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Cold Calling Services We Offer

Research has revealed that cold calling is the most successful way of obtaining new customers and increasing revenue and appointment setting can help your company develop its pipeline of business opportunities, increase your revenue and expand your market share. Thus, by constantly prospecting new customers, your company can be guaranteed of continued success.

Flatworld Solutions’ sales cold calling service can help you get in touch with your customers in the most efficient way possible. We have more than 15 years of experience in offering cold call service outsourcing to companies in a variety of industries. Our team believes in communicating information through interaction. If you can provide something of value, we will create a comprehensive cold calls plan to motivate the buyer to convert.

Here are some of the cold calling services that we offer which will help you consider opting for our professional cold calls solutions -

B2B Cold Calling

B2B Cold Calling

B2B Cold Calling

Flatworld Solutions’ tactical B2B cold calling services are designed to provide targeted professional activities to attract new customers quickly and easily. We have a support team of experienced professionals who can manage B2B cold calling activities based on a total understanding of your target audience.

Understanding the target audience is key to our campaign strategy. It helps us plan accurately, capture accurate data, and prepare the right script for your buyers. We engage your sales and business development teams in all planning stages to ensure that our phone callers have the clearest understanding of the type of information they need to achieve positive results. This helps you stay in tune with the message and build the credibility of your brand.

With more than 15 years of B2B cold call experience and the best delivery capabilities, you can count on our always-on quality cold calling services.

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B2C Cold Calling

B2C Cold Calling

B2C Cold Calling

FWS has extensive experience in providing customized B2C cold call services to businesses of all sizes. Based on our experience, we have developed an advanced and proven B2C cold call process to help our customers find new potential buyers in the least possible time. Your company’ status is always tested whenever an agent requests to represent your business. That's why we trust experienced, energetic cold calling professionals who have the expertise to communicate with your audience in a professional way. Our team has access to an extensive database, collated contact details, and time-tested scripts to ensure they provide the right impression in the first call.

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Our team of cold calling telemarketing experts leverages industry’s best tools to deliver B2B & B2C cold calls solutions to help you with potential lead generation and its management. We aim at helping you reach your marketing goals through proper lead generation, which can also be tailored to your needs. Not only are we committed to providing consistent traffic to boost your business, but we also pay a lot of attention to nurture the lead generation process. Therefore, you can achieve your target sales goals.

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Leadership Qualification

Leadership Qualification

Leadership Qualification

Our team of expert cold callers can identify, collate, and prepare the lists of leads necessary for your sales process. Our team uses a proven leadership qualification process to effectively manage sales leads. This would help convert the leads into customers.

Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting

Our team is efficient and have the required expertise to manage your marketing pipeline and set right prospects for B2B & B2C appointments. This will enable your sales team to reach its targeted outcome.

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Leadership Development & Nurturing

Leadership Development & Nurturing

Leadership Development & Nurturing

We have the necessary wherewithal and resources to handle the potential customers’ queries and can nurture them until they are ready and agree to become your customer. Our team will work with you to develop key buying cycles and guide you through the strategic parameters of your its development plan. Our experience in design and operations activities makes us one of the most reliable partners.

Response Management

Response Management

Response Management

Whether a lead comes through the call, email or webs, it will automatically be loaded into the system and potential contacts will be called within 60 seconds of our experienced high-quality management team response.

Account Analysis & Profiling

Account Analysis & Profiling

Account Analysis & Profiling

You can benefit from our cold calling services and leverage our expertise to research your buyer's account, create a healthy database of the buyers’ personas, identify the best opportunities, and make use of the competitive advantage of targeting potential customers that you will get through our cold calling services. Our team will contact the specific contacts of the potential account and determine the assistance information when it needs to ring.

Event Recruitment & Follow-up

Event Recruitment & Follow-up

Event Recruitment & Follow-up

We can assist you to create and handle your event schedules. Our team can help you devise the plans to attract the customer you want to participate and also aid you in following up with them to ensure maximum participation.

Why opt for cold calling services?

Here's why your company must consider opting for professional cold calling services -


Research has revealed that cold calling is the most successful way of obtaining new customers and increasing revenue

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting can help your company develop its pipeline of business opportunities, increase your revenue and expand your market share


By constantly prospecting new customers, your company can be guaranteed of continued success

Why should cold calling be handled by an expert?


Cold calling is a niche field and requires the skills of professional agents. Lead generation is an art that requires exceptional communication skills, persistence and determination. With more than 60,000 hours of cold calling experience, proven success and several satisfied customers, you can count on us for quality leads.


At Flatworld Solutions, we use several time-tested and established cold calling lead generation techniques to successfully converse with a prospect on the phone. We then generate a lead and set up a phone consultation or face-to-face appointment.


Before working on a cold calling project, our experts will be thoroughly trained on your company's telesales campaign. Throughout the course of the project, our cold calling agents will be monitored to ensure that your desired professional message is delivered to every new prospect.

Our Cold Calling Techniques

At Flatworld Solutions, we hire only the best cold calling agents who have expertise in converting cold calls into sales. Our agents are then given intensive training on the following cold calling techniques -

Our Cold Calling Techniques

While making a cold call we focus on the goal of setting an appointment so that our customer can make the sales presentation and close the deal

The cold calling agents at Flatworld Solutions write and edit genuine calling scripts, according to the specific requirements and preferences of the customer

Our cold calling experts develop powerful opening statements which include the advantages of your product/ service and motivators for prospective customers to buy the product/ service

Our cold calling agents are given intensive training on the potential objections that they might encounter on a cold call and how to respond to them in a positive manner

Our lead generation services are backed up by good research, scripts, presentations and deliveries, to ensure that our calls result in business opportunities

Our agents target the right leads by analyzing potential customers and the business market

Call Center Software we use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

Benefits of Choosing Flatworld Solutions for Cold Calling Services

Flatworld Solutions is one of the leading cold call companies with approximately 15 years of experience in call center services. With us, you can get high-quality leads and reach your sales target. Many of the benefits to outsource cold calling services to FWS include:

  • Flexible Pricing Options: Do not let yourself worry, if your sales budget is set or if you do not have the requires resources to set the cold calls process. Our cold calling services’ pricing is based on a flexible model, which depends on factors such as call volume, coverage, geographic location, average number of calls per week, and more.
  • 100% Information Security: We have been accredited with the ISO / IEC 27001:2013 certification. We protect your business data from unplanned interruptions, intrusion, or malicious activities. Our workstations, delivery centers, tools, and systems are completely stable, protecting your data, information and more from security breaches.
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure: Our call center agents use the most advanced infrastructure, tools, systems and technologies to meet your business goals within the agreed timeframe. Our office is equipped with a Telco-grade data center, FM200 fire, and protection system, and 8 local connection redundancy levels.
  • High Quality: We adhere to the Six Sigma approach to improve productivity and call quality. When you outsource cold calling services to us, you can get high-quality leads and reduce the cost per lead. We are meticulous in pursuing the potential buyers, and if they show interest, we will share information with your sales team in a timely manner. We are also committed to customer feedback to further improve the quality of cold calls.
  • Operational Transparency: Our cold calls process is designed to facilitate access to our huge database of customer’s profile. We collect & record 100% of cold calls for analysis and analyze those over 128 parameters and store them to be available during any audit or research.
  • Integrated CRM: We provide built-in CRM for all outgoing call center services for customer contact management, personalized follow-up, tracking progress, etc.
  • Multilingual Language Support: We have a gamut of representatives who are familiar with many languages. They can sympathize with the issues of those who are interested in recognizing their needs in their language.
  • 24*7 Availability: Our cold call agent team is at your service at all times. This can improve the relationship between the prospects and your and sales team. In addition, you can be sure that our quick response and our detailed sales script can significantly improve conversion rates and sales qualified leads.
  • Experienced Team: We have a comprehensive recruitment process to attract, train and hire the best salespeople. Our call center team consists of over 200 industry’s best sales reps. Also, our entire management experience exceeds over 100 person-years. So, if you outsource cold calling services to us, you can be sure to get high-quality leads.
  • Comprehensive Weekly/Monthly Cold Calling Report: We have an established cold calls process, so you can improve your sales channels by analyzing our weekly/monthly cold call reports. In this way, you can optimize your sales process, identify gaps, and improve sales activities.
  • Option to Scale-up: We can adjust our services at any time to increase your sales needs. With our cold calling solution, you can maintain your brand and grow your business without the need for additional resources to hire or create room for new infrastructure

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What We Do in Call Center

Outsource Cold Calling Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a pioneer in cold calling, providing telemarketing, outbound call center services, and a variety call center services to customers worldwide. Moreover, our team can help your company to quickly increase your customer base through - effective lead generation, phone consultations or face-to-face appointments. This way, your company, and sales professionals can concentrate on making the sales, while we handle the cold calls . We also specialize in real estate cold calling, B2B cold calling services, and insurance cold calling. Partner with us today to reach more prospects and increase your bottom line.

Our call center agents can connect with customers, provide high-quality contacts, increase your potential customers, update databases, create leads, track leads, and more to increase your conversion rate.

At FWS, we can not only assist with cold calls but also help you build lasting connections with your customers. Get in touch with us for a reliable, well-organized and affordable cold call service.

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