Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Photographing pieces of jewelry, for promotional, marketing or exhibition purposes has always been a daunting task owing to the common issues which are faced by most photographers such as properly using mannequins, removal of odd reflections from jewels, dust, color casts, and much more. While capturing the perfect pictures of jewelry can be quite difficult, editing the pictures with jewelry photo retouching services can help in removing all the distracting elements from the picture while enhancing the look of the subject in the image.

We, at Flatworld Solutions offer the best-in-class jewelry image retouching services for addressing most problems encountered during a jewelry photo shoot in a highly cost-efficient manner. We offer an extensive array of photo retouching services specially aimed at enhancing the pictures of jewelry in multiple ways.

Our Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

At Flatworld, we understand that with the macro jewelry photography, you may not get flawless images every single time. Certain parts of jewelry pieces may look out of focus, while there can a number of distracting elements present in the picture which might look unprofessional, especially since most jewelry photographs are blown up.

We ensure that all such jewelry photographs are ready to be used for print purposes, whether promotional or exhibitory, while ensuring they look picture perfect and are visually arresting in nature.

Our specialized jewelry photo retouching services include -

  • Scratch & Dust Removal

    We eliminate the appearance of dust and scratches from the pictures to ensure that the jewelry pieces in the images look spotless. We excel at retouching jewelry images by cleaning up wear and scratches.

  • Shine Enhancement

    When being clicked, it is important that the jewelry exhibits an inimitable shine to strike the attention of viewers. With our shine enhancement services, we ensure that your jewelry looks lustrous as if it has been just polished. It is very difficult for even the most high-end camera to capture the shine and gloss of the jewelry properly, which we can effortlessly add during the post-processing stage.

  • Background & Mannequin Removal

    With our background removal services, we ensure to clip out any unwanted elements in the picture which distracts the attention of the viewer. More often than not, the appearance of a mannequin can impact the appeal of the picture. So, we offer specialized background removal services and even offer a replacement for the missing pieces of jewelry that get hidden due to the use of mannequins.

  • Focus Stacking

    With our focus stacking services, we can amalgamate diverse pictures which have distinct portions of the jewelry in focus. We offer a digital combination of the different pictures to deliver one photograph with the entire piece of jewelry in focus. Our focus stacking services ensure that any blurred elements in the picture are removed completely.

  • Image Combination

    In most cases, different pieces of jewelry are captured in different images. For instance, the necklace is captured in one image, and the matching earrings or bangles in the other. We offer digital image combination services for such images wherein we merge diverse pictures into one so as to showcase all the required jewelry pieces in one single image.

  • Jewelry Recoloring Services

    We offer a broad array of jewelry recoloring services so that you can exhibit the different color options available in a specific type of jewelry easily without having to click and edit different jewelry pictures.

By using advanced digital technology, we are able to provide the best-in-class services while making sure that you get the optimum benefits of jewelry photo retouching with us.

Benefits of Jewelry Photo Retouching at Flatworld Solutions

At FWS, we specialize in retouching jewelry and ensuring the output is ideal for use on e-commerce websites, exhibitions, and even for online and offline printing.

Here are the top benefits that you get when you outsource jewelry photo retouching services to Flatworld Solutions.

  • We deliver professional jewelry photo retouching results that enhance average images to look high-end while highlighting apt parts of the image
  • We help you gain a competitive-edge over your counterparts by providing the most outstandingly retouched photographs capable of capturing the attention of the viewers
  • With years of experience in retouching the jewelry photos, we have gained immense expertise in editing photos and handling highly polished shiny or reflective surfaces of jewelry
  • We offer our excellent services at extremely competitive prices in order to ensure that our clients get the best results within their budget
  • We never compromise on the quality of the services and ensure fastest turnaround times
  • We used advanced software and up-to-the-minute tools to deliver the finest results
  • We ensure complete security and confidentiality of the data that you share with us

Outsource Jewelry Photo Retouching Services to Flatworld Right Now!

Flatworld Solutions has established an inimitable reputation for superior jewelry retouching services. Our specialized jewelry photo retouching process help in perfecting any imperfections in the jewelry images being shot for both commercial and professional purposes. We ensure that your potential buyers get impressed by the look of the jewelry piece and are able to clearly see even the smallest details of the jewelry.

Our team of professional photo editors has completed an extensive spectrum of projects across different industry verticals and has gained an unmatched proficiency which helps them deliver unparalleled photo editing results.

Contact us today to know more about our jewelry photo retouching services or to discuss your photo editing requirements. Our executives will get in touch with you to assist you with all your queries and requisites.

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