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The internet has grown from being a collection of websites to a huge marketplace for buyers and sellers today. From plain informational websites and blogs to complex web applications, there are thousands of businesses which conduct almost all of their operations online. One of the earliest forms of driving people to a particular website is search engines. Prospective customers use search engine like Google and Yahoo to get to a website. Even large businesses are moving away from traditional offline media to online marketing that promises a better conversion rate.

Should you be left behind in using the internet to gown your business? Definitely not! Search engine marketing includes techniques and strategies that suit businesses of all sizes. There are free as well as commercial methods to drive more visitors to your website.

Flatworld's Search Engine Marketing Services

All over the world, you can find thousands of companies that promise overnight success with web search marketing. While they may promise you the moon, there are few who can actually show you evidence to back up the tall claims. In an outsourcing arrangement especially, you'll have to be cautious as you'd be dealing with a virtually unknown company thousands of miles away from you.

We, at Flatworld, realized the power of internet early when we started back in 2002. Since then, we have used online marketing extensively to grow our business. Search engine marketing has remained as our sole method to generate new leads and reach out to new customers. For instance, chances are high that you reached this page through a search engine. Search engine marketing has allowed us to reach businesses like you and forge strong partnerships.

If you want a partner who has expertise in internet marketing and has sufficient proof that it will work for your company, Flatworld can be that ideal choice. We understand the bigger picture as well as the nuances that will make search engine marketing work for you.

Our search engine marketing or web marketing services include -

  1. Website Optimization

    We make use of web analytics to analyze the website performance and optimize it by changing the website design, load time, mobile speed, page speed, performance, etc.

  2. SEO Services

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which the visibility or the traffic to your website is increased through organic / natural search results. Organic results are those that appear in the search engine when visitors type in a keyword. Organic search remains the primary way to drive visitors to your website. With more than a decade's experience in SEO/ organic search marketing services, we can help your website use this free medium to grow your website everyday.

  3. Paid Search Marketing Services / PPC Services

    Paid search marketing or Pay per click (PPC) is a process through which you pay search engines for every click. Flatworld can work with you to identify those niche keywords and get a maximum return for your investment. We utilize advanced search tools that give your business a bird's eye view of the audience, the keywords and spend forecast before embarking on a paid search campaign.

  4. Affiliate Marketing Services

    Affiliate Marketing, as the name suggests, makes use of affiliates for your business, to promote your products and services. Easier said than done, getting affiliates requires sufficient knowledge of the online marketing space and a well connected network. Having affiliates can give your own 'virtual sales force' that will help grow your business without you having to sweat! Flatworld can manage everything from identifying affiliates to recruiting them as well a developing an online platform to recruit and manage them.

  5. Email Marketing Services

    Flatworld can create, manage and run complete email marketing programs for you. Even though other forms of online marketing methods have emerged in the recent past, email marketing continues to be a powerful tool to reach your audience. From opt in newsletter campaigns to direct marketing, we can run tailor made campaigns for your company.

  6. Link Building

    One of the most important tasks to improve website traffic is building quality links back to your website. Links vouch for your website in the search engine's eyes and can boost your rankings if done correctly. Flatworld has customized programs to build one way, two way (reciprocal) and three way links for your website.

  7. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services

    Are you familiar with these - Twitter, Facebook, Digg? These have become almost household names for those using the internet. Such is their popularity, that large corporations want a piece of a pie in these social media companies. Social media can reduce your dependency on search engines as the primary form of marketing and can help you reach a mass audience quickly. Social media optimization services (SMO services) can help you identify social media relevant to your business and increase branding and reach.

Have a look at our comprehensive digital marketing services.

Search engine marketing have grown businesses massively and turned around failing firms. Contact us to make internet marketing work for you.


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