Image Processing Services

Any image can be digitized to convert it to a format that can be stored as a soft copy on the hard disk. This process of digitization can be done with the help of a scanner or any digital camera. Once the task of digitization is complete, then the various image processing operations can take place.

It is best to outsource your image processing services to an organization that has experience in this field. Flatworld Solutions has both experience and expertise in the field of image processing. Outsource image processing services to Flatworld Solutions and get access to professional services that can give your business a competitive edge.

What are digital image processing operations?

Image processing can be divided into three basic categories - Image Compression, Image Enhancement and Restoration, and Measurement Extraction.

  • Image compression basically deals with reducing the amount of memory that is required to store a digital image
  • Image enhancement techniques deal with correcting the defects that can be caused due to the process of digitization
  • Once the image is enhanced, measurement extraction is used to cull out useful information from the enhanced image

What are some of the image processing techniques used at Flatworld?

Flatworld Solutions uses advanced image processing techniques such as:

  • Change detection
  • Filtering
  • 2D and 3D visualization
  • Automated quality assessment
  • Prioritization
  • Mosaicking
  • Filtering
  • Image assessment
  • Automated feature extraction

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Why should you choose Flatworld Solutions for outsourcing your image processing services?

Flatworld Solutions should be your top choice when you are considering outsourcing your image processing services as it has years of valuable expertise that is required to make your images look good. Here is a list of reason why:

  • Flatworld has qualified and talented people on the payroll who are dedicated to quality image processing work. Once you give them the job, you can be rest assured that your job will be done with perfect accuracy
  • Flatworld always adheres to timelines and commitments
  • Flatworld abides by the non-disclosure agreement which protects the privacy of the customer
  • When you outsource to Flatworld, you can be assured of prompt delivery
  • Flatworld does not deliver the same service to all its customers. Instead it customizes the solutions as per the need of the customer
  • It has strict audit standards to ensure that it maintains good quality on image processing projects
  • It optimizes each image in order to make it conform to international web standards

Why should you outsource image processing?

Image processing, especially digital image assessment and 3D image processing requires proper tools and techniques. This can be pretty expensive for any company to own solely. So if you want to save money and yet take advantage of the best expertise available, then you have to outsource your image processing services.

Outsourcing image processing can help save you a lot of time too. Instead of keeping your existing manpower engaged in such work, you can utilize them for other work as well. Your organization can also make huge savings on infrastructure costs.

Why choose India as your image processing outsourcing partner?

India is known for its killed manpower. Since quality manpower is abundant in India, you will get services at an economical cost. However, just because the manpower cost is low, there is no compromise in terms of quality. The skilled expertise in India is highly competitive and is at par with the best. The time zone difference will not be a hindrance as Indian companies can provide services to customers round-the-clock.



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