Image Editing Services

Image editing is the process of digitally enhancing photographs using software tools with the expertise of digital artists. Photo editing may be used to enhance old photographs, create stunning product images, portfolio shots and many other uses.

Flatworld Solutions has sufficient expertise and experience to take on your image editing needs at lesser costs compared locally. With a concentrated team of photo editing artists, software professionals and quality analysts we can take your photo editing needs offshore. Outsourcing image editing services can give you a competitive edge whilst saving you time, money and overheads.

Read some of the answers to the frequently asked questions by our clients while outsourcing image editing services.

Flatworld's Image Editing Services

  1. Image Enhancement

    If you want to retouch and enhance faded & creased photographs, add color to black & white snaps, remove 'noise' and yellow creases from images or improvise on details in a photo, our image editing team can work on your tasks using various digital tools and techniques. Some of the things we can do here include - adding, merging or removing backgrounds, adjusting brightness and contrast, merging 2 or more photos, correcting color, colorizing dull photos or enhancing the tonal quality in a photograph.

  2. Portrait Enhancement

    Flatworld has worked with a number of photo studios and digital color labs specifically in the area of post-processing portraits - converting them from ordinary photographs to accentuated and professional images. We can take up editing with photographs such as mug-shots, headshots, family portraits, wedding portraits, to name a few. Using portrait enhancing techniques we can - adjust color and saturation in images, crop and compose images, add/remove backgrounds, removing warts, freckles & noise from facial portraits, and enhancing skin tones with the help of skin retouching are some of the techniques we employ to enhance your portraits.

  3. Image Manipulation

    Taking ordinary images and applying image manipulation techniques can help you give professional product images or portfolio shots. Flatworld's image editing team has worked on a number of projects using advanced software and techniques producing high quality photos. Image manipulation involves adding small enhancements which bring about an artistic effect to a photo. Some of the things undertaken here include adding / removing extra elements and background to your original photo, correcting color, contrast & brightness, sharpening edges, removing blemishes from facial features, adding watermark to images and resizing photos.

  4. Image retouching

    Just send us the images of your products, services, amenities, equipment, facilities and infrastructure and we will send you an enhanced version of your images. Our photo editing team is skilled at contrast/brightness adjustments, cropping, background replacement, red eye reduction and enlarging, amongst others. We can convert your photographs into paintings, place a missing person in an image and even change eyes.

  5. Noise / background reduction and removal

    If you want to change the background of your images from mediocre settings to elaborate backgrounds, then you have come to the right place. Just send us your photographs and we can add the background of your choice. We can add exotic settings and transform your photographs. Our skilled image editing team can also remove backgrounds and give you photos with a plain white or black background.

  6. Photo blending

    If you want flawless blending services, you have found the right outsourcing partner. Just send us the photos that you want to merge or combine and we will create a perfect blend. We can seamlessly blend images taken in different apertures and give you a high quality image.

  7. Image clipping services

    If you require only a part of a photo, we can fix the path for all kinds of product shots. Just send us your images and we will send them back to you with the desired path fixed.

  8. Image post processing

    If you have real estate photos that need post processing, then you have found the right outsourcing partner. At Flatworld, we have over 15 years of experience in providing our customers with post processing of real estate images. We offer an entire range of image post processing services.

  9. Photo restoration

    We can restore your old, faded, torn and stained photographs into new. Just send us your old photos and we will restore them to new.

  10. Density and color correction services

    For professional density and color correction services, outsource image editing services to Flatworld. We use LightMachine and ColorWasher to provide high quality services.

  11. Conversion of raw images

    We can effortlessly convert raw images to JPEG images or into any other format.

Let Flatworld Solutions work with you to optimize your business objectives

  • Our aim is to make your photo editing process seamless. We are dedicated to adding value by generating savings and increasing your core process capabilities
  • A single team is assigned to take on your needs. This helps in clear and fast communication. The work turnaround also becomes quicker
  • Flatworld builds teams with the best and brightest members working together to serve you
  • With robust infrastructure and multiple locations in India and in other locations outside India we can maintain smooth operations and ensure a faster turnaround time
  • We offer a degree of continuity, accountability and intellectual property protection assurance that is unmatched in the industry

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