• Easy to hire virtual assistants with ability to multi-task
  • Professional assistants, to answer calls, schedule appointments, etc.
  • Proactive, efficient, and cost-effective services at faster TAT

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

By hiring a virtual assistant from Flatworld Solutions, you end up saving time, money, and other valuable resources. Besides, your productivity increases as you get ample time to handle important tasks yourself, after assigning the non-core tasks to the virtual remote assistant.

Our virtual assistants have over 12 years of experience in performing tasks such as data entry, call answering, event planning, scheduling appointments, correspondence management, etc., and can take care of all your business requirements efficiently.

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How Can Our Virtual Assistants Help You?

If you want to save on costs, increase productivity, and save time for core tasks, hire a virtual assistant from Flatworld Solutions. Our virtual assistants have vast experience in providing following administrative tasks:

Key Differentiators

Hiring a virtual assistant from Flatworld Solutions has multiple advantages. At Flatworld Solutions, you are facilitated to not only hire a virtual assistant, but also choose a pricing plan that best suits your requirements!

  • Competitive Pricing
  • How it works
  • Skilled Workforce
  • Faster Turnaround Time
  • Operational Transparency
  • Flexibility to scale up or scale down as per the requirements
  • Dedicated Project Managers for Each Project
  • Multiple hiring options - On hire, FTE, On Contract, Per Hour, etc.

How It Works?

Flatworld Solutions is dedicated to help our clients increase their business goals by finding the most appropriate virtual assistant for this business needs. We follow a series of steps to make this work:

  • Clients tell us their requirements
  • We find the right virtual assistant for them
  • SLA and workflow is formed
  • Our VA starts working for the clients
  • Regular VA performance monitoring
  • Follow-up and feedback from customer
  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Outsourcing Virtual Assistants
  • Virtual Assistant in India

Are you spending more time in performing daily non-core business tasks? Do you find yourself hard-pressed for time to complete important jobs at hand? Are you feeling the need to employ a dedicated assistant, but do not have the means to hire one? If you are looking for a dedicated assistant, look no further. By hiring a full-time virtual office assistant from Flatworld Solutions, you can offload a lot of your administrative tasks to your assistant, and devote all your time and resources towards your key business activities.

Hiring a virtual personal assistant from Flatworld Solutions is simple and easy on the pocket. You would not have to provide an office space, a work desk or a computer to the virtual assistant that you hire, as the assistant will work from a remote location. Just a call or an e-mail to your hired assistant will get your work done.

Many global companies have hired our virtual remote office assistants and have availed the benefits of getting their daily business tasks done in a professional and smooth manner. With our virtual business assistants at your service, you can save your critical time and resources, and manage your business in an effective manner. At Flatworld, we have a team of trained virtual office assistants, who can provide customized solutions matching your requirements.


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