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Shopping by physically going to the stores is slowly becoming out-of-date. Browsing through websites, leveraging the freedom of mobility, and just waiting for the products to be delivered at your doorstep has become the smart way to shop, save money, and make better use of time. With a majority of the retail industry going online, the pharmacy industry too has found its calling. Mail Order Pharmacy caters to customers from every segment, right from the ones who need continuous medical support, to the ones who want some off-the-shelf medicines.

But as a pharmacist, do you have the bandwidth to cater to these online consumers? Does your staff have the necessary skills to manage online orders?

If you want your staff to focus on the already established business and leave the hassle of checking online prescriptions, taking authorizations, etc., to a reliable service provider, you are at the right place. Flatworld Solutions offers pharmaceutical business services, and has the subject matter expertise in the field of medicine, and a reliable process deployment service for the time sensitive pharmaceutical industry.

Mail Order Pharmacy Services We Offer


Consumers or physicians send across their medicine requests through prescription forms. Every document received is scanned and scrutinized. This process doesn't have any manual intervention and calculates the urgency of the treatment based on pre-defined triage degree. At Flatworld, we automate it using bar code reader and optical character recognition technology, which ensures that more time is saved and the chances of error are reduced.

Refill Request Management

For consumers who like medicines to be delivered at regular intervals, we offer efficient refill order services. Every refill order is thoroughly scrutinized by our pharmacists before being processed and delivered. This process demands thorough operational efficiency and we take care to deliver just that.

Authorization & Billing Management

To make the process of order fulfillment faster, we have a process in place that takes care of authorizations by faxing the forms directly to the concerned physician. All this happens through our authorization management service which is complete with tracking, verification, approvals, follow-ups, and on-time delivery. We keep our billing management services very stringent and secure. Once we receive check for invoice and payments, we update them electronically and send out reminders for payments due dates for consumer's convenience.

How Does Our Services Benefit You as a Pharmacist?

  • It will help you reach a new target base, 24X7
  • You can concentrate on your offline business and free your staff from mail order services
  • Pharmacists who review and process orders are qualified and licensed, so you get a chance to extend your business to include mail order services as a relatively risk-free endeavor
  • Most of the processes related to 'Mail Order Pharmacy' are real time so not only are you reducing operational costs but are also offering quicker turn-around time
  • You get better control of online pricing and promotions

What Is In It For Your Customers?

  • Affordability: Ordering bulk medicines online makes the purchase reasonable. A brick-and-mortar pharmacy cannot offer the kind of discounts that can be offered online. Our medical billing process is continuously updated to reflect all the loyalty discounts and offers your customers are eligible for
  • Anonymity: If your customers find it uncomfortable buying medicines from the pharmacist each time, then mail order pharmacy services is a perfect solution for them
  • Convenience: One of the best advantages of mail order pharmacy is the convenience of having the drugs delivered at your doorstep without any hassles. Online pharmacists are available round the clock to clear any customer doubts, or queries, and assist them in case they need any extra information

Choose Flatworld Solutions for Online Mail Order Pharmacy Services

  • High volume mail orders require your staff to concentrate only on order fulfillment and avoid repetitive tasks. Our mail order systems can handle bulk requests right from the time the order was placed till the payment, delivery, and confirmation processes
  • Automation saves time. Our services not only help you save time, but also free-up your staff, provide better support to your customers, and reduce errors in prescription management
  • We offer single escalation point and complete accountability to assure you of a dedicated and consistent service
  • We are equipped with trained staff and infrastructure to manage any kind of big or small mail order management requirement
  • Specialized authorization management services
  • Competitive rates at faster turnaround time

Mail order pharmacy service from Flatworld Solutions is offered by our specialized staff at pocket friendly rates. Contact our pharmacy experts to discuss your requirements, we will be glad to assist you.

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