Outsource IT Infrastructure Management Services

IT Infrastructure Management Services

Identify potential IT threats and resolve them before time! Save time and costs and keep your productivity flowing with our IT infrastructure management services

The need for infrastructure management has grown significantly, especially in the last decade, with the constant need for businesses to stay relevant, efficient, and competitive with the current times. The fast-evolving IT software, frequent innovation in the overall business infrastructure, and other factors make it crucial for businesses to manage and upgrade their IT infrastructure frequently.

We have two decades of experience facilitating remote infrastructure management services to a global clientele across various industry verticals. Our solutions include application infrastructure management services, enterprise infrastructure management services, and managed infrastructure services. We are adept at offering responsive and agile infrastructure management services that help our clients enhance their business value and streamline their operations.

IT Infrastructure Management Solutions

We offer reliable and top-notch IT infrastructure management solutions, which includes -

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

    We have the skills to understand each client's unique business requirements and provide the clients with customized infrastructure as a service. We use the latest and the best tools while delivering top-notch services to clients.

  • IT Risk and Security Management

    Risk and security issues are primary concerns of any IT infrastructure. We provide necessary installations in the data centers while catering to issues or concerns regarding IT risks, security threats, or loopholes.

  • IT Helpdesk Services

    Our IT helpdesk services help you reduce network downtime and mitigate frequent maintenance issues while providing a whole suite of sub-services, ranging from telecom support to on-site technical support.

  • IMS Application Support Services

    Streamline operations and maximize value by opting for IMS application support services. It ensures seamless integration and smooth functioning of all your IT applications, which will ultimately help you to stay competitive in this ever-changing IT market.

  • Network Infrastructure Management

    Network infrastructure management services enable businesses to stay updated with the ever-changing network architecture. Besides, constant network monitoring can prevent complications that arise from network failure. We provide prompt and consistent network infrastructure management services.

  • Managed IT Services

    Hire us as your service provider to manage your IT resources, network security and infrastructure, regulatory compliance, and cloud hosting.

  • IT Audit Services

    We give your IT operations the focus it needs to meet all your business requirements. We also look for technology alternatives in the market that could transform your operations. We have a thorough understanding of industry best practices and a wealth of experience in providing top-quality IT audit services.

  • Cloud Integration Services

    Achieve better productivity and ROI by seamlessly connecting data, applications, and APIs with our cloud integration services.

  • Cloud Monitoring Services

    We provide customized cloud monitoring services like centralizing applications, servers, data solutions, data recovery, and 24/7 security maintenance.

  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)

    Our team can help you with a superior quality platform as a service and help you create, test, run, and deploy web applications. We use the latest software and tools to deliver top-notch services.

  • Server Management Services

    We provide high-quality and accurate server management services. We leverage the latest server management services to deliver quality outcomes.

  • Managed Storage Services

    Our team handles all managed storage service requirements. We leverage the latest tools and technologies to deliver quality services.

  • Managed Backup Services

    We leverage the latest tools and technologies while delivering top-notch managed backup services within a quick time.

  • Cloud Application Development Services

    We deliver the best-in-class cloud application development services to help clients with their customized cloud application requirements.

  • Server Monitoring Services

    We provide quality, consistent server monitoring services to global clients. We also promptly update our clients when the discs are about to get filled up, allowing them to take necessary actions in time and prevent possible downtime.

  • Data Center Management

    Our data center services include cloud services, cloud migration, security services, handling problems associated with data centers, and backup and restoring services.

  • Digital Forensics Services

    We help businesses secure and retrieve crucial information from their data centers and other IT assets and sail through IT investigations.

  • Enterprise Security Solutions

    We have vast experience in dealing with enterprise-level security and can help you mitigate the risks of data loss with our services.

  • Remote Monitoring

    We not only ensure that the latest and most relevant IT infrastructure is up and running but also make sure that existing and new setup gets updated remotely and without any fuss. All the issues are tackled remotely with minimal downtime.

  • Active Directory Setup and Migration Services

    Successfully migrate your enterprise data to the active directory and manage your business effectively by partnering with us. We provide quick and reliable services that precisely cater to your unique requirements.

  • Office 365 Setup and Migration Services

    We help businesses successfully migrate to Office 365. Besides, our quick and efficient services ensure zero downtime.

  • Network Infrastructure Management

    We provide prompt and consistent network infrastructure management services.

  • Cloud Migration Services

    Whether you are planning to migrate data, applications, or the entire data center to the cloud or monitor performance post-migration, we can do it all.

  • Managed IT Services for Insurance

    Our managed IT services ensure that your backend and frontend operations stay healthy by supplying IT support whenever and wherever necessary.

  • DevOps Automation

    Our DevOps automation solutions remove the gaps between software development, IT operations, and quality assurance. Our services significantly improve operational efficiency.

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) Services

    Our security and identity professionals help you with your IAM projects by identifying roadblocks and creating and managing solutions that place you on the road to long-term success.

  • Digital Workplace Services

    We offer cutting-edge digital workplace services that revolutionize small and large businesses.

  • Amazon Web Services

    We provide specialized services after understanding your requirements to help you make the most of your investment in Amazon Web Services.

  • Application Managed Services

    We help IT leaders compete in today's dynamic world by managing their current application portfolios and maintaining essential business operations. Our application-managed services meet your business demands without interrupting other essential services.

  • Alibaba Cloud Computing Services

    We use the latest tools and technologies while delivering quality Alibaba cloud computing services.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Services

    We have vast expertise in using Adobe Creative Cloud and ensure that you always get a customized solution that perfectly matches your needs.

  • Oracle Cloud Solutions

    We have the skills and expertise to provide clients with the best quality Oracle cloud solutions. We leverage the latest infrastructure and tools to provide clients with superior services within a quick time.

  • Google Cloud Platform Services

    We have the skills and expertise to provide clients with quality Google Cloud Platform services. We use the latest GCP tools and software while delivering top-notch services within a quick turnaround time.

  • IBM Cloud Managed Services

    We provide clients with superior quality and accurate IBM cloud-managed services. We have the skills to provide tailored services to clients.

  • Multi-cloud Services

    Our services can empower clients to not depend on a single cloud service provider and enable you to manage your operations smoothly.

  • Managed Application Services

    Modernize your cloud environment, monitor, and maintain your on-premises applications, and continuously innovate and scale your applications to meet your business goals.

  • Network Monitoring Services

    Our comprehensive network monitoring services include event monitoring and management, incident management, problem management, change management, integration services, and provisioning support services.

  • Windows 365 Services

    We use the latest knowledge about Windows 365 services to help customers with various components of an infrastructure that support business operations within the IT infrastructure, such as servers, storage, and network infrastructure. We help clients with installation, migration, and other functions that are critical to adoption.

  • Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services

    Our team adopts software-defined architecture and multi-cloud and hybrid best practices to help you minimize costs and maximize productivity over your entire IT lifecycle.

  • VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Services

    We can help you set up desktop virtualization efficiently through which your desktop environments are hosted on centralized servers and deliver specific requests to multiple types of endpoints, including computers, mobile devices, tablets, and so on.

  • Managed SIEM Services

    We are a leading provider of managed SIEM services. We help small, medium, and large enterprises manage their analytics-powered security through advanced and integrated managed SIEM solutions to improve their security operation. We leverage the full power of SIEM's ability to identify complex cyber threats.

  • Cyber Forensic Services

    We use the best cyber forensic technologies to help businesses have a vantage point in detecting cyber threats. It is a critical capability that businesses lack while moving from a brick-and-mortar setup to a cloud-based one. So, we fill in the vacuum for such customers.

  • Cyber Security Resilience Services

    Our experts on board set you up to recover quickly through a coordinated resilience approach. We leverage the latest tools and technologies while delivering rapid and reliable recovery strategies.

  • Data Center Middleware Services

    Our teams let you focus on crucial operations while improving the stability of your databases. To improve business performance, outsource data center middleware services to us.

  • Containerization Services

    Our IMS team, having specialized skills in this domain, help mobilize resources and get the project accomplished with velocity.

  • Cloud-native Application Development Services

    Our cloud-native application development services provide time-tested business value. We can rapidly incorporate user and customer feedback to drive continuous improvement.

  • Cloud Optimization Services

    Our strategy ensures that your applications run to their maximum capacity and generates efficiencies by integrating and redeveloping cloud services.

  • Digital Commerce Services

    Create superior consumer experiences by understanding the various facets of the consumer. We help execute customer certification to perfection on a small budget.

  • Azure Synapse Analytics Services

    We have a team of experts with the knowledge, skills, experience, and proficiency required to help you with your Azure Synapse Analytics requirements.

  • Multi-cloud Management Services

    Our multi-cloud solutions interact with legacy and traditional IT deployments. We have successfully helped firms achieve the full benefits of multi-cloud deployments, thanks to our extensive experience.

  • Amazon Redshift Services

    Our Amazon Redshift services meet all data warehousing requirements of a growing organization as we provide a fully managed cloud-based data warehouse service to centralize and store large-scale data, perform migrations, and easily access the data.

  • Vulnerability Management Services

    Our vulnerability management services include IT security policy compliance, vulnerability scanning, PCI scanning, vulnerability program management, and more.

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

    Our cyber threat intelligence services provide companies with the insights they need to minimize the risk of cyber-attacks and security breaches. Our services can help you respond to risks, detect threats, and respond to breaches promptly.

  • Cyber Security Assessment Services

    Numerous clients have leveraged our cyber security risk assessment solutions to end threats facing their organizations. We help you identify the security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and environment.

  • NOC Monitoring Services

    We provide clients with the best quality NOC monitoring services. We leverage the power of the latest tools and technologies while delivering top-notch NOC services to clients around the globe.

  • SOC as a Service

    Our team provides clients with the best quality security operations center as a service. We leverage the latest SOC tools and technologies while delivering top-notch SOC services to clients.

  • BSS Transformation Services

    We have the required business support skills and experience to provide clients with accurate and effective BSS transformation services. We leverage the power of the latest best practices, workflows, tools, and technologies while delivering top-notch services to clients.

  • Compromise Assessment Services

    Our compromise assessment services help you identify environmental risks, security incidents, and current threat activity in your network environment. The team evaluates standard attack steps to determine trade-offs in the environment.

  • Cloud Enablement Services

    We are a reputed cloud enablement company that has helped over 2500 clients with blueprints for cloud adoption, migration, and implementation.

  • Cybersecurity Countermeasures Services

    We have a research team dedicated to making a complete and thorough analysis of malware so that the client's infrastructure stays protected. Cybersecurity countermeasures keep you protected from damages that might occur.

  • PCI Compliance Services

    We can help you achieve complete PCI compliance. Our expert consultants can help you improve your cardholders' data collection and storage process, allowing you to adhere to the standards of the PCI security council.

  • Security Risk Assessment Services

    Our risk and vulnerability assessment solutions are real-world in approach; we take practical steps to resolve the security issues at the earliest and most effectively.

  • Quantum Computing Services

    We have stellar quantum capabilities and are continuously working towards getting better. We help businesses across industries to leverage quantum computing by planning and developing end-to-end quantum technology solutions and processes.

  • Windows 365 Consulting Services

    We are a leading Windows 365 consulting company with a team of cloud computing professionals proficient in Windows 365 consultation and implementation services.

  • Windows 365 Change Management Services

    We have a team of professionals with adequate experience and all the skills and knowledge to implement changes in your processes in ways that make your day-to-day operations highly efficient.

  • Application Performance Monitoring Services

    We help businesses analyze their entire IT environment to understand whether it is performing well. With our services, you can also identify, repair, and prevent bugs and other problems from becoming issues in your IT environment.

  • Windows 365 License Management and Optimization

    When it comes to navigating the licensing terms of Windows, we have the experience and expertise needed for the process. We assist countless enterprises in proper Windows license management.

  • Cybersecurity Due Diligence Services

    We have skilled and experienced specialists who have enough experience with cybersecurity due diligence; our services meet all your requirements.

  • Migration to Windows 365 Services

    We handle your requirements for a proper migration. Our team of highly skilled professionals with tech skills will ensure a successful migration to Windows 365.

  • Windows 365 Setup Services

    With the help of our services, your company and virtual teams will have the platform to properly brainstorm and collaborate on different projects through real-time approvals and insights. We have a professional team of experts in Windows 365 setup that can assist you with setting up the complex software in your enterprises.

  • Digital Workforce Management Services

    We offer world-class digital workforce management services to global clients. Our company oversees, monitors, and manages your digital workforce. We help organizations understand what they need to make their workforce more efficient.

  • Zabbix Monitoring Services

    We are a leading Zabbix monitoring company trusted by 18000+ clients for monitoring the metrics collected from their applications, software, servers, and other resources.

  • Managed Virtualization Services

    We have the required skills and expertise to handle all your managed virtualization requirements. We leverage the latest tools and technologies while delivering top-notch infrastructure management services within a quick time.

Additional IT Services for Business Enhancement

IT Consulting Services

Our IT consulting services are focused on identifying critical areas of improvement. We aid you with increased security.

Web Development Services

Our web development services entail contemporary designs, clean coding, and a better user experience.

Cloud Consulting Services

We offer the best-in-class cloud consulting services, including migration strategy, disaster recovery, optimization, and cloud-native development.

Enterprise Software Services

Our reliable enterprise software services help automate complex business workflows and increase inter-departmental and business flexibility.

Software Development Technologies

We leverage the latest tools, frameworks, and software development technologies like .NET, .PHP, Angular JS, JavaScript, C#, Swift, and others.

Mobile App Development Services

We provide custom mobile app development for Android and iOS platforms; we integrate novel mobile interfaces to build the best cross-platform apps.

Digital Transformation Services

We blend technology, data, and resources to help businesses control costs, increase compliance, and secure loyal customers.

Database Services

Our experts leverage some of the latest and updated database tools and technologies to provide state-of-the-art services within a quick turnaround time.

Other Services You Can Benefit from

Why Pick Us as Your IT Infrastructure Management Services Providers?

The trust of our vast global clientele is a testimony to our ability to protect and support your IT infrastructure by providing you with our wide variety of scalable, seamless, and highly cost-effective solutions. The key reasons for choosing us include -

  • Cost-effective Services

    We offer flexible and cost-effective IT infrastructure management services. We offer customized rates based on the number of resources required and the length and complexity of the project.

  • Dedicated Project Managers

    We offer non-stop IT support from qualified engineers proficient in technology and debugging. In the process of IT infrastructure management outsourcing, you get a single point of contact to assist you with all IT shortcomings.

  • Certified Experts

    Our team comprises globally certified IT experts who take complete responsibility if a problem fixed by us reappears again.

  • State-of-the-art IT Infrastructure

    We use the latest IT infrastructure management software to keep your systems at par with global industrial standards. Our extensive knowledge of the latest market trends and hardware products helps you with your hardware replacement and up-gradation needs.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Website Testing Services to a Major IT Firm of Montreal

Website Testing for Montreal-based IT Company

An IT company headquartered in Montreal outsourced web testing solutions to us. We tested 130 websites in record time and as per the quality standards. We also supplied our findings as reports.

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Flatworld Assisted a Scandinavian Start-up Company with Software testing of their SaaS platform

Software Testing for SaaS Platform

Read this success story to find out how a Scandinavian client outsourced software testing for the SaaS platform and saved them time and money and other business overheads.

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Outsource Cloud Infrastructure Management Services to Flatworld Solutions

Apart from IT infrastructure management services, we have the best IT support and networking professionals who analyze your existing IT infrastructure to maximize your ROI. Additionally, we leverage and combine various service benefits that can transform your business into a success. Our services usher the following benefits for our clients -

  • Identify weak areas of your business infrastructure and address them on a priority basis to quickly spruce your operational efficiency.
  • Along with tangible changes, we ensure that proven processes and work methodologies are embedded into your IT managed services for increased efficiency and quick turnaround.
  • Our anti-disruption services ensure that your data center and IT processes stay intact during the transition period.
  • We work and customize our services based on the client's budget and specific objectives.
  • We ensure that your current installations are put to maximum use and integrated with other systems.
  • Our services reduce operational and infrastructure management costs by engaging more productive and transformational solutions remotely.
  • Our network infrastructure management ensures that all connected platforms and solutions are upgraded and synchronized for maximum efficiency and compatibility.
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