Learning Techniques

    Advanced machine learning techniques, big data technologies, genetic algorithms, and data engineering is used to plan the most optimal route while keeping the factors like customer delivery schedules, transportation method, time, and costs into consideration. Additionally, our Automated Route Optimization system takes several real-time inputs like feedback from agents & drivers, ETA, etc. to keep on re-optimizing the routes.

  • Superior Route Customization using Robust Constraint Engine

    Deep learning and cognitive computing drives our robust constraint engine which intelligently identifies the availability of exact number of transportation units and where to domicile them at a particular time. Following constraints are taken into account to customize a superior route -

    • Static and dynamic real-time constraints
    • Domain-specific pre-packaged constraints
    • User-specified priority and applicability of constraints - e.g., constraint of an individual delivery point, or routes or direction specified by the client
  • Late Freight Swapping

    Late freight swapping services can greatly help if you want to add or delete a delivery point at the last moment. Our route optimization system allows you to quickly add or delete one or more delivery points even when your vehicles are out for delivery.

  • Dynamic Route Sequencing

    If you have dynamic service timings, we can provide you with predictive traffic route optimization and recurring route optimization. This helps you to choose the best possible routes for your deliveries, thereby reducing delivery time, and improve your bottom line.

  • Customized Reports to Track Fleet and Workforce

    User-specific reports are created which contain detailed account of experiments with multiple levers on constraint types and optimize cost, number of visits, distance travelled, fleet size, etc. to ensure quick & measurable ROI. These reports reduce overall time for planning or long-term planning, and also assist in efficiently tracking fleet and on-the-go workforce.

  • Dynamic Directed Fueling Optimization

    This feature directs your vehicles to the closest and most affordable location to replenish fuel, compressed gas, etc., preventing your vehicles from going all the way back home to re-fuel amidst deliveries, thereby, saving time, fuel consumption, and money.

  • En-route Automation

    Automated route planning and automated route selection allows you to quickly assign and re-assign delivery routes, thereby helping you to increase the number of deliveries per day, resulting in savings amounting to 30% in distance, 20% in the number of routes, and 25% in travel time.

  • Application Programming Interface (API) Development

    If you already have in-house applications for route optimization, then we can assist you in developing APIs for your in-house apps. This helps to reduce fuel and operational costs, keep a check on frauds, and improve sales due to prompt and timely delivery.

Our 4-step Route Optimization Process

We follow a four-step route optimization process which enables us to provide highly efficient services that help you to overcome fleet-based, location-based, and domain-specific constraints. The steps we follow include -

4-step Route Optimization Process

Software We Leverage

The route optimization solution is built by a team of experts in Big Data Technologies, Data Sciences and Software Engineering. A dedicated team for product management and development is engaged to continuously improve the solution. Although our technology depth covers Big Data Solutions and cloud hosting of SaaS services, Image and text based mining solutions, End to End Machine Learning based automation solutions, Cognitive computing and deep learning, and Predictive analytics, we leverage the following tools to provide you with the best possible route optimization services -

  • A NoSQL database like MongoDB
  • Google Map integration using APIs (Licensed)
  • Our proprietary route optimization algorithm
  • Django Framework for REST APIs
  • Python Software
  • Distributed setup on Cloud for speed and multi-tenant setup

Clients We Cater to

Any business, irrespective of the industry sector, which plans to improve the efficiency of its on-field personnel, fleets of vehicles, delivery agents, logistic supplies, or pick up crew is our client. Our intelligent, domain-agnostic machine learning solution considers multiple global (organizational) & local (individual) constraints, static & dynamic constraints to compute highly optimal fleet allocation & travel routes on the go. Our clientele encompass, but is not limited to -

  • Cleaning and Laundry Services
  • Courier Companies
  • e-Commerce Companies
  • Field Sales Businesses
  • Food Delivery Chains
  • Healthcare Providers and Hospitals
  • HVAC Services
  • Inspection Services
  • Installation & Maintenance Service Providers
  • Logistics Service Providers
  • Pest Control Agencies
  • Retail and Distribution Companies
  • Waste Collection Businesses

Our clients employ our services for -

  • Solution Configuration and Administration
  • Team Training
  • API development for integration with in-house application
  • Customization for your organization
  • Consulting on adopting data science adoption for logistics and optimization
  • B2B and B2C big data and analytics solutions

Why Choose Flatworld's Route Optimization Services?

Aimed to provide global clients with efficient route optimization services, at Flatworld we strive to understand their exact requirements to deliver a precise solution. Once you outsource route optimization services to us, you can get the following benefits -

  • Flexible Pricing Structure - We follow a flexible pricing structure where the client will be billed strictly based on project scope, time required for project completion, skills of the resources involved, etc. So you will be paying exactly for what you leverage, without any added/hidden costs
  • Eminent Team of Data Scientists - Our team of data scientists have vast experience in delivering solutions pertaining to deep analytics and machine learning. Their technology expertise involves - Big Data Solutions and cloud hosting of SaaS services, Image and text based mining solutions, End-to-End Machine Learning based automation solutions, Cognitive computing and deep learning and Predictive analytics
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure - We employ cloud-based infrastructure, hosted by third-party and administered by us to provide the best possible services to all our clients and address even the most complex route optimization requirements successfully
  • Multi-stage Testing Process - Our multi-stage testing process ensures that the route optimization solutions are evaluated at every phase. This helps the client to handle fewer vehicles, increase the number of deliveries per day, and provide on-time deliveries with optimized routes
  • Strict Quality Assurance - Our multi-stage testing process ensures that the route optimization solutions are evaluated at every phase before being deployed in the production environment. There are components of solution which ensure that identified stakeholders are alerted via email or other real-time notifications when system reports a confidence level lower than benchmark
  • Uncompromised Data Security - Strict user management guidelines are followed for solution on cloud. All the data is stored in a secured environment with the option to purge on user requests. Data uploaded in the cloud cannot be accessed by third party or any other service requester.
  • Other Benefits - On-time delivery with optimized routes, fewer vehicle handling, increase in deliveries per day, reduced time to deliver, real-time visibility of dispatch to delivery, reporting capabilities driving real-time decision-making and improved sales and revenue and reduce fuel and operations costs with check on frauds, are few other reasons to avail route optimization solutions from Flatworld

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Choose Flatworld for Effective Route Optimization Solutions

Flatworld Solutions, one of the most reputed data science as a service companies has been providing a gamut of data science services to numerous global clients. Being in the outsourcing industry for over a decade now, we carry rich multi-domain industry experience. Our team is capable of catering to even the most complex route optimization requirements.

We also provide automatic document classification, Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) and lead scoring services. If you want to improve your business efficiency by optimizing the delivery schedules and routes for your team, are looking for effective route optimization services you have come to the right place. Feel free to contact us today.

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