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Website optimization is the process of maximizing the website performance through various means such as altering the website size, the complexity etc. It involves a balanced combination of web analytics and website design. Normally website optimization runs through a cycle of "change-measure-analyze-fine-tune-change".

In other words, website optimization is referred to the analysis followed by recommendations and actions based on them. Assuming the site objectives are defined and a reporting system is in place, we identify and target specific areas for improved performance. The reports may contain analyses about specific pages, part of a page or a conversion funnel.

Some specific areas of website optimization could be -

  • Reducing the bounce rate of the homepage
  • Improving the conversion rate of form pages
  • Improving the percentage of visitors checking out from the shopping cart page
  • Increasing the numbers of hits on promotional banners

Testing is also part of our website optimizations services. Testing involves measuring the effectiveness of successive changes made into web pages.

Benefits of investing in website optimization services

  • Past data on the website is utilized to effect changes and therefore it is more likely to be effective
  • Measurement and analysis is part of the cycle after change. This helps validate the changes before they are made permanent
  • Several variants of a home page can be tested and measured for effectiveness and the best can be chosen based on the data. This way subjectivity is eliminated from decision making

At Flatworld, website optimization services and web analytics and design optimization services follow a streamlined methodology process to yield the best possible results.

Flatworld's web analytics and optimization services

1. Testing

Testing is an important part of website optimization. It involves comparing several variables on a page to zero in on the best. Both A/B testing and multivariate testing are used to make changes on the websites based on actual data.

2. Analysis validation

Recommendations based on analysis are provided for both regular and ad hoc reports. Recommendations are intended to show the way for further action or changes on the website. Implementation of these recommendations is the first stage of optimization.

3. Implementation of changes

Various components of a website are tested and analyzed for effectiveness. In the cycle of "analysis-implementation-analysis" further guidelines will be provided for the implementation of changes suggested in the reports. If necessary we will work with the webmaster to oversee the implementation of changes.

4. Measuring results

This comes next in the cycle. The implemented changes and the testing performed are measured for effectiveness. The measurements would be done keeping the website's KPIs which were agreed upon in the beginning.

5. Fine tuning

In the optimization process, running through the "measure-change-test-measure" cycle several times is aimed at fine tuning the website for optimal performance. This is the ultimate goal of website optimization.

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