Outsource Virtual Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Virtual Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Our accounting & bookkeeping experts maintain corporate accounting backend with a systematic workflow, replacing the more laborious system that is currently in adoption at rates as low as $12 per hour

Are you in need of virtual accounting & bookkeeping services to keep your finances spic and span? Are you unable to keep tabs on payable and receivables that are long overdue? It's time to dive into records and look for lapses. But if you lack expertise or the ability to hire FTE, Flatworld Solutions' finance and accounting services will come in handy.

At Flatworld Solutions, we provide expert online bookkeeping & accounting services to businesses, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals. Our virtual accounting bookkeeping services are cost-effective means of removing day-to-day challenges involved in completing and managing your accounting tasks so that you can shift your focus back to running your business.

Virtual Accounting & Bookkeeping Services We Offer

As a reputed virtual accounting & bookkeeping service provider, we have the knowledge base, capital, and technology to operate at a greater scale for our clients, some near and afar. The solutions that we offer as part of our services include -

  1. Bookkeeping


    If you need virtual bookkeepers to connect with your financial database and remotely manage bookkeeping tasks, we have you covered at reasonable rates. We serve virtual bookkeeping and accounting services for SMEs that are pinched to hire new resources and train them in roles.

  2. Accounts Receivable

    Accounts Receivable

    Flatworld has set a new benchmark for others to follow in AR services. Being a virtual accounting & bookkeeping company that has worked with fortune 500 clients with AR processing tools, we know what it takes to bring the same scrutiny and efficiency to SMEs at rates far lesser than what it takes to remunerate FTE.

  3. Accounts Payable

    Accounts Payable

    While we deftly handle collections, we are no less efficient at keeping tabs on payables. Our virtual accountants will monitor sources where you owe money to make timely payments. We integrate monitoring technology within your existing workflow to monitor EMI, and other installment sources to ensure timely clearance of dues.

  4. Financial Statements

    Financial Statements

    Our team has rich experience in managing financial statements for a business. From managing the balance sheet, income statement, stock holdings, fund flow statements, and more we have innate skills to do more through reporting activities to keep you aligned with growth.

  5. Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    We are vested in your interest through comprehensive inventory management services. As part of this umbrella service, we handle inventory forecasting, sourcing, supply chain planning, and warehouse management.

  6. Payroll Services

    Payroll Services

    We also have command over payroll services wherein you can offshore all of your payroll activities to us and let us manage everything within the payroll domain with accuracy. We handle tax calculation, payroll accounting, payslip generation, accounting, direct deposit, and pay calculation among other nitty-gritty to save time and effort.

  7. Cash Flow Management

    Cash Flow Management

    It's always important for firms to have complete control over cash flow to ensure they have a rolling balance to pull through the crisis if any. This requires a great deal of time and attention that not every company can afford.

  8. Tax Return Preparation

    Tax Return Preparation

    A lot of businesses lack knowledge of the prevailing tax system and run into complications when they have a bulk of tax applications to process and file. This burden is permanently mitigated by choosing FWS's finance and accounting services.

  9. Management Accounts

    Management Accounts

    If you need professional help in planning, budgeting, and forecasting, there is no better third-party provider than us whom you can trust to ensure streamlined management of financial records. We make sure accounts are well-managed and kept accurate and up-to-date for faster settlement.

  10. Business Activity Statements

    Business Activity Statements

    We have experts who prepare activity statements for your business. That means preparing statements for Wine equalization tax, Fringe benefits tax, flue credits, luxury car tax, PAYG, and other variants. We know it's tough to keep up with the variants without sound knowledge of the system as a whole, which is why we bring our expertise to you so that you can have your business activity statements in a single view.

Why Go for Virtual Accounting and Bookkeeping?

Having an on-site bookkeeper who handles accounts at your office is an old idea. Most of the people these days opt for virtual bookkeeper, or virtual accounting and bookkeeping services which are as effective as having an on-site accountant, but provide many additional benefits such as -

  • No Administrative Overheads - Handling payroll taxes, employee benefits, paying for sick leave and recruitment costs, or worrying about administrative overheads becomes a thing of the past with our virtual assistants who work even on holidays.
  • Huge cost Savings - You can save on thousands of dollars as compared to the cost of hiring, training, and maintaining in-house accountants. Our services help you generate more revenue, grow your business and eliminate the need for maintaining an accounting department.
  • No Software Concerns - You no longer need to worry about accounting software problems, taking backups, or even installing upgrades.
  • Hiring Options - If your bookkeeping volume is low, you can hire our bookkeeper on a part-time basis, saving the cost of employing a full-time bookkeeper.
  • Real-time Updates - Get any time access to up-to-date and accurate online accounting information with virtual accounting services that add value to your company.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Our Finance and Accounting Portfolio

Why Outsource Accounting & Bookkeeping Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is an innovator when it comes to accounting & bookkeeping. Here are the reasons why our clients prefer our services for accounting and bookkeeping -

  • High Quality, Low Cost

    Our paperless accounting services are high on quality and low on cost. What you would pay us will be far less than the cost of hiring accountants in-house.

  • Complete Data Security and Confidentiality

    At the onset of the project, our virtual bookkeepers will sign Non-Disclosure agreements with you, so that you can be assured of complete data security and confidentiality.

  • High Accuracy Rates

    With virtual bookkeeping services that are 99% accurate, you can eliminate risks of unnecessary revisions or misinformation.

  • Highly Qualified Workforce

    Get the services of dedicated and knowledgeable virtual accountants who are highly qualified (M.com, MBA, and CA), certified, and familiar with US GAAP, FASB, AICPA, IAS, and SEC regulations.

  • Customized to Perfection

    Our virtual accounting services are in demand, as we customize our solutions to meet the unique needs of every customer personally.

  • Work Done 24/7

    You can enjoy 24/7 access to our virtual accountants through email, chat, or phone

Client Success Stories

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Flatworld streamlined a cash flow system for customers to regulate customer transaction document processing (invoice proof of delivery, bill of lading, etc.)

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Flatworld Solutions addressed the requirement of 2 SMEs by offering accounts receivable and claims management services. Our clients were happy with the outcome.

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Outsource Virtual Accounting & Bookkeeping Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld has 18 years of experience as a virtual accountant and bookkeeping services provider. We have been the pillar of companies that have no means to hire a full-fledged accounting team for the process. Our solutions are proven to bring value to customers whom we served. If you have challenges in the accounting stream and want an economical solution that is on par with the best that is typically provided to fortune 500 clients, explore the range of bookkeeping services offered by Flatworld Solution. We assure you the best value cost and quality-wise.

For all your accounting & bookkeeping services need, get in touch with our team today.

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