Mortgage Title Process

Flatworld Solutions handles the complete Title Process for mortgage lenders and brokers. The process starts right after the loan officer provides the title or escrow contact for the loan file.

We place an order with the title company via fax or email, and get an order confirmation to ensure that it has been received and will be processed. The title company then tells us when we can expect to receive the title binder, and we follow up with them in case we do not receive it by then.

Once we receive the title binder, we review it for correctness and completeness, including ICL, E&O, COT and the Purchase Contract (in case of vesting). We request revisions (if required) and sign off on the title once everything is in order. We then send an email to the processor and loan officer to inform them that the title condition has been signed off on.


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Our Process

Our Process

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