Image Stitching Services

In order to successfully sell and move properties, real estate agents and photographers need to be able to create high quality images of the inside and outside of the property. From single family homes to large, multi-family complexes and commercial buildings, potential buyers and renters are looking to see a property in full without having to be there in person.

Introduction to Real Estate Image Stitching

In real estate photography, one of the best ways to help interested parties view real estate properties is with what's known as real estate image stitching. This is when similar images are connected together digitally to provide a more interactive and visual view of a property in a way that helps potential buyers and lessees make faster decisions.

Real estate image stitching is used by more than just real estate photographers and agents. It is also frequently used by designers, architects, construction companies and publishers to make images that feature more complete views of the properties that they are working with. With stitching, the final images are often high quality and panoramic, even when completed using a lower resolution camera.

But despite the value of real estate image stitching, it is also a time consuming and complex form of editing. That is why many photographers, real estate agents, etc. elect to outsource real estate image stitching to Flatworld Solutions.

Image Stitching Services

Why Flatworld Solutions for Image Stitching Services?

Flatworld Solutions has years of experience working with real estate companies and contemporary photographers, while providing real estate stitching services using state of the art software such as PTgui.

With professional image editors on staff, our team creates panoramic panels, composites, and more to provide a wider field of view so as to help people truly visualize a property in a way that can't typically be captured by most other forms of photography.

Our team at Flatworld Solutions has years of experience working with every component of the real estate image stitching process, including:

  • Managing multiple input files.
  • Integrating these files with stitching and image editing software.
  • Creating a single panoramic picture/image.
  • Adding effects or improving image quality, and more.

Our team is also capable of handling large scale image stitching projects, and is available during or after peak real estate season so as to make sure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Photo stitching requires an excellent attention to detail, which is why our team at Flatworld Solutions uses only resources who have proven experience with both image editing and creativity. Our team frequently trains in the latest image enhancement techniques, and has worked with businesses and photographers all around the globe, guaranteeing you a low cost partner for your real estate imagery.

Benefits of Working with Flatworld Solutions

More affordable than hiring professional real estate photo stitching editors in house, when you outsource to Flatworld Solutions, you are working with an editing studio that has edited millions of photo for real estate and other, related fields. Our team uses a specific process to ensure your satisfaction, including:

Planning & Samples

Planning and Samples - We will first make sure that we are designing your photos the right way by sending over samples and working with you to determine if they are according to your specifications.


Sequencing - We will then get to work, sequencing the input images and using our expertise to determine what the best order will be to produce the final desired result.


Stitching - The next step is the stitching process. We most often use the industry recognized PTGui software to join images, and use our experience to make sure that the images are overlapped correctly.

Image Enhancement

Image Enhancement - As trained photo editors, we will also work at improving images. Not only merging seams, but also providing color correction, lighting correction, and blur reduction, and more.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance - We also have a Quality Assurance Team that looks over every image and makes sure that there are no errors or problems. If we identify any issues we will quickly send it back to fix them.


Delivery - Once approved, the final images will be sent back in any format necessary, including PNG, TIFF, JPEG, and more. All files will also be sent using secure servers or FTP for confidentiality.

Our image editors are also equipped with both high definition Apple and PC computers to make sure that we can see the files in minute detail and use a variety of OS-specific software to complete them.

Outsource Your Real Estate Image Stitching Services to Flatworld Solutions, Today!

Flatworld Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 company that is capable of providing high-quality image editing services for a very affordable price. Our image editors have decades of combined experience and regular training to make sure their skills remain sharp, while being equipped with the latest in software (including the Graphical User Interface for Panorama Tools). Apart from just stitching the images, we also ensure that all defects are taken care of and removed in order to achieve a perfect final image. We handle images which have:

  • Low Definition
  • No Camera Level
  • Multiple Rows, and more
    • We can also create multiple types of panorama, including flat, 360 degree cylindrical, spherical, and more. If you are interested in learning more about our real estate photo stitching services, please contact us today and let us share with you our case studies and customer stories, or start on your project right away.



Pricing is a critical factor to consider before outsourcing. Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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