Medical Animation Services

Flatworld solutions, a pioneer in providing technology-driven outsourcing solutions has been providing expert medical animation services to organizations across the globe. Medical animation is a very niche area, but it has proved to be a very promising and revolutionizing part of the healthcare industry. We at Flatworld Solutions provide a complete gamut of medical animation services at a cost-effective price without compromising on quality.

What is medical animation?

Animation is a kind of an optical illusion which involves the appearance of motion caused by displaying still images one after another. The types of animation can be broadly categorized into:

  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation

Medical animation is the process of presenting complex medical concepts by using classic animation techniques. By using medical animation services you can convey medical concepts in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Why opt for medical animation?

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is not just a popular saying, but a proven fact. Instead of explaining or summarizing difficult medical theories or concepts, by using medical animation, you can convey a lot of information in just an animated video of 10 minutes.

In animation, the different and complex movements of the human body can conveniently be depicted. More and more healthcare organizations are now opting for medical animation as a medium to explain difficult medical concepts. Medical animation is also used in criminal cases to demonstrate evidence, if any.

The medical animation services offered by Flatworld Solutions

  1. 2D Medical Animation

    • Hand-drawn animations
    • 2D motion graphics animation
    • Whiteboard medical animation
  2. 3D Medical Animation

  3. Science Animation Services

    • Research Animations
    • Biological Animations
    • Pharmaceutical Animation
    • Medical Device Animation
  4. Medical Illustrations

  5. Interactive Presentations

    • Interactive training videos
    • Lecture illustrations
    • Demonstrations
  6. Legal Animation

    • Recreation of the crime scenes
    • Reproducing the scenes requiring replays and repeated observation

Why outsource medical animation services?

Animation itself is a very costly affair as it involves a large amount of time and money. Medical animation also requires skilled animators. Outsourcing medical animation services to Flatworld Solutions can give you access to expert services at a cost-effective price. Outsource medical animation services to Flatworld and get access to the following benefits:

  • Get expert medical animation services at a cost-effective price
  • Save on investing in expensive animation software
  • Save on investing in costly animation studios

Why outsource medical animation services to Flatworld solutions?

  • Vast experience in medical animation
  • Customized medical animation solutions
  • Experienced and talented animators
  • Services delivered ahead of schedule
  • Best-of-breed technology and infrastructure
  • Use of latest medical animation software

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