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Medical Scribing Services

We help you connect with qualified medical scribes via telehealth app and get patient data documented into your EHR to improve care at rates starting from $4.5 per read

Gone are the days when scribes accompanied doctors into consultation sessions. Today, technology has allowed healthcare scribing services to dominate the healthcare landscape. Like the one offered by Flatworld Solutions to physicians and healthcare facilities. The obvious benefits of choosing a medical scribing service provider like us are comparable to on-site programs. It helps physicians to focus more on patient care while preventing staff burnout due to documentation hassles. Once you outsource medical scribe services, we become accountable for real-time documentation of patient data into EHR. Our highly skilled scribes document patient data via HIPAA compliant telehealth application so future consultations needn't begin with recapping older sessions.

Flatworld Solutions has 18 years of experience as a medical scribing service providing company. Our services are the key to increasing patient encounters by training our medical scribes in physician's specialties, documentation, and EHR preferences. We passionately help facilities and independent physicians with medical scribe services at affordable rates.

Medical Scribing Services We Offer

As a reputed medical scribing service provider, we have expertise in providing several medical scribing services to a range of specialty care. Our medical scribing solutions include -

  1. Same Day Chart Completion

    Same Day Chart Completion

    Our scribes will complete all charts on the day of service starting with real-time documentation of patient encounters into EHR in real-time. They ensure that the transcripts are accurate and error-free. Collaboration with a Medical Scribing services company like ours increases follow-up encounter and increase compliance.

  2. Global Virtual Scribes

    Global Virtual Scribes

    Flatworld's virtual scribes are based in India and we also have remote agents who strategically operate globally from regions closer to the provider to ensure the best experience, service levels, and compliance with the local healthcare regulations. Our familiarity with individual preferences helps you have an uninterrupted experience.

  3. Template-driven Transcription

    Template-driven Transcription

    Our medical scribing service takes care of documenting patient data discreetly. We record information such as immunizations, medical history, pend orders, patient instructions, referrals, critical care episodes, and much more in a template that is preferred by the practices.

Medical Scribing Process We Follow

Our medical scribing service follows a sequential process which consists of the following steps -

Our medical scribes will log in to your EHR an hour before the scheduled visit for chart preparation
Provider pings the scribe via healthcare app to prepare for the patient encounter and follow-up encounter
Notes would be reviewed by the consulting physician and if needed, the modification would be advised to the documented record
The day's charts are prepared and finalized by the provider. Once done, the process is complete

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Medical Scribing Services to FWS?

We provide several benefits to our clients. These include -

  • Cost-effective Service

    We are industry leaders in medical scribing services because we offer our solutions at cost-effective rates.

  • Highest Quality Standards

    We make sure that the quality of transcripts are rechecked at multiple instances to ensure it satisfies your specific needs.

  • Guaranteed Information Security

    We are compliant with not just HIPAA standards, but also ISO IEC 27001:2013 standards so we take great care to keep data safe.

  • High Standard Transcription with Guaranteed Turnaround Times

    As a leading medical scribing service providing company, we follow the ISO standards to shore up our reputation.

  • Seamless Integration with Most EHR and EMR Systems

    We are well equipped with the training materials needed to prepare our team to perform seamless integration with any EHR or EMR platforms of your choice.

  • Round the Clock Customized Medical Scribing Service

    We help you customize the medical scribe services to your specific liking. Just get in touch with our team to tell them your preferences. Also, we work within the stipulated time to deliver charts on the same day.

  • Scalability and Flexibility

    If you need more agents to take care of the bulk scribing, we have you covered. The medical scribing services are scalable and let you have the best of our offering without losing momentum.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We offer constant support over voice calls, email, or web char depending on the urgency. Your queries get an instant response whenever possible.

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Outsource Healthcare Scribing Services to Flatworld Solutions


Thanks, as always, for the AMAZING work! I'm especially impressed at the thyroid ultrasound report with all the TI-RADS scoring, I can't believe you understood all that and typed it so well! You are all incredible. Thanks again.

Diagnostic Care, USA
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Flatworld Solutions has over 18 years of experience in providing healthcare scribing services to clients. Over several years, we have provided accurate, quick, and knowledgeable transcription services to numerous clinics, community health centers, and independent practitioners across the US, Europe, and Asia. Our specialized medical transcription services helped us achieve the title of the best medical scribing services providing company in the world. We have tie-ups with certified, and well-qualified medical transcriptionists who are exceptional at medical scribing. Our complete range of transcription services is accurate and on-time. Being HIPAA-compliant, we always strive to offer the highest standards of quality services.

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