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Financial modeling refers to the task of putting together an abstract representation of a real world financial situation. World-wide organizations of today employ this model to forecast their business outcomes and think through their financial strategies. Financial modeling can also help in summarizing events and providing effective directions for future decisions or actions.

Decision-makers need tools that help them translate quantitative and qualitative information to accurately forecast the financial outcomes for their business. Financial models can be constructed by using advanced software or by simply jotting it down on a paper; the medium used is not as important as the logic used to build the model. However, financially modeling cannot be achieved by just about anyone and requires the skills of trained experts. Financial modeling outsourcing can also give you a third-party perspective of your financial framework.

At Flatworld Solutions, we can offer your business with accurate and effective financial modeling that will help your company make informed business decisions.

Financial Modelling Service Offerings

At Flatworld Solutions, we offer financial modeling services that will cover almost all of your requirements. We have segregated our services based on their application and usage in an organization.

1. Financial Modeling: Our financial models can help you assess new business opportunities, raise your capital, and analyze other crucial aspects related to investments.

2. Pro-Forma Financials: Whether it is balance sheets, income statements or even cash flow statements; at Flatworld Solutions, we can help you with any of your financial projections.

3. Market Research: Our research is aimed at keeping up with the latest changes in the market and analyzing how newer developments can impact your business.

4. Feasibility Analysis: A new business opportunity needs a good financial feasibility study; our experts are here to analyze your opportunities and help you make an informed business decision.

5. Capital Formation: Right from the amount of capital required to the appropriate sources of capital, we can assist with capital formation strategies and identifying the smartest ways to gather finance.

6. Business Valuation Analysis: Flatworld Solutions has assisted several companies with their decisions about acquisitions, mergers, public offerings, and other financial transactions.

How Financial Modeling Services Can Help your Business?

Analysts at Flatworld Solutions can create and handle reliable financial models that will help you analyze the implications of your financial decisions in numerical terms. Apart from helping you get a holistic view of your business's dynamics, we can help you with related studies like financial economics and risk management amongst others.

With an excellent team of financial analysts backing us, we have delivered several successful statistical and financial models to leading asset management companies, banks and equity/venture firms.

Our financial modelling services are specially developed to support you in your decision-making process, and help you with:

  • Providing your management with vital information leading to strategic business decisions
  • Improving your capital management
  • Understanding the dynamics of your company and proving appropriate risk management consulting services
  • Helping your fund managers to carry out their work more efficiently

Real estate financial modeling is another venture that we take immense pride in. Our team of experts can perform sensitivity analysis to figure out how changes in certain parameters affect your investments. Flatworld Solutions' financial analysis and data solutions are some of the most popular services chosen by the ever growing real estate business.

Why Outsource Financial Modeling to Flatworld Solutions?

The answer is simple. We know what we are doing and we are experts in the field. Flatworld Solutions understands that financial modelling is not an easy job, and if done well, it can help your business save a lot of money and time. We have a very simple view on how financial models are meant to work and we follow these rules religiously:

  • Though financial models are complicated, we make it easy-to-understand
  • We make the models look as good as a corporate presentation
  • Each model is built in a way that puts our customers through some serious "What if" scenarios
  • You can be assured that our financial models only make accurate calculations each and every time

How to Get Started?

Every company is looking for financial models that help provide consistent and beneficial outcomes. Unfortunately, poorly developed financial models have found their way into several major organizations. These models are notorious for complicated formulae, integrity errors, inconsistent methodologies, and circularities.

Read a case study on how FWS Provided Financial Models for a US-based Management Advisory Firm.

Flatworld Solutions' dedication in financial modeling has helped us develop working procedures, methodologies and quality control frameworks which deliver reliable outputs every time. From financial modeling consulting to financial modeling analysis, our services are thorough because we believe that financial models are one of the most central marketing and communication tools which form a basis for all your communication with investors, stakeholders, and even you own board of directors.

Why not try our financial modeling services right away and give your business a competitive edge? We, at Flatworld Solutions will be glad to assist you.

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