360 Degree Panoramas for Online Maps

Today, online maps with 360 degree panoramas are becoming increasingly popular. You can not only use them to locate a specific place in a city, but also zoom in to get a complete view of the surrounding environment. It's almost like stepping into a live, buzzing street - you may look to the right and find the entrance to the city park or decide to walk down the road to the library.

Flatworld Solutions provides these 360 degree virtual tour production services to global customers. These include both mapping service providers and individual photographers. Leveraging our services can help you ensure quality while minimizing costs at the same time.

Access a complete range of services for 360 degree virtual reality panoramas

Outsourcing your requirements for post processing of panoramas can help you focus on your core work while we take care of the non-functional areas. We can help you -

Whether you want to remove unwanted objects in the panorama, sharpen the image, or remove hazes, we can help you achieve superior results. With our focus on putting your needs first, we can deliver services that are truly a class apart.

Our extensive experience in creating 360 degree panoramas gives us the edge!

Partnering with us will help you -

  • Get access to professionals that can help you enhance the quality of your 360 degree panoramas for maps
  • Leverage our extensive experience in photo editing
  • Comply with laws that prohibit the display of faces, sign boards, and number plates in 360 degree panoramic photography
  • Reduce the time taken for post production

Outsourcing your requirements to Flatworld Solutions can give you a competitive edge. You won't need to invest in hiring additional resources to do your post production work. Our specialized expertise and existing infrastructure will ensure that you get quality services every time you work with us.

180° and 360° Aerial Panorama

Flatworld Solutions offers an entire gamut of panorama services including 360° panorama, virtual tours, and the latest - 180° and 360° Aerial Panorama. Aerial Panorama, also known as 'wide format photography' is an advanced technique of showcasing an image across elongated field of view, to provide a wholesome 360 degree view to the audience offering an unforgettable experience. The navigation in aerial photography is unique and allows audience to view different perspectives of the images all at once.

Additionally, we can customize aerial videos for real estate agents and provide them with 360 degree panoramas that meet their specifications perfectly.

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Flatworld Solutions uses cutting-edge software

Our experts use the latest image stitching software like PTGui and Stitcher to provide you with a range of customized services -

  • Circular stitching
  • Rectilinear stitching
  • Full frame stitching

We focus on providing services that meet your unique requirements.

Why choose us for your requirements for 360 degree panoramas?

Flatworld Solutions is committed to providing best-in-class services for creating 360 degree panoramas for online maps. At the start of the engagement, we focus on understanding your entire business process and how we fit into your overall plan. This helps us design solutions that add the maximum value for you.

If you are looking for an outsourcing expert that can help you take your business to the next level, then your search ends with Flatworld Solutions!

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