Photo Color Correction Services

Photo Color Correction Services

Photographs help you capture special moments and re-live experiences. But sometimes, you may find that your shots haven't come out as expected. This may be caused due to various external factors, including variations in lighting or incorrect handling of the camera. In today's digital age, color is a fundamental aspect in design, marketing, and visual storytelling. A properly color corrected image not only conveys your message effectively, but evokes the responses you are looking for from your audiences.

Flatworld Solutions' photo color correction services can help you adjust color tones, remove red eye effects, and add highlights, and shadows. We understand the importance of customizing our services to suit your unique needs. We are deeply committed to helping you succeed in today's competitive environment, and we help to efficiently balance the colors in your real estate images so as to make them look appealing to your clients or customers.

Our Photo Color Correction Services

Today, home buyers are extremely conscious of the decisions they make while choosing a suitable property as their home. As a result, they specifically look out for properties which are represented in the best possible light online or in print media, before even visiting the property.

As a real estate professional, you would know first-hand that most real estate images are taken with low budget cameras or cellphones, and that too by some very inexperienced people. Hosting such images and sharing them with your clients can not only lead to bad publicity, but in certain cases, even result in reduced business. Our image color correction services are geared towards such real estate companies who are looking for affordable real estate color correction professionals who can spot problems in your images in a short time, and return the same by accurately color correcting and editing them.

Our services include -

  • HDR Editing and Blending Services

    Our HDR editing and blending techniques ensures all the colors in the real estate image blend together to produce a natural, more realistic final image as compared to oversaturated HDR images which are produced by our competitors by automating the whole process. By ensuring that all our image editors get the requisite time to focus on an image separately, we are able to minimize defects which can occur because of an automated workflow process. By blending different photographs taken at different exposures, we further ensure that none of your images look out of place or have any jagged corners.

    Our HDR editing service benefits further extend to real estate interior photographs, where poor lighting conditions are overcome with the help of our efficient manual techniques.

  • Ghosting Correction

    We use advanced photo editing tools and techniques to ensure even blurry, poorly taken real-estate photos look sharp and without any ghosts, which is generally the problem with most real estate photos. Our image editors carefully line up your image and use their expertise to ensure your images look exactly like the way you envisioned, right from the start.

  • Sharpening and Contrast Correction

    We differentiate our services by not only color correcting your images to bring out their real charm, but also sharpening and adjusting their contrast to match the setting of the photo. Since colors evoke human sensibilities, we make judicious use of contrast for different conditions, so as to impart a soft or harsh look, as the situation demands.

Apart from the above, we also provide the following photo editing solutions for our clients -

  • White Balance Adjustment
  • Image Bracketing
  • Image Stitching
  • Addition of Color Hues to Fit a Mood
  • Glossy or Matte Finishing
  • Recolorizing Black and White Photos

Who are our clients?

Flatworld Solutions has extensive experience of working with global customers. These include:

  • Portrait studios
  • Printing Studios
  • Catalog companies
  • Publication Companies
  • Logo Design Firms
  • Retailers
  • Stock Agencies

We take stock of your exact requirements and then design a solution that meets your exact needs. At the start of every engagement, we work to get an understanding of your business to understand how our role adds value. This helps us work more effectively to meet and exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Flatworld for Your Color Correction Requirements?

When you outsource color correction services to us, you get access to various photo correction benefits, including -

  • Specialized expertise - We can help you restore almost any photograph - whether it is a blurred picture or one with poor exposure. Our photo color correction services can help you improve image quality
  • Cutting-edge software - We use the latest image editing software to provide great services within short turnaround times including Adobe's entire suite of image editing products. This further lets you cut down costs by not buying expensive software on your own
  • Talented image editing experts - Our dedicated color correction team has expertise in digital design and the right skill-set to use the latest image editing software
  • Time-tested Processes - There is a reason why we constantly deliver accurate, high-quality final images every single time without letting the turnaround time get affected. We constantly streamline our process workflows and make use of the latest infrastructure in order to ensure timely delivery and client satisfaction
  • Exceptional Cost Savings - Our rates are not only affordable, but also allow you to customize the services as per your requirements

In this way, when you outsource photo color correction services to us, you can take advantage of our existing capabilities and specialized skills. This can help you focus on your core work while we ensure increased commitment in the non-functional areas. Adopting this strategy can help you deliver better value to your end customers.

Outsource Photo Color Correction Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions provides expert real estate photo color correction services that breathe life into your still images. Our focus is on building a relationship of mutual gain. We believe that the more our customers succeed, the more likely we are to succeed as well.

If you are looking for an outsourcing partner that delivers great results, your search ends with Flatworld Solutions!

Contact us to outsource photo color correction services.



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