Case Study on Accounts Receivable Services


Flatworld Solutions addressed the needs of 2 small-sized companies for accounts receivable and claims management services

  • A law firm - CA and
  • A computer repair firm - AK
Customers' Challenges
  • A huge number of bills had to be generated every month; 80% of the total number of bills were to be generated in the first week of the month
  • Submission of bills and management of claims had to be maintained online
Flatworld Solutions' Back Office Services Provided
  • Flatworld Solutions ensured that the bills were generated on the first day of every month
  • The bills were sent to the customers by mail/fax
  • Bills were submitted online and a follow up on claims was conducted
  • The companies' receivables were tracked
Impact on Customers' Business
  • Flatworld helped the companies cut down manpower and other costs considerably
  • The turnaround time was improved significantly
  • The increase in load, in terms of the large numbers of bills to be processed, was managed in efficiently

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