Business Research Services

Business Research Services

To successfully launch a product or service in a crowded marketplace, you must first understand the potential audience for your new offering, the needs, and wants of that audience and the best way to not only develop your product or service but to market it. With professionally compiled business research, you will receive all of this and the peace of mind knowing that your decisions are being made based on real world data.

Business research performed by an outside firm like Flatworld Solutions provides a number of benefits. Not only do we have years of experience and employ leading research and data analysis experts, but we have the dedicated resources needed to ensure the results you receive can be used effectively in any of your businesses operations.

Services We Offer

To ensure you get the most out of your business research choices, we offer the following services and solutions for our customers:

  • Business Intelligence Dashboard Creation - Our BI visualization services or Business intelligence Dashboard Creation Services empower you to make swift data-driven decisions and focus on your KPIs with the help of impeccably created dashboards
  • Media Research - We will help you stay on top your customer's mind by determining what your consumers expect from your business. This way you can create relevant experience for your client.
  • Business Market Research - We at Flatworld Solutions are well-equipped to provide clients with accurate and high-quality business market research services. We leverage the latest market research tools and technologies to deliver world-class services.
  • Business Development Support - We will nurture relationships with your audience, stakeholders, and partners by offering value adds. One step at-a-time we will forge strong ties with people whose interests align with yours.
  • Trend analysis - We will use prediction technology and analyze past and present data to determine the best strategy that will give you a leg up in business.
  • Perceptual Mapping Services - Our perceptual mapping services will help you understand how your brand is perceived by your audience. We will give you complete insights into how you can enhance your brand performance.
  • Primary & Secondary Research - We have the bandwidth and the professionals to handle your research requirement. We will fetch you data from the past as well as the present to help you make powerful decisions.
  • Business Plan - Get your business up and running in no time by outsourcing business plan services to Flatworld. We will analyze your competitors, market landscape, and other valuable data to help you make the best decision.
  • Industry Profiling - Our research analysts will do complete competitor analysis, trend analysis, customer analysis, etc. before you venture into an industry to ensure success of your venture.
  • Business Competitor Analysis - We provide comprehensive competitive business analysis services as well, providing in-depth reviews of your competitors and their resources and what strengths and weaknesses they have compared to yours
  • Social Media Monitoring - Social media monitoring services help your companies to get the desired information about your customers and keep you updated about the latest developments. Our services help you monitor, analyze, and generate key insight and reports which can help you optimize your marketing efforts in the right direction.
  • Competitive Business Analysis Services - Competitive business analysis services can help you understand your competitors better and stay ahead of them at all times. Our team at Flatworld Solutions can provide you with the required services such as forward and backward integration, economies of scale analysis, strength of key players, competitor profiling, SWOT and PESTEL analysis, etc.
  • Company Profiling Services - Our company profiling services are powered by an extremely talented and skilled team of research analysts and marketers who take care of all your needs. Our market research team can also provide you with the right insight which will aid you in creating the right marketing message for your targeted audience.
  • Online Business Research - We can develop a comprehensive report of your business and the opportunities currently available to it through online research of competitors, target audience behaviors and current buzz
  • Business Report Writing - We can produce detailed, industry specific business reports, both for the purpose of clearly defining the findings from our research and for further reporting to executives
  • Database Creation Services - We can create fully customized databases to collate and analyze key data points gathered during the research phase, both financially and qualitatively
  • Business Research Survey - We can produce and distribute surveys that measure the likelihood a prospect would become a customer, measure brand recall and more
  • Risk Assessments - We can provide in-depth risk assessments based on a number of factors such as your international marketing campaigns, the potential of expansion and your current operations
  • Target Screening and Market Sizing - We will help you determine just how large your potential market is and develop a system for screening your target audience and allocating your marketing budget accordingly

The Inherent Value of Properly Conducted Business Research

The most powerful tool you can wield as a business in a crowded marketplace is information. By understanding the expectations of your potential customers and the likelihood of stiff competition, you prepare yourself for anything that might happen.

Business research helps you to identify likely markets in the field and to develop a strong strategy for approaching those markets, taking into account the needs and desires of your target audience and the current offerings from competitors. Using techniques like SWOT and PESTEL analysis, we can determine where your best opportunities lie and what changes you can and should make to best position yourself against the competition.

Business research also offers useful data for how best to package and deliver products and services to customers and how to price those products to be enticing and competitive in a crowded marketplace. We can also identify through industry and competitor profiling who presents the best opportunity for collaboration and give you the data needed to proceed and develop those collaborations.

6-step Business Research Process We Follow at Flatworld

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Why Outsource Business Research Services to Flatworld Solutions?

By outsourcing your business research requirements to Flatworld Solutions, you gain a partner who understands the importance of business research for the growth of your organization. Our research and analysis team ensures that they understand the exact nature of your requirement in order to meet your expected standards. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, we give high priority to quality. Our Quality Analysis (QA) team performs strict quality check of every project that we undertake to ensure that you receive superior quality services.

Contact Flatworld Solutions to learn about our full range of business research services. Our business research specialists will ensure that you have the data needed to make the right decisions for your company.


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