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Case Study on Precast Design Modification

Case Study on Precast Design Modification

The Customer

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by a company which specializes in "Precast Concrete" - concrete that has already been molded into a shape so that it can be placed in construction without requiring the pouring of concrete, molds, or any wait time.

The client was looking for a partner that had experience with REVIT, a leading building information modeling (BIM) software, as well as access to trained engineers. They needed help with an existing precast design they had created, but required some quick modifications, and needed someone who could perform those modifications in Autodesk REVIT in the minimal time. Because of the speed of response and expertise of Flatworld Solutions, they selected our team for the job.

The Challenge

Pre-casting is a highly specialized field. Our team of engineers had considerable experience with REVIT, and the needs of structural engineering, but had to perform some background research on precasting concrete in order to ensure accuracy.

In addition, the required turnaround time had the potential to introduce some challenges if Flatworld Solutions was unable to determine client needs right away.

The Solution

In order to ensure completion of the project, 5 resources were assigned to work on this project exclusively. The team then completed a trial project on REVIT to determine if they were able to meet client's needs. This trial project was approved, and Flatworld Solutions immediately commenced the work.

Our team created redlines (highlights that indicated changes to the existing precast) and quickly made the modifications using REVIT and the existing precast design.

The Results

In the end, Flatworld Solutions was successfully able to complete the design with 95% accuracy. The client determined the design to be exactly what they needed and was able to move forward with the precast thanks to the work of the Flatworld Solutions team.

Flatworld Solutions has been offering comprehensive structural engineering solutions to clients belonging to diverse industries for over 16 years. We have the infrastructure, expertise and the manpower to handle any engineering needs of our clients in the shortest turnaround time at most affordable prices. Have a look at the some of the engineering projects we have successfully handled for our clients.

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