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When Google launched Google Analytics in 2006, it created quite a bit of a storm in the marketing world. It was free, it had tons of useful features and it could be easily integrated into any website. Since then they have made major usability enhancements and added more functionalities that it became a top choice for marketers - small and big.

Web analytics is a powerful tool in any marketer's arsenal and can help you - reduce your marketing costs and provide a way to increase traffic and hence conversions. If you are looking at a no cost but sophisticated web analytics tool, look no further than Google Analytics.

Another functionality of Google Analytics is that it allows for a good degree of customization. This means that you can measure specific activities that are suited for your business and also generate custom reports.

All said, getting Google Analytics to work for your company, takes more than just installing it in your web server. Professional analytics firms can help you in tweaking Google Analytics to perform and work for your business. Flatworld's web analytics division has worked with Google analytics web services extensively; we have implemented and customized it from simple blogs to measuring complex elements for huge web portals.

Flatworld's Google Analytics implementation and customization services

Whether you want a custom version of Google analytics or want a professional firm to handle all your web analytics activities, Flatworld can handle either of your requirements with equal efficiency. Our services cover these specific areas:

1. Basic Website Statistics

This service includes know standard metrics about how visitors interact with your website. Tracking can also be setup for visitors when they take specific actions on your site. This is suitable for new websites, landing pages, basic websites and blogs.

  • Top content
  • Popular keywords and referring websites
  • Search engine report
  • Geographical data

2. Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics methods can be used for websites that have a lot of traffic, for e-commerce sites and those using search marketing for acquiring visitors.

  • Path Analysis

    Getting to know the navigational path of your visitors can help you remove obstacles to better conversions. Target more relevant solutions and products to your customer segments

  • Goal Setting

    Measure definitive goals on your website such as - filling an inquiry form, buying a product / service etc. These can be customized to ensure that you can identify top metrics which ensure a maximum conversion of your goals

  • Funnel Analysis

    If you engage your customers in a step wise procedure, you will notice that people will drop off at each step. It is your responsibility, to make is easier for your customer to accomplish what he set out to do. By analyzing and experimenting you can reap the rewards of increased customer turnover

  • Advertisement Programs

    If you use search marketing campaigns like Adwords, you can easily integrate them with Google Analytics and track the progress easily. You can keep a close eye on your ad spend by tracking various elements and then tweaking your ad for better results

  • Measuring Offline Activities

    Many, if not all companies, also use a lot of offline channels to promote and drive traffic to their website. Several e-commerce sites also have their billing and order taking activities in offline sources. It therefore becomes important to also incorporate offline elements into Google Analytics. You can meld your data from unrelated sources and present a coherent picture by using the latest tools and data visualization software.

3. Google Analytics Customization

  • Flash Tracking

    Many websites today employ a variety of rich media including flash presentations and videos. Standard analytics tools do not consider flash as part of the site content. We can tag your flash pages so that important functionalities are tracked

  • Custom GA Codes

    In some cases, the data that has to be gathered is dynamic and changes depending on the situation. Our web analysts can work with your web development team to make sure that your reporting requirements are met despite of the constraints

4. Website Optimization and Testing

Constant testing and optimization are as important as analytics itself. Experimenting with different version of your web copy, ad placement and landing pages can give you information on what works and what doesn't. Google Analytics provides tools through which you can conduct statistical analyses and optimization of your website.

  • A/B Testing

    A/B testing involves testing different versions of your webpage. You can find out what design or content elements need to be tweaked to achieve the best results

  • Multivariate Testing

    Although A/B testing is useful, it has some limitations. Multivariate testing on the other hand can test combinations of multiple elements. Multivariate testing can obtain dramatic results by varying online factors such as design, copy, images etc.

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