Case Study on Charge and Demographic Entries

Medical Billing Experts

The Customer

Our customer is a leading Ambulance Billing organization situated in Georgia, USA.

The Challenge

This customer wanted us to manage their charge and demographic entries. This organization thought it is best to outsource because of the following problems:

  • They faced a cash flow problem because of the delay in submitting their claims
  • Employee turnover was another problem that they faced

At Flatworld Solutions, our team had to work on a new software called 'SweetSoft' to carry out the customer's operations. The team at Flatworld was cross-trained over the phone on how to use this practice management software and on the customer's specialty, Ambulance Billing, which is extremely complex.

Flatworld Solutions is the only billing company in India that offers Ambulance Billing to customers.

The Project

The medical billing team at FWS currently processes around 3000+ claims every month for around 36 EMS companies through this customer. The various areas that we handle include payment posing, patient demographics and charge (calls) entry.

The Solution

Since our team of medical billing experts already had prior knowledge and expertise on this area of billing, we required only 30 hours of knowledge transfer (spread across 4 weeks) for the whole setup.

  • We followed a well defined process that enabled us to quickly implement updates or instruction changes within 8 business hours
  • We provided this customer with a consistent turnaround time of less than 48 hours
  • We carried out 2 levels of Quality Assurance to ensure an accuracy level of 98-99%
  • We have successfully worked with this customer for the past 2 years with no escalations
  • We have helped this customer save more than 45% of their operational cost

Our customer is extremely happy with this outsourcing relationship, as our customer has been able to sign up more clients and concentrate less on operations. The customer hands over operations to Flatworld Solutions as soon as a new client signs up with them.

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