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Financial Research and Analysis Services

Looking for reliable research in financial research and analysis services to leave the competition in the dust? Our GDPR-compliant financial service market research starts at $14/hour

There is no better indicator of the health of your company than its finances. Carefully scanned financial data can help your company make precise and potentially game-changing decisions. With our research and analysis solutions, you can now better understand the drivers of your business, the economics of the industry, and the drivers behind the business behavior of your competitors.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of in-depth financial reporting for major companies around the globe. Our staff is highly trained in all aspects of the process and can help you obtain the data needed to make profound decisions in your business.

Financial Research Services We Offer

FWS is a leading financial research services company with an exquisite global presence. Our services include -

  • Investment Research - We carry out thorough investment research and provide you with detailed insights into the current investment market trends to help you maximize your investments.
  • Equity Research - We provide in-depth analysis of equity claims of your business, competitors, and other major players along with opportunity analysis in the field.
  • Investment Banking Research - We provide end-to-end solutions from a risk analysis of potential investments to long-term historical analysis. We ensure you are your business decisions are completely data-driven.
  • Credit Research - We research the credit history of your company to help you find the best rates and repayment opportunities. Our experts help maximize your cash flow.
  • Financial Analysis Services - We can help you understand the financial feasibility of projects after considering project size, budget, and funding options.
  • Buy Side Equity Research - Our buy-side analysts conduct extensive research to build risk-adjusted investment models to maximize ROI.
  • Fixed Income Research - FWS' fixed income analysts evaluate bonds and debt securities to determine the credit risk and interest rate of various fixed income products. We can help you invest in products that yield maximum interest.
  • Financial Advisory Services - Whether it is an investment, mortgage, retirement, or tax saver plans, our financial advisors to recommend the best investment options for better gains.
  • Asset Management Support - Our asset managers manage your investments by analyzing your financial health. We support investment banks and individuals in choosing investments in the growth portfolio.
  • Business Valuation - Our business valuation experts bring transparency to transactions by measuring the value of businesses. Our services will fill the information gap on fair market value and maximum value of a business before high-value mergers and acquisitions.
  • Financial Modeling - We help you to forecast your business goals through our precision models based on financial risks, market volatility, and other parameters.

Additional Services

Our research in financial services include -

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Research and Analysis Services to FWS?

At Flatworld Solutions, we help make informed business decisions by providing accurate financial analysis and marketing research services. The benefits of outsourcing research and analysis services with us include -

  1. Flexible Pricing

    Flexible Pricing

    We offer a flexible pricing structure based on the size of the project, the duration, and the required skillset.

  2. Swift Turnaround Time

    Swift Turnaround Time

    We offer the best TAT in the industry. Our research analysts crunch enormous data and derive actional insights within a short span.

  3. Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    We adhere to international quality standards in all our services. We have a multi-level quality assurance system in place to ensure the same.

  4. World-class Infrastructure

    World-class Infrastructure

    We have world-class infrastructure and access to the latest financial services research tools to provide the best possible services.

  5. Skilled & Experienced Research Analysts

    Skilled & Experienced Research Analysts

    We have a team of well-experienced and highly skilled team of financial research analysts who can provide quick, accurate, and reliable services to global clients.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Online and Offline Research Support

FWS Provided Robust Research Support to Evaluate Competition

Our research analysts performed a range of research functions like collection, filtering, sorting, and validating international marketing data. We captured details like manufacturer details, online store data, product images, and consumer benefits.

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FWS Performed Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Profiling for a Leading UK-based Medical Firm

FWS Provided Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Profiling Services to a Leading UK-based Medical Firm

Our expert research analysts employed proprietary methodology to analyze, collate, sort, and verify the KOL data of 200 Canadian general practitioners.

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Why Outsource Research and Analysis Services to FWS?


Working with FWS has been wonderful. They quickly learned our procedures, adapted to our way of working, and consistently performed well.

Director, Product Research and Data, USA More Testimonials »

Financial research outsourcing help save time and costs. Are you looking for a reliable global research and analysis service provider to boost your business? Then, offshore your requirement to Flatworld Solutions. In 18 years, we have offered financial services industry research and financial analysis market research services to 18,000+ happy clients. Our rich multi-domain industry experience enables us to precisely understand the unique requirements of global clients and serve them accordingly.

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