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Do you have mission critical research data, but don't know how to present it across?

Flatworld Solutions' high-end PPT Creation Services can save your day! We understand that just having accurate research data is not enough, what you need is the expertise to present it in an equally convincing manner so drive home the point.

PPT Creation Support for Research Data Presentation

Effective PowerPoint presentations continue to be among the best communication strategies for marketing high-end services involving research data. Including visual data as infographics can improve your results because a visual format is easier to notice and understand than textual data in a PPT presentation.

To help you produce high-quality presentations, Flatworld Solutions brings in 15 years of specialized PPT support and research and analysis experience in the outsourcing industry. Our creative-design teams offer a unique blend of graphic designers and data analysts to provide you with immediate expertise in both data analytics and desktop research - without the need to hire any new employees.

Benefits of our Research Data Presentation Services

Our research data presentation services are especially geared to helping the following professionals:

  • Business Intelligence Professionals - Infographics by Flatworld Solutions facilitate business intelligence professionals transform raw data into meaningful business analysis. We can also help in creating BI dashboard creation in a quick time as per your requirements
  • Financial Consultants - We assist financial consultants succeed with their marketing efforts by providing a unique visual data presentation to the financial research data
  • Market Intelligence Professionals - Displaying market intelligence information in an understandable format is a key to an effective PPT presentation, and that's how we assist market intelligence professionals
  • Venture Capitalists - Short turnarounds are a way of life for venture capital presentations, and Flatworld Solutions can deliver overnight when necessary
  • Investment Bankers - Flatworld Solutions helps the investment banking professionals meet the challenge of presenting complex and diverse data in an easy-to-understand visual format

What Sets Our PPT Creation Services Apart?

The inclusion of both data analysts and graphic designers is an important key to our success in the research data presentation process.

  • Graphic Designer - Our graphic design team members each have in-depth knowledge using creative tools such as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop along with a minimum of 5 years of experience in creative design. Typical duties in PPT creative design include template creation, typesetting, cover design, layout and infographic elements
  • Data Analysts - Each of our data analyst team members have a minimum of 5 years' of experience and in-depth knowledge involving data presentation and analysis. Duties include helping graphic designers to create industry-relevant presentation and design elements
  • Final Output - High-impact PowerPoint presentations for CXOs and Senior Executives
  • Delivery Options - Standard delivery timeframe is 48 hours. Flatworld Solutions also offers a 12-hour turnaround for unscheduled executive presentations (typically overnight due to time-zone differences)

Examples of Presentations Made for CXOs and Senior Executives

Here are recent examples of research data presentations prepared by Flatworld Solutions:

  1. Mergers, Acquisitions and IPO Offerings
  2. Budget Presentations
  3. Investor, Town Hall, Keynote and Conference Presentations
  4. Government Committee Reports
  5. New Product Launches
  6. Budget Reports
  7. Consulting Project Findings
  8. Research Data Conclusions

Contact team at Flatworld Solutions for more details.

Pricing Options

Flatworld Solutions offers three pricing options for services that involve PPT / PowerPoint presentation support -

  • Per PowerPoint - Works best for pre-template designs that don't involve unique graphic design
  • Full-Time Equivalent - Ideal for medium and large companies that need an exclusive team working on their data presentation
  • Per Hour - Recommended for presentations that vary in complexity and volume

Client Success Stories Make Us Feel Proud

The Client - Before working with Flatworld Solutions, an online payment company was primarily using "cut and paste" PPTs prepared by a part-time designer.

The Requirement - Their internal data team simply did not have enough time to prepare customized presentations with infographics. The client asked Flatworld Solutions to take over creative design for the presentations.

Solution Provided - Using a 24/6 support team led by a manager skilled in business intelligence, we improved the client's turnaround time while adding an impressive "look and feel" to their PowerPoint presentations.

Result - Today we regularly handle over 50 reports on a weekly basis for various clients.

As a visual way of demonstrating the impact of PowerPoint presentations, Flatworld Solutions would be happy to show you several examples of a "before" and "after" look. This was just one story of a happy client, we have more to share, contact our team for details.

Create a Lasting Impression with Innovatively Done PowerPoint Presentation

The above case study also illustrates another compelling reason to select Flatworld Solutions as your long-term outsourcing partner. We have advanced expertise in a wide variety of areas that include creative design, image editing and enhancement, finance and accounting services, data management and research and analysis to name a few. Our ability to blend diverse skill areas in a "one-stop" environment is a unique strength that is a key to our success on the behalf of clients.

PowerPoint presentations and images of all kinds present the perfect opportunity to make a favorable "first impression" on your potential clients as well as to ascertain impressions held by existing clients. Flatworld Solutions can provide timely and cost-effective help for specialized presentations - often on an overnight basis.

Get in touch with us today for effective PowerPoint Presentation creation services!



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