Legal Document Review & Management Services

We provide superior document management and review services at cost-friendly rates

Legal document review is a critical component of any litigation process. This process involves the review of vast numbers of legal documents. The costs of document review are a large portion of total litigation costs. At Flatworld Solutions we provide superior document management and review services at cost-friendly rates to companies, law firms and, legal research firms across the world. Our team of legal experts follows proven management practices and document review procedures. We are equipped with robust technological infrastructure which enables us to review your documents within a short turnaround time.

Legal document management services with Flatworld Solutions

In the discovery stage we break down bulk documents into data sets that are easy to work with. We:

  • Scan documents and convert them into an electronic format
  • Index the scanned documents and classify them with meta tags
  • Code the documents so that the information is searchable with keywords
  • Help our customers with document retrieval solutions
  • Draft discovery pleadings, request for production of documents and deposition summaries

Document review services with Flatworld Solutions

The document review process is carried out to extract key data and to verify the data's relevance. We carry out:

  • Preliminary review of documents for pre-litigation and internal investigations
  • Due diligence review of internal documents
  • Responsive and privilege review of document
  • Document management services

Enhance your document review process with the Flatworld Solutions advantage

Document review is a time-consuming process and is expensive in nature. Consider our document review services at Flatworld Solutions. We offer:

  • Dedicated trained lawyers for each project
  • Savings in time and cost
  • 24x7 legal process outsourcing
  • Exceptional data security and protection
  • Daily back up of customer data
  • Stringent quality control mechanisms

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