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Outsource Real Estate Cold Calling Services

While most of the realtors still visit properties with their clients, many of them have now started opting for cold calling their prospects. Although real estate cold calling is a simple task that builds business, it requires skilled agents to increase your customer base. Maintaining a dedicated team of cold calling agents will only result in increased costs, as it involves training the agents and getting the required infrastructure in place.

Therefore, the best option to improve profits and reduce overhead costs is to outsource real estate cold calling. Outsourcing companies will be aware of all the cold calling guidelines and their agents will have the skills to tactfully pursue the prospects. Flatworld Solutions has been offering professional real estate cold calling services to global clients. We have the required infrastructure and skilled resources to cater to the varying needs of the real estate clients.

Services We Offer

Commercial real estate cold calling requires skilled resources capable of carrying out sensible conversation with the prospects about the properties for rent, sale, or lease. However, our affordable real estate cold calling services require data to be provided by the client and our minimum engagement would be for 2 seats. Therefore, with us, realtors can knock new opportunities and identify better ones without spending a fortune. Following are some of the real estate cold calling services we offer -

  1. Real Estate Lead Generation

    By talking to prospects mentioned in the customer database provided by the client, our agents will identify several other new opportunities. They also help property investors and individuals to know more about your upcoming residential and commercial projects, thereby helping them in moving a step ahead towards getting qualified enquiry and closing a deal.

  2. Pitch Property Listings before Your Competitors Do

    As our agents quickly identify the leads from the database provided by the client, they pitch the property listings to prospects even before other agents pitch for the same listing. This gives you a competitive advantage over the other realtors.

  3. Establishing a Prospecting System

    Our agents spend enough time establishing a prospecting pipeline, which is required to make genuine business connections and identify new opportunities in the local area. By mastering the process of telephone prospecting, our agents will establish successful client connections.

  4. Suggesting the Client about Sale or Lease

    When our agents identify property leads, they will provide them with clear recommendations on purchase, lease, or sale. This eliminates the need for competing agents to get involved in your real estate business. Our agents are trained to leverage your market knowledge and help your clients in making the right choices in lease or sale and at the right time.

  5. Alert and Adaptable Sales Calls

    We have agents who understand that the new people they talk to will have varying needs and they will be sensitive to all their requirements in such cases. Our prospecting methodology involves constant alertness towards the specific needs of your clients, whether it is renting, leasing, purchase, or any other property management needs. As there are multiple ways to work in this industry, being versatile in sales approach has the highest precedence.

  6. Tactful Non-offensive Scripts for Cold Calls

    Script is an essential element of cold calling. If the agents are confused, they can sound unknowledgeable and can eventually fail to convince them. Therefore, we first understand your real estate needs and then finalize the appropriate script for calling to ensure that your purpose is served.

Call Center Software we use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

Our Call Center Portfolio

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Why Should You Choose Us for Real Estate Cold Calling?

  • Flexible and Affordable Pricing

    We provide high-quality, affordable real estate cold calling services to global clients and we charge you solely on the basis of call volume, skills of the call center agents, and project complexity, without any extra costs

  • Uncompromised Security

    We understand that real estate data is confidential and hence we ensure that your property information shared with us will remain safe. Besides, we have strict security measures to govern access in every step of the project

  • World-class Infrastructure

    Our call center infrastructure adheres to all the international industry standards along with full-fledged training facilities and disaster recovery measures in place

  • Complete Operational Transparency

    Some clients are often apprehensive about sharing confidential information about their company. We instill a sense of trust in all our clients by maintaining complete operational transparency with 100% recording

  • Hassle-free Transition Management

    Once you outsource real estate cold calling to us, we will help you in transitioning your services. Our effective transition management facilitates adapted customer services, which can be delivered in an offshore model

  • Unmatched Quality

    We have stringent ISO compliant quality assurance and quality monitoring processes in place to assure top-quality cold calling services that cater to your needs with precision

Partner with Flatworld for Effective Real Estate Cold Calling Services

Being an outsourcing company serving global clients for over a decade now, at Flatworld Solutions, we help you to quickly expand your customer database with our cold calling services. We offer a variety of call center services including lead generation, appointment setting, etc. While we handle your real estate cold calling, you can focus on other core tasks. By outsourcing real estate cold calling services to us you will be able to reach out to more prospects and increase your bottom-line.

So, if you have made up your mind to consider cold calling for your real estate business, then please reach us to discuss your needs.

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