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Top Mobile Photography Tips Every Photographer Should Know

One of the most noted features of an impressive smartphone is its camera. A majority of people look for this specification and how advanced the camera on their phone is before investing in a mobile phone. With extraordinary features that the camera on phones come with today, practicing photography on the go has become a lot easier and more accessible for both aspiring and professional photographers.

Whether you use an Android phone or an IOS-based device, both have their own set of amazing features that can be put to use to bring out the photographer in you. If you're looking for mobile photography tips that can make the pictures you capture way more appealing, here are a few of them you can keep in mind when you use your mobile phone for photography the next time.

  1. Use Gridlines for Balance

    While many people find the gridline feature on their mobile phone cameras a little distracting, it is quite a useful feature when you get the hang of it. You can easily spot the gridlines option in your phone's camera settings; and when turned on, you will see a series of lines forming a square shape on your screen. This is based on a principle of photographic composition called the rule of thirds which means the components of an image should be broken down into thirds, giving you nine parts - both vertically and horizontally.

    When elements of focus are all placed at the intersections, the outcome is a well-balanced image, which essentially makes gridlines an important feature, and this is one of the most crucial photography tips for incredible photos.

  2. Focus on One Subject

    A photograph captures a lot more attention and has a superior aesthetic value when only one subject is used as a focal element. However, when there is one element or subject of focus in your image, it should not occupy all the space. Instead, when at least two-thirds of the image is dedicated to negative space, the subject will garner more attention by standing out more.

    If you ask for an essential photography tip when it comes to focusing on a single element, make sure that you tap the subject of your image on the screen so that it is focused. If the outcome after setting exposure and focus is not as impressive as you anticipated, you can further add more vividness to the subject of focus by using certain filters, optimizing the brightness, and working on the contrast.

  3. Find Different Perspectives

    When you play with perspectives, you get to tap into new elements to enhance your image by changing the depth and height concerning the subject. And besides having the subject as the only focus element of the picture, working around heights and depths can also make your subject stand out in incredible ways, making this one of the tips and tricks every photography enthusiast should know of.

  4. Look for Symmetry

    Symmetry, which means striking balance and proportion that brings out harmony in a picture, creates a very aesthetically pleasing appearance in a picture. While incredibly simple to work with, the outcome can completely transform how your image looks. To achieve symmetry in an image, make sure that the left and right sides of the images are close to mirror images in terms of the size of the element, the colors, patterns, and shapes. While it is not always possible to ensure that the image is a hundred percent symmetrical, the idea of adding an element of symmetry is to get the image to be as close to being harmonious as possible instead of aiming for perfection.

    When you keep these mobile photography tips in mind when taking pictures, you can expect better mobile phone photography with improved outcomes each passing day. Among other things that you can do when you wonder how to take better phone pictures are shoot HDR in mobile for added sharpness and definition in your photograph, optimize the exposure, and look out for smaller details. We're sure that keeping these essential photography tips in mind will help you become a better photographer in the long run!

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