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Today, all companies are facing the challenge of coping with rising costs and profit margin compression. To meet these needs, manufacturing sectors are increasingly leveraging the expertise of offshore service experts such as Flatworld Solutions to streamline their product development & engineering services.

Are you looking for solutions to maximize productivity and access unparalleled mechanical engineering solutions that are tailored and solve your individual and company's problem easily? If yes, you are at the right place. At Flatworld Solutions, we have been providing engineering solutions and value-added services for the past 15 years. Our mechanical engineers have experience in the analysis, design, manufacture, and maintenance of various mechanical systems. Through outsourcing mechanical engineering, you can stay competitive by improving R&D services and product development, shortening development cycles and product development costs, improving resource utilization, refining product innovation, and gaining competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Mechanical Engineering Services We Offer

As part of our mechanical engineering services, we offer a vast range of engineering solutions, including drawing, animation, design, graphics, CAD related services, to meet the diverse business needs of our customers. Here is our list of offers -

  1. CAD Conversion and Migration Services

    CAD Conversion

    By helping you convert your paper drawings and blueprints to Computer Aided Design (CAD), we can help you maintain drawings in digital formats.

    Read more on why is CAD Migration Important for Your Business.

  2. 2D Drafting Services

    2D Drafting Services

    A 2D drafting captures all the geometric features of a product, providing all the info the manufacturer can use to make that component. It is usually created according to standardized practices such as layout, terminology, interpretation, appearance (such as typeface. font and line style), size and so on.

  3. 3D Modeling and 3D Mechanical Drafting Services

    3D Modeling & 3D Mechanical Drafting Services

    3D modeling helps develop a mathematical, wireframe representation of any three-dimensional object. 3D model visualization helps you communicate ideas effectively and clarify project goals - about interference, tolerance, and aesthetics.

    Read the detailed article on the benefits of 3D CAD modeling in Mechanical Engineering Design

  4. Reverse Engineering (RE) Services

    Reverse Engineering Services

    RE services can help you discover the technological details of a device, object, or system through an analysis of its structure, function and operation. This process can provide valuable inputs to help create a superior and improvised design.

  5. Plastic Injection and Blow Molding

    Plastic Injection and Blow Molding

    Plastics are an integral part of many of the products that we use in our everyday lives. When you outsource mold design, mold flow analysis and plastic production to us, you gain access to expertise that can help you meet cost challenges and maintain the high-quality of the injection plastic part. Flatworld Solutions can help you with prototyping, product design, mold tool design, and analysis as well as manufacturing.

  6. Piping Design and Drafting Services

    Piping Design & Drafting Services

    The piping system is critical to the plant's required operations. Efficient piping systems help reduce installation space, increase availability, increase safety and simplify maintenance. Flatworld Solutions provides piping system validation and optimization through pipe stress analysis services.

  7. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services

    Finite Element Analysis Services

    Structural analysis is a valuable step in manufacturing set-ups where material, weight, cost, etc., need to be perfected after optimizing while assuring that the safety factors are determined at the same time. In addition, product designers can use it to analyze which design variables affect product performance and its impact.

  8. Manufacturing Support and Process Planning Services

    Manufacturing Support Process and Planning Services

    Our services can help you plan your manufacturing process so that you can reduce your time-to-market, effectively utilize manpower, optimize the use of materials, and achieve quality standards. This planning includes process planning, master scheduling, requirements planning, and capacity planning (manufacturing control, shop floor control, and inventory control).

  9. Value Engineering Services

    Value Engineering Services

    Our services can help you improve the functionality of your product. In addition, our design engineers work to understand the design variables so that they can clearly define the kinds of improvement that need to be carried out on a product.

  10. CAD Design and Development Services

    CAD Design & Development Service

    The engineers at Flatworld can provide you with designs and development solutions involving CAD and CAE, concept generations, design briefs, evaluation and documentation, prototype development and testing and manufacturing support. Leverage our skills in machine design services, fixtures, work holding devices and mold designs.

  11. Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Services

    Design for Manufacturing Services

    Our DFM services can help you reduce the number of parts, standardization of parts, modular design and the use of standard design features. The product design is also kept simple and symmetrical.

More Services

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Industries We Cater To

All sorts of industries accept our mechanical engineering services. Some of our most popular customers come from the following industries -

Oil & GasOil & Gas
Industrial AutomationIndustrial Automation
Plant DesignPlant Design
Consumer ElectronicsConsumer Electronics
Pricing Design
Starts @
$7 /hour
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Benefits of Choosing Flatworld Solutions for Mechanical Engineering Services

Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of mechanical engineering services with approximately 15 years of experience in providing various industrial engineering and mechanical engineering solutions. Some advantages of outsourcing mechanical engineering to FWS are -

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    Do not worry if your budget is fixed or if you do not have time/resources to set up CCTV monitoring systems. We have a solution for you. Our mechanical engineering services are based on a flexible pricing model that includes hours of service provided, agents volume, shift coverage, geographic location, and more.

  • 100% Information Security

    Flatworld Solutions is accredited to ISO / IEC 27001:2013. We can protect business documents from unplanned downtime, malicious activities, or intrusions. Our offices, delivery centers, tools, and systems are totally steady, defending your data and other information from unwanted security breaches.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Our team has access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, tools, systems, and technologies to achieve your business goals within the agreed timeframe. Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art data centers, fire protection systems, and FM200 protection as well as 8-level of connection redundancy.

  • High Quality

    We follow the Six Sigma approach to improve productivity and service quality. We ensure strict adherence to the quality process. This ensures that all drawing errors within various quality control levels (QCs) are detected before the finalized project is delivered to the client. When outsourcing mechanical engineering, you can expect us to provide high-quality service.

  • Compliance with Industry Standards

    Our mechanical engineering team has worked in accordance with many international standards such as ASME, ISO, ASTM, SAE, BS, DIN, ANSI and MIL to provide dimensions and tolerances according to industry norms, protocols and applications.

  • 24/7 Accessibility

    Our support team is constantly available. Feel free to communicate with us and make sure every problem is resolved. Moreover, our mechanical engineering services adopt our customers' standards and methods. This has made us the preferred vendor for global customers

  • Experienced Team

    We have a comprehensive recruitment process to attract, train and recruit mechanical engineering experts. We have around 200 industrial engineering personnel and more than 100 years of integrated management experience. Our team has extended expertise on AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA V4 & V5, etc.

  • Option to Scale-up

    We can adjust our services at any time to increase your business needs. With our mechanical engineering solutions, you can scale up your business without the need for additional resources to rent or build new infrastructure.

Customer Success Story

FWS Provided 3D Product Animation to an International Machine Equipment Manufacturer

Flatworld Provided 3D Product Animation Services to an International Machine Equipment Manufacturer

Read how Flatworld Provided 3D Product Animation Services to an International Machine Equipment Manufacturer.

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