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Our medical billing services are right up there with the best. In this healthcare outsourcing case study, we show how Flatworld Solutions improved the medical billing functions of a large US medical billing organization. Productivity went up by 30% and error rates went below 2%!


  • Our customer is a well-known medical billing organization that wanted to outsource charge entry and patient demographics
  • The task was to manage patients' charge entry and demographic functions.
  • Being new to outsourcing, our customer was concerned about the quality of our services.


  • To ensure a smooth transition to offshoring, with the least amount of disruption
  • To bring down the error rate from 4% to 2%
  • To maintain productivity levels after outsourcing
  • To train our team to be on par with the existing medical billing team
  • To train our team on using software and methodology used by the customer


  • The team at Flatworld replicated the customer's onshore process to ensure a seamless transition to offshore operations
  • We provided the customer with a dedicated staffer to handle 7 to 8 patient demographics and charge entry files a month
  • By the 2nd month, we were able to process more than 150 files with an error rate below 2%
  • We also provided the customer with a QA team experienced in payment posting
  • This QA team audited all the charge sheets and processed files
  • We sent the customer regular status reports with details about the number of files in processing and the reasons for the delays


  • The customer was extremely satisfied with our work and decided to outsource their entire medical billing process to us, including insurance calling, charge entry, patient demographics, patient calling and payment posting
  • The Flatworld team is now successfully handling all the medical billing operations for this customer
  • We now have more than 50 full-time employees who work on this project
  • We now process over a million files on a monthly basis, with an error rate of less than 2%

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